Vision of Heavenly Mansions, Garden, Children, Jesus Christ (Othusitse Mmusi)

Vision of Heavenly Mansions, Garden, Children, Jesus Christ  (Othusitse Mmusi)

Testimony from Othusitse Mmusi – The vision of heavenly mansions, garden and Jesus Christ, imminent coming of Jesus Christ to Rapture his bride.



strongbadable says:

The Lord Jesus is so wonderful in letting people like yourself taste heaven, thank you Father God for giving us much hope.

believerinchrist83 says:

This sounds VERY similar to my 7 year old’s reoccuring dream 🙂 God bless you

Sal Utu says:

we won’t need buildings ????? I believe some people may vision all the gold and earthly riches as heaven , though the true riches are in the creation of God. the Natural creations, the birds, the trees, the flowers. Maybe this woman liked her gold here so she hopes she has more in heaven?

joyss100 says:

Come quickly Lord, please come!

10yand5hand400t says:

If you in fact read the page in my previous comment, you may understand what “dead in the Deliverer” rising first means, as well as “those living”, and where they’re all going, it is most certainly “not” heaven. Of course, understanding and disclosure, comes by acknowledging Him by name, which provides His spirit, something no ‘other’ name can do. There is also no release from sin (1 John 2:12, Acts 10:43) nor any escape from the coming Judgement in ‘any’ false name. Critical to comprehend this

10yand5hand400t says:

16. Because Yâ-hwéh Himself in a commanding shout in the voice of the Chief of envoys – even during the [last (1 Qorinthíym 15:52)] Trumpet of the mighty Ones, orbiting the earth [MattithYâ´huw 24:27] shall fully come down out of the skies, then those dead in the Deliverer shall rise first,
17.Thereafter we, those living – those leaving all around together with them – shall be caught away in clouds unto the air, unto the encounter of Yâ-hwéh; and thus we shall be always together with Yâ-hwéh!

illimar777 says:

1 Thessalonians Chapter 4:16-17

Rene Smith says:

It is so precious to meet with Jesus…. Beautiful Lord Jesus.

Mysti Todd says:

Thank you for sharing your vision! You are so blessed!!! I can not wait until it is my turn to meet Jesus and go to Heaven. I’m so envious that you were chosen to experience Heaven and able to share it with us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! Blessings!!!! ❤

10yand5hand400t says:

The point being, this is regarding ‘visions and disclosures’, not where one “goes” when they die, nor defines where the Kingdom of Yâ-hwéh shall be.

Yâhuwchânân [‘John’] 3:13

And no one has gone up INTO the One of the heavens except He Who came down OUT of the One of the heavens: the Son of ‘Âthâ´m, the One being within the One of the heavens. [Chanówkh (‘Enoch’) chapters 46-50]

Humbly read the “Sh’ówl שְׁאוֹל(“Sheol”, “Seol”) – Hell, or the Grave, or Paradise?” page at yahuwshua org.

illimar777 says:

2 Corinthians Chapter 12:2. It seems to me that Paul was not able to distinguish whether this was a vision of what he saw when he was in his body, or was it outside. In either case, it is the vision that took place in the spirit.

10yand5hand400t says:

Sure, seems fitting, in your denial of the Truth, but read the scripture from the flying scroll you posted, especially the portion within the parentheses, and think again about your reply.

illimar777 says:

Agree! Without body- in spirit!

10yand5hand400t says:

Disclosure [Rev] 4

Yâhuwchânâ´n [‘John’] in spirit visits The Heavens

1. ¶ After these things I saw, and look! A door opened within the skies, and the voice that I first heard as of a trumpet was speaking with me, saying:
“Come up here, and I will show to you what things must take place after these things.”
2. And immediately I became in spirit, and look! A throne was stretched out in the skies, and upon the throne One sitting,

Joellen Harris says:

Why do you use computer voice? It doesn’t belong … like maybe misleading… Remember “test the spirits” amen

illimar777 says:

Matthew Chapter 22: 30 For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven. If you have been several a family on earth, what family you live heaven?

illimar777 says:

2 Corinthians Chapter 12:2 I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven.

LadyD1979 says:


10yand5hand400t says:

Also, remember that Yâhuwshúa` told His own pupils that where He was going, they could not follow. If His own pupils could not follow Him to heaven, how on earth do most Christians think they are so much better than His pupils that they can do what these could not? They are victims of shoddy translations. It is the Kingdom of Yâ-hwéh, not heaven, here, with Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` among us, His people, on earth. Don’t do what the Greeks did with Mount Olympus. Be humble, learn.

10yand5hand400t says:

In Affectionate Love, Jesus [ חֵזֻ̀ס ] was never the name of the Deliverer Who came, lived a sinless life, gave His life for our sins on the gallows-cross, rose again and lives forever! His name is Yâhuwshúa` [ יָהוּשֻׁעַ ]. He is the Word of Yâ-hwéh. Yâ-hwéh in Person! That is His name, the ONLY name given BY the heavens, BY WHICH we must be delivered [Acts 4:12]. Everyone believing on HIS ‘name’ is released from their sins [Acts 10:43], if you don’t you are ALREADY condemned [John 3:18]. Awaken~

freecounselingonline says:

Computer voice videos? Please change it if youre a real Christian.

lovesoulsforthelord1 says:

I’m so excited for our real home:)

lovesoulsforthelord1 says:


andrea crews says:

I want 2 be w/Jesus 4ever in PARADISE.

andrea crews says:

Maybe I will be destroyed in the EQ coming 2 CA or tsunami. Anyday now!!

invadera12 says:

Omg I hope this is coming soon. Jesus we love you & obey your command.

Jesus3you3reigh says:


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