Why We See The White Light Near Death

Why We See The White Light Near Death

No one truly knows what happens when we die, but chances are you’ve heard about the ‘white light’ that people sometimes see when they’ve had a near death exp…



TheBlaze4000 says:

Anybody else ever have those moments where your in semi-deep sleep but cant seem to get up?  As if something was holding you down to the extent you cant even open your eyes but are causious of your environment. Scary…

043justdoit says:

science will explain everything when in due time. The part of hallucination about the bright light makes sense because religious people already have the idea of what is ‘going’ to happen so in essence the brain tricks you to calm you down in your last living moments. As for non-religious people who have this hallucination it is likely that the stress, fear and pain causes that to calm them down.

After all we already know that pain causes the brain to release neurotransmitters to ease it

anaemiabag says:

fuck off. science cannot objectively observe consciousness. get fucked. fuck off.
na. ive had too many spiritual experiences that are undeniable. 

Jack Bosworth says:

I like you. You think the same was i do. Living your life happily how you want to no matter if its good or bad.

vince junior says:

does your whole life really flash before you?? any studies on that?

Jack Bosworth says:

Death is something that happens in life and like i said before in a non suicidal way i will embrace it when its my time(probably not anytime soon but who knows) It saddens me when people get so worried about death and worked up over it. No doubt its terrible but its something that happens to everyone. Who wants to live forever

KillerKrab127 says:


MrAssflap says:

I’m thinking that we as people know that we’re dying, and that’s how our brains know that we’re dying. Or you’re wrong.


In some nde cases they are able to know accurately what is happening in another country with their family member.i don’t see how the brain can do that

Piyalak Nuchim says:

I don’t give a sith about your language. I’m not under control of grammar nazi empire. You understand = That’s fine.

Piyalak Nuchim says:

I’m on science side but never denied the ghost. What if the ghost in movie is just misconception. And the ghost is just how to explain the energy transfer after someone is dead? I’m not sure about christian’s ghost but some believe said ghost and soul are state before reincarnation. It is not so different to how energy transfer from one life to another.

CountDrahkir says:

You shouldn’t need religion to give your life meaning for you. As a kid I’ve always questioned god, fortunately my parents gave me the freedom to believe in what I want and now I put my thoughts in something I find personally much more worth my time, creativity and technology. Even if I don’t do anything amazing with my life, I spend it my own way and I make the most of it, these are my dying thoughts. (I’m not dying though lol)

CountDrahkir says:

The fact that there are many personal similarities means there’s a pattern which if anything helps support the theory. If I look at experiences, common sense pulls in this theory in order to rationalize it rather than blindly believing in the afterlife. It’s not 100% proof, but it makes a lot of sense and is much more realistic.

TheCreepyTranquility says:

Testimonies are a joke.

Darumski says:

You just said it’s not a good reason when it does the same thing.

PlayerQ16 says:

First off I don’t view my life as pointless. I would say my life has more meaning now than when I was a theist. The realization that I am temporary makes life extremely meaningful and precious. We humans bring meaning to our lives.
So you are saying that you believe in a god because it makes you feel good? I search for truth, not what makes me feel good.

PlayerQ16 says:

We also can’t prove or disprove that there are invisible ninjas that follow you around 24/7. We can’t prove or disprove that there is a teapot in orbit somewhere around Jupiter. Obviously these things are highly unlikely. And so is every “what if” statement that has no evidence to back it.

pHaTdProductions says:


Vincent Jack says:

Proven – Ghosts do not exist :

Because we are born with hormones, which differentiates us as male and females…so it is true to deduct that ghosts should be sex-less – ie there is no male or female ghosts.

