True Story of Heaven and Hell

True Story of Heaven and Hell

Pastor Park died and was shown how each person is rewarded in Heaven, and what mistakes can lead a Christian to Hell.



Mady Guindin says:

even so poeple still don”t have fear of god and that”s why they and up in
hell.Look around you it”s a all about money those days.poeple love money
moore then god.Money don” mean anything.Just think you can take it with you
anyway. If you are rich give to the poor but you must give freely or it
does not count.And if you are baerly making it but somebody is of worth
help that person with a loving heart

John Hilman says:

Shabby chicken coop homes in Heaven? Sorry. Not buying it.

ĺiĺ'Qűëeñ Tãmáliä Bőleñ says:

It real n im happy because I believe jesus and God and I trust God and
jesus and im saved and I believe heavan and I love my real t family too,
and I love everybody like real family And I forgive everbody on earth 4
life and 4 ever



randell ranara says:

I Belive On God And Jesus And Btw Iam Filipino

Ako Naito says:

i hope filipino politician leaders will saw this video, to stop their
illegal motive in Filipino’s because of their corruption in Philippines

Justine Puerta says:


ĺiĺ'Qűëeñ Tãmáliä Bőleñ says:

God I want Go naw father God and im happy

ĺiĺ'Qűëeñ Tãmáliä Bőleñ says:

Im wait go heavan now and letter and im happy and im wait go 

rossdaboss1959 says:

Acts 2;38 is still God’s plan of salvation. One way for all people. God is
not the author of confusion. One Lord, one faith, and one baptism. Jude

Kali Hope says:




Gracie Valdivia says:


Olivia Edwards says:

Did you see? The boy was holding his middle finger up

Mady Guindin says:

So true I know what you are saying. I wish people would believe in god I
mean all of us then this would be a better world. God bless you all. 

Chuck Mick says:

unquenchable fire,
hell fire,
Gehenna fire,
everlasting fire,
fire on the earth,
coals of fire,
tormented in flames,
lake of fire,
baptized by fire,
SAVED by fire,
worms that die not,
gnashing of teeth,
outer darkness,
tormented for ever and ever,
unpardonable sin,
broad is the way,
depart from me I never knew you,
the damnation of hell,
eternal damnation,
the resurrection of damnation,
he that believes not shall be damned,
everlasting punishment,
everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels”

Ferron Victor says:
414MrMilwaukee says:

God is a just God who doesn’t want his creation going to waste. Therefore
we throw our own selves in hell, due to disobedience, disbelief, sinful
work etc.
He is the Judge.
In the courtroom, the judge doesn’t get a person from the street and throw
him to jail, he must be committed of a crime and then he’ll be judged and
In Hebrews 9:27, it says, “We all die once, after that the Judgment.”
Judgement is heaven or hell, and trust me, they do exist.
I myself witness both the torment of hell and seen the glories of heaven
and I’m not religious myself, yet God gave me the grace to see another day
to witness his existence without the need of science and technology. God is
very real.
(Subscribe my channel, I’ve posted videos that are spiritual educating, as
well as personal experience and testimonies)

God bless you all

john peterson says:

The Son of God will Pray to the Father that We may have the Spirit of God
for a Teacher and Comforter Forever. The Messiah gives us Perfect
instructions to have the Spirit of God in the Bible book of John, chapter
14… May the Spirit of God, and the Peace of Christ be within you
Forever… John 14:26…

Awarrior4God says:

James 5:16 says’ “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for
another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous
man availeth much”. We can all enter into the presence of our Lord through
our fervent prayer’s. Through worshiping Him in song brings His strong
presence and then get on your knees, humbling yourself before our King.
This is a way to bring the strong presence of our Lord. I say this in Love
and no disrespect to Catholics, I too, was Catholic so

Awarrior4God says:

We must stick to the scripture and what we is inspired by God in the “Old
Testament” and Jesus teaches in the “New Testament”. Jesus says Himself in
Matthew 23:9; “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your
Father, which is in heaven.” According to the Word of God, we don’t call a
priest to ask him to forgive us for our sin’s.

JesusisKing777777777 says:

sorry not biblical. Sounds nice, but Jesus said he goes to prepare a home
for us. Not angels, not materials by works we do, store up treasures in
heaven is super important, yes, but i cant rely on this. Dont go beyond
what is written.

Silver Gin says:

There’s many ways to share the gospel. But one thing you need to
understand. You share the gospel not to convert people on the spot.
Sometimes it just to plant seeds and let people think about it all later.
They may reject it now. But over 20 years they may change.

kittykat60621 says:


Silver Gin says:

Rather go to Jesus self and ask for forgiveness rather than someone
stopping you from having direct repentance with Jesus/God and to also have
a close relationship Him. You are very welcome to talk to Jesus yourself 🙂
He is your High Priest.

Silver Gin says:

HAha same here!

2222pauline says:

ACTs 2-38 1. REPENT 2. Baptism in JESUS name 3. SEEK and recieve the Holy

Francisco Toribio says:

If you really want to feel God’s presence strongly in your life, I suggest
confessing your sins to a priest. They are non judgementle and God uses
them in a great way to speak to us and give great advise of how God and
Jesus are merciful and just can’t wait to forgive us. Confessing your sins
to Jesus through a person makes you extremely humble and makes you feel
shame for the wrong you do. Once you do you feel a thousand times lighter
and get overcome with a sense of bliss I can’t explain. Holy

MrMadmanMunson says:

As for good works, yeah, I’ve worked. But I hardly think that any action
that I have ever taken for the spreading of the Gospel is worth any reward
at all. I want people to know who Jesus is. How do you repent of something
that seems as much apart of you as your eye-balls, but you hate with all of
your soul? How do you get rid of it. I’ve asked God to cleanse me. Does
Jesus still love me, or have I finally pissed Him off past the point of no
return? Am I screwed? Honestly. Am I?

vfg1997 says:

this is a joke! “there clothes were even shaggy” Do you really believe that
God would be like that.

Evan Gelist says:

Dude I can relate to much of what you wrote above, my advice is not to
focus on what or how you do things but look to Jesus and do what would
please Him. If you order your life to please Jesus you will. The beatitudes
and Proverbs are a good place to find out how to conduct your life. Then
just build that relationship with God through Jesus by the power of the
Holy Spirit and trust in Him and you will see changes as you grow in Him.
Do not let the Devil lie to you Jesus loves you.

lana mays says:

maybe they studied and believed but didnt put any of christs teachings into
practice. God will have a better answer for you than any of us in the
comments gallery. lol

MrMadmanMunson says:

Is there no hope for me. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He
died to pay the penalty for my sins. I don’t take this lightly, but even
after much crying and begging, I still feel condemned. Other days, I feel
great, like God Loves me and everything is going to be okay. But then the
next day I’m sure that I’m going to burn hotter than a Roman Candle on the
4th of July. I get so confused. I’ve asked and begged for salvation. The
Bible says that it’s a free gift. Is it or not?

nunee59 says:

This woke me up

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