Vision of Angel Stopping Suicide From Happening Testimony

Vision of Angel Stopping Suicide From Happening Testimony

Matthew Peden was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Abandoned by his father and beat down by religion he stopped attending church at 19years old. He purs…



echristmas78 says:

Thank u so much. God bless u. If I never meet u here I can’t wait to see u and ur angel in heaven. I love u too. I will be praying for u.

Chris Hill says:

you just have to say “Jesus if your real, prove it”, say it broken, and he will show up. Three years ago, I was facing prison, lost a special women, actually the best women I have ever met, and I wanted to die. I was popping x daily, smoking just to get hour to hour through my pain, and I began to cry out uncontrollably, and he started answering. Three years later, he has not stopped, or given up on me, He even promised the girl back to me, and i’ve been nothing besides a rebel, hes there.

Kelsey Miller says:

I really want to believe…

Lordislight316 says:

1 John 4:1-3 before you do, if the Lord wills.

David Aceituno says:

God Bless You. God has a very great purpose for you. God Bless You.

lublystephy says:

He is amazing!!

dajudgementday says:


soURfunnyYOUthink says:

dam it! id never experienced stuff like this…id been a PK all my life and all ive seen was demons and hell…why can i see an angel!?

Andrew Laute says:

Can you explain to me what the angel looked like. I also have a simular story just wanting to know what he or she looked like. Thanx m8
And may the force be with you.

TheMichaella1997 says:

What the link to his youtube channel?

ThatsWhyIwouldGo says:

thanks so much for sharing..

God's Word Proclaimed says:

God Bless You man, thanks for the inspiration, thanks for the testimony

CarriePresents says:

My kid brother use to say, “See ya!” the way you did. You sounded like him. Gave me chills. He died in a wreck almost 7years ago. Anyways, God bless you! Please tell Smiley-D that I said, “Hello!”

chrishayrider68 says:

Hope i can be Blessed as God Blessed you. 

77AWAKE77 says:

Absolutely beautiful, incredible wonderful and encouraging testimony. Thank you. (words cannot describe the impact of your testimony)

Dennis Johnson says:

Matthew, that’s an incredible story about God’s mercy. Have you ever listened to Milton Green? He has a testimony and teaching videos on YouTube. He explains the true gospel, not the watered down version that we usually hear. So many fall away, and we must make our calling and election sure. So don’t let anything in the world, flesh or devil distract you from following Christ.

Eternalmercy4evr1 says:

praise Yahuweh for saving him… wow similar thing happened to me i too tried killing myself and died for 3 minutes and came back. Christ came to hell to rescue me and since then i have walking with him since. amazing testimony bro… by the way you don’t look 30 you look younger like 22 good genes bro lol

smithkhen25 says:

You have an amazing testimony!!!God is an awesone God. He is so worthy of all the praise, honor, and glory!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. May God continue to bless you and keep His angels of protection around you. Praise Jesus!!!!

mika joojoo says:

Your testimony is amazing, praise the LORD JESUS CHRIST

TheMichaella1997 says:

You’re so amazing

nikkinik12 says:

Chills, tears and belief. You are called to do great things! This is an extremely powerful testimony!! Bless you for sharing :)

Dominique B. says:

Great Story !!! Blessing Brother !

Aaron Kewin says:

That’s my bro!

Love ya dude!

Judas PIlate says:

Isa, is actually a mock term… in Rome, Feminine names have “-a”, Julius > Julia, so Jesus > Jesa , IESA , which comes from IESO , a Goddess , which when masculinated, became IESO_US (Iesous) (pronounced Ee-soos, as well as a Pun of “Issa”, and “Essene”, Issa was a Roman island where Furius Marcus Sabinus Scribonius died , authors of the Ur-Marcus [originally Passion of Julius caesar]

smethers50 says:

what an awsome testimony. i shared it everywhere! thank you so very much for sharing. God Bless You.

clk3331111 says:

God is good brother (major understatement!!!)
Love you in Christ

clk3331111 says:

Jesus (Isa) has appeared to muslims in Arab countries and Africa. There are videos on You tube you can look up or websites you can search to hear these stories.

TheYellowsun76 says:

Amazingly Blessed! All of us, Thank you for sharing your experience!

TheYellowsun76 says:

Amazingly Blessed! All of us, Thank you for sharing your experience!

wallytron101 says:


belovedgirltoHim says:


Judas PIlate says:

Yet, Jesus is a Male, you talk of your Love for this Demigod, Yet Degrade and torture people because they are homosexuals , why does not Jesus (ee-soos) go to Saudi Arabia and appear to those people, or even the people Deep in Africa, in-fact why not Jesus appear to Hitler, and tell him, what he is doing is wrong.. or even appear to Stalin, or even Bin Laden, You where Conditioned by Christian brainwashing and you likely had an Epileptic Fit , and Jesus appeared, very common in Schizophrenia

Judas PIlate says:

” need for unconditional love that Jesus”, only another Human can give a Human unconditional love.. we are Social people and we all crave it, so if you lack a Human Companion, usually explains there attachment to Jesus, on the other side of the world, Israel is enticing Syrians to kill each other, where-as 100 Children a day are being Slaughtered.. those are the people that need a Saviour.. not selfish-self-centred, people like you.

truth301981 says:

this is matthew and im replying from my own youtube account instead of Smileys. I will keep them in prayer and pass their names and needs on to my brothers and sisters in the Kingdom. 🙂 Blessings and Love

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