When we all get to Heaven

When we all get to Heaven

When we all get to Heaven.



Daryl James Seshasahi says:

Wow I can really listen to this song over and over again and it’s giving me the goose bumps what ever it is Great Song !!!!!!

Rena Sumatra says:

the song fill my heart with happiness and hope! ♥♥♥

orchid siang says:

Exactly,i sing when I get in heaven.

d4business says:

Praise God for Jesus and the hope of the resurrection! It is about Jesus, There is nothing we can do to earn heaven! We keep the commandments because we love what God/Jesus did for us, never to earn heaven. It that is the reason, you loose both Jesus and Heaven! Have you met Jesus? Once you meet him and get to know him, you can’t help but love him!

Amber LouAllen says:

you’ve contadicted yourself here. First you say that the only way to the kingdom of God is to keep the commandments. Then you said that Jesus is the the only way to Heaven. Which is it?

petilsmith57 says:

Rest in peace uncle Selwyn… Ur singing with God now

samuel adams says:


Alexis Jim Clemente says:

I love this Song!
church of Christ 🙂 

emmanuel laurente says:

sing a song to Jesus with melody in our hearts..

juggalobrony4life says:


ginger berryhill says:


SYED Ahmad says:

To all Christians and Muslims please visit wmw. muslimjesus . net to find out why Jesus Christ is the Prophet of Allah and not a Pagan God created by the Christians.

Alexey Krunavazski says:

i still remember the chords of this song when I always sang this in every morning together with my guitar.

kirkevanske says:

Keep the commandments,that is the only way to the kingdom of God.

kirkevanske says:


Dedrick R Briggs says:

This is probably the closest version to the style I wanted to hear this song. Really like it. 🙂

Martena Williams says:

My great grandpa sang this every year at our family reunions, and in his hospital bed the day he went to be with Jesus. Love you peepaw! Can’t wait to see you when we all get to heaven so I can tell you how much I’ve missed you!!!

jackson blowmii says:

will your smart

psychcalvin says:

your spiritually blind!

Edelin Toquero says:

i love to see jesus soon…thanks for the songs..

lynnederella2007 says:

Jesus loves you believer,, keep your mind close to Him!

lynnederella2007 says:

Jesus loves you believer,, keep your mind close to Him!

Pellucid Lumen says:


ttuangpi1 says:


pretty1742 says:

I love this hymn.

pretty1742 says:

I sing this in spanish

jackson blowmii says:

haha your fucking dumb

carolyn rusche says:

I lost my sister Wednesday, All my brothers and sisters have been called home, miss them all.

Grace Faith says:

Thank you for the Heaven that you have prepared for us, Lord Jesus you are wonderful God to us.

zack hawk says:

god is good all the time… he love use so much he die for us…… how do that make you fell to me its wonderfull to god its no problem he will die for use to learn wat he and to say and obay him everyday………i will live like its my last day on here to go heaven but unit then i will learn more about this good man and obay him i hop you do to 🙂

allgun123 says:

God is so Good

Sarah Layton says:

God is Good.

sweettina2 says:


Noel Tay says:

This IS Brad Paisley

Anthony Jimison says:

i cant help but smile when i sing this i love this hymn


nice & meaning full song…:)

ericachesson says:

I love this song….REST IN PEACE ZACH…..

BabyFeetDollNursery says:


hiphopfoelife says:

brain washed

chanteemc says:

Pip orgen

jesusismyrock456 says:

no i think it is Allen Jackson

lexuon21 says:

Amen And Praise GOD It is Hard to raise your children in the Teachings of the lord but all i ask from not just you but from anybody who reads these comments let us follow all TEN COMMANDMENTS not just nine of them after accepting JESUS in your heart then we can start to follow our father closer

crazyboys229 says:

Is this brad paisley?

snoopynmaggie says:

i am listening to this as i hold one of my newborn sons. i always wonder if all of my 4 boys (my oldest is 11 months old, ad my youngest three are 1 month) will live to fully understand His love. The Lord may call to us before then, but until then i am going to make sure my sons learn all that they can to this.

Irma Amen says:

Beautiful song

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