Vision of Heaven, End Time, and Courts of Heaven – David Herzog/Sid Roth (Heaven Testimony)

Vision of Heaven, End Time, and Courts of Heaven – David Herzog/Sid Roth (Heaven Testimony)

David Herzog had a vision of heaven when he was 13 years old. Right after that, he could see the first miracle after he prayed for a girl who had scoliosis. …



RecycleSu says:

Matthew 5:40 I believe refers to man’s justice system. taking it to the Courts of Heaven is putting it in the Father’s hands. He didn’t ask man for restitution, he requested it from God and it was given to him by God, not the courts of man. Hope this helps.

sislt777 says:

David Herzog is a true man of God who receives unusual signs and wonders in his ministry when he ministers! I have been to see him a few times and God always does wonderful miracles signs and wonders!!! I also got a powerful prophecy and word of knowledge from him. This man is a true Christian living the true Christian life!!!

Elanie Tagnipez says:


mrsjmontanez says:

Yes, I will confirm, The dead in Christ Shall Rise! This means those that are dead in Spirit. They shall awake! pray for your family/friends Now! That none shall perish but, have everlasting life! Amen.
*God put this message into my Spirit a few days ago.

condraj2 says:

mmm, pure liquid love! Sounds like Jesus molested you, bro.


yyou dont want my personal self to get any more supernatural

Deborah Evenlight says:

Do you feel like it is imposable to live the way the bible tell us to live as a Christian? REMEMBER Mark 9:23 With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.So repent,pray and ask God to take rule over you in your heart and to give you revelation to know Him and overcoming power to live for Him.He will do it if you keep asking. Matthew 7:7 Ask, and you shall receive.We have no excuse.Remember Any teaching that is contrary with the bible is not of God. do not be deceived.

Leanne Mcleod says:

God bless Sid Roth and his ministry. God is the God of the impossible. All I need is Jesus and the Father. Jesus is real, I have seen Him myself and He is more real then anyone I have seen. I believe this testimony. God can do All things. God is Wonderful.

Xiaolian7 says:

Falun Dafa is a cultivation system in the Buddha School, saving people, that is based on the principles of the Universe:

真 Truthfulness
善 Compassion
忍 Forbearance

It teaches elevation of one’s moral character. Since 1999 it has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in China. Good people are being tortured, raped, killed, force-fed, deprived of sleep and have organs harvested from simply because their spiritual belief. Millions practitioners were killed by the evil CCP.


james mcpherson says:

what a load of crap! Time Travel and you guys really believe this shit!

james mcpherson says:

Jezz nothing exists!!!!

hedwegg says:

A Brief Note:
Old testament:
1. Sadduces didn’t believe in the resurrection.
2. Pharassees believe in the resurrection.
New Testament:
Christ & his death, resurrection & the “ascension”!
Note: Ascension.

akaiminiak says:

I’ve been jumping for a few minutes and I ended up with a strained ankle

Samaritan Sentinel says:

Learn about all aspects of the New World Order, including the upcoming reincarnation of the Antichrist, who created the plan for the New World Order over 4,000 years ago. He will be brought back to life using modern DNA technology, fulfilling the prophecy of Revelation 17:8 All proven in my FREE e-book I just released at the site below, including who the Antichrist is, how the New World Order started/progressed, what is to come, and what you should do. FREE! Godspeed. samaritansentinel (dot) com

DepictUnion says:

Do not say amen to this prayer. He said at 13:58 ” in the name of yasuwa”. John 16:23 And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.

tiffyag says:

I don’t know i believe in GOD but someone performing miracles ike he’s Criss Angel?! God saves not you!

vanitha joel says:

Regarding the Courts of Heaven….how will you relate this to Matthew:5:40 where it says “And if any man will sue thee at the law ,and take away thy coat,let him have thy cloke also “

Tungsten Monarch says:

Not necessarily unlike a lot of people my paradigms are not so rigid. I’ll follow the evidence.

Elishadalacs says:

even if what you call evidence is presented you may not belief.

etiquettefiend says:

The same reason why ministers of local church groups constantly walk up to my house and ask me if I would like to learn about the book of S***. If we don’t wake up from god, I’m not sure our species will live much longer. Respond critically if you like.

DaveWBedford says:

I wonder why you and the other people who are critical are so drawn to these videos?

crazyCLONE112 says:

These “miracles” … are they documented by an independent medical comission – to prove that they are genuine ????

tutumama says:

I had an awesome encounter with Jesus and He changed my heart and transformed my life when I was a troubled 15 yr. old. I fell in love with Jesus. I am in my fifties now and am learning to love Jesus more each day with the Holy Spirit’s help. Jesus is real and He loves us so much. Jesus is returning real real soon. Pray that we will be ready. He will help us, if we ask Him for help.

Pravoizavlijesvijeta says:

is this for real? are those people serious? i really cant tell.

Tim Harris says:

YouTubers, when Jesus raised a girl from the dead in the Bible, many would say that’s a bunch of crap, a lie, brainwashing, etc, but what people miss is simply the age old question of whether or not you a BELIEVER or UNBELIEVER. I myself had a supernatural encounter once when i was 14 yrs old and i audibly heard, directly behind me, the words “your music will win many to God”. I was a good kid, wasn’t on drugs, and had a good head on my shoulders and i KNOW what i heard. Just Believe.

etiquettefiend says:

This is very sad. Brainwashing……………..

thap8tient says:

This is nonsense.

414MrMilwaukee says:

I recently had a dream of being in heaven……witnessing beauty all around.
Check out my channel

tena mosher says:

people don,t believe everything you hear

Terri3210 says:

David talks about time lapse and suddenly being at point B in amazing time … I have to say it happened to me… it was not hours …it was minutes but just the same I was at point B in what seemed to me like a flash…. I wrote about it in my blog
terri3210-Currently Seated- in Heavenly Places: in Jesus*


All the Glory to God Thank You Jesus*
Praise Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Dawn Threader says:

I want to go to some places I have to hang onto my apartment and I am having a tough time my friend and I fought to much and I was acting horrible I was out of sorts he left
it was because he was drinking and drugging
I need God’s peace to do his work but we were on the street
I do not do drugs or drink I only ask he stop drinking and
drugging so much it is so disruptive
I need God’s peace I am suppose to
help ppl not be like this
pls pray for my son also he needs christ

Dawn Threader says:

I have ben tot he 3rd heaven its very big

frenchis19 says:


frenchis19 says:

jesus looked pretty angry when he threw that wipe around didnt he? DO YOU THINK HE HAD THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT TOO? and how bout him keep the sabbath the scribe demanded he keep? he must have been rebellious too! sad to say , youre not teachable!

frenchis19 says:

2.scibes in the fullness of time! truth is you dont want to learn but to debate and every question you ask is just another scribes trick to go off subject! ya, sure using the fruit issue is the same as the scribes saying to jesus” but you dont keep the sabbath! “ ya jesus didnt look like them when it came to fruit!!

frenchis19 says:

christ didnt waste time with nonsense!! there had to be a meaning behind it and not some sort of debate conjured up!! fruit and the love of the truth!!most of the conversation here is ” tell me this so i can tell you that!! “

genesis29v20 says:

You are known by your fruit,For someone to claim to follow Christ one must demonstrate the attitude of Christ.

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