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J Hernandez says:

This is a great video but I’ve known all this for a long time. I’m
wondering why all this is done are the hoping to open a portal or Stargate
I just can’t fathom it

TheFrank5767 says:

There is no way Jesus would of had sex out of wedlock It is expected for
rabbi’s to get married and have children If Jeses was ever married we
would know it ! Why hide a marriage