This is the Car I Died In (A Testimony).flv

This is the Car I Died In (A Testimony).flv

I guess this is what is called a Testimony (Read if you want.) About a month after my eighteenth birthday I actually died on a Good Friday. My technical “dea…



deganya2012 says:

Wow your testimony touched me. I think it’s important what you believe and
experience. There are always going to be people who try to disprove this or
that and put a spin on it. It’s people’s nature I think. But the important
thing is that you are alife and that you have the opportunity to fullfil
the purpose God apparently has you in mind for. I’ve been thru a lot of
soul searching myself. I’ve come thru very tough times and turned to Jesus.
I know it won’t be an easy, but I won’t change paths.

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