Since upon death our hormones are destroyed, so can a ghost has gender?

rstevewarmorycom says:

The correct answer to the question of the tree falling in the forest making sound is “undefined”. “Isn’t Life strange, a turn of the page can read like before, who could ask for more?” – The Moody Blues

rstevewarmorycom says:

I really AM a physicist, but that doesn’t really matter, however, I doubt very much that you’re the president, but you don’t have to be for me to answer you truthfully. Repeatability is NOT the same as contiguity. Repeatability is necessary for a coherent reality, contiguity is not. That something might be the same when you come back to it doesn’t mean it was there before you got back to it. In a reality affected, and even instigated to exist by observation, that isn’t required.

offwithurhead says:

The thought of filling the ass crack of some construction worker is also not the best thought. It is a better choice though cause it saves space and makes it easier for your relatives to drag your remains around and bury you but it’s a bit hard imagining that an urn is a lost family member. I don’t like romanticising death, what you leave behind matters, that’s what has always made me choose life over suicide. I can’t bare the thought of fucking shit up for people who are already traumatised.

Richard Vazquez says:

You do a study on physics

pierce vandommelen says:

Or they hallucinated it, or maybe they are right.

John Smith says:

Interesting, but not as captivating as a real version of “soul-traveling.”

JaMaAuWright says:

Yes, I’m so sure you’re a physicist…btw, I’m the President just so you know. Allow me to quote an old one.

“If a tree falls in the middle of the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?” The answer is a resounding and obvious yes. It doesn’t matter in the end what you may or may not think about whether everything is there or not when you’re not. how do you test it? Place an object behind you. Do not look at it. Touch it. Is it the same? Yes? Wow, who’d have thought?

magnumninja1 says:

the only reason people in NDE accounts say I saw god or I saw heaven is because they either want to get on TV or they want more people to follow there church or they want people to belive in something they dont even know they saw. because technically if your not dead then your not going into heaven because heaven if for people who are completely dead nor would they be able to see the gates of heaven if they were partially alive because god knows people will rely on faith in heaven & not show it

DecomposingDiamond says:

Its not really deadly, LSD is one of the least toxic substance on earth, the main dangers are psychological which can be avoided with proper set and setting. It can cause NDE like experiences even though you are not dying.

Theadambombsworld says:

yes, because that’s a very deadly drug…

JerSan89 says:

I know, I was waiting for it

DecomposingDiamond says:

LSD is one the reasons people have Near Death Experience.

robertosebastian33 says:

can you cover deja vu ?

AlchemistPure says:

I guess there are good or bad people of all religions, but unfortunately, we have on group which is particularly violent becaues of their stubbornness, an another who is less violent, but still stubborn. As a Christian, I have never put science into question, except when it doesn’t have enough proof to back their statements up.

SkeletonSarge says:

aww no mention DMT?

soakedjuggler says:

Dude shes fucking cute

Imtiaz Musa says:

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1hasanlondon says:

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Devil's Advocate says:

Sure and our brains do plenty of things that we’re not conscious of. You don’t have to particularly aware that you’re dying in order for your brain to know. Just as the placebo effect can heal us just using the power of our brains I’m afraid this is no different our mind playing tricks on us. These similarities are simply a common response, did you not see 2:17 ?

GamersGrind says:

If we are able to reliably and completely play back what the brain is “seeing” that would be the first step to approaching some facts.

GamersGrind says:

Science can have opinion and bias. This video for example is suggesting a theory not a fact. some of it is based on facts. People often confuse theory and facts when it comes to science for some reason. Take anything we know on Dinosaurs. Most of it is theory based on a handful of facts. The only way we can have truth and knowledge about Dinosaurs is to first invent the time machine.

Ollie Stark says:

What are you saying? theres an actual whitelight? 

GamersGrind says:

Don’t worry Science doesn’t know the truth about everything and has been incorrect in the past and I am sure we will find out in the future we are incorrect about what we believe to be facts now.
If they were scientist would be out of a job and take up golfing full time because they know all there is to know

GamersGrind says:

Ummm just so you know science isn’t suppose to be a hate group. Grow up.

GamersGrind says:

But why do people see a dark tunnel. Some have claimed to see or hear releatives and have out of body experiences which are not just a sensation of floating. Some reports describe in detail what was going on in the operating room when they temporarily died.

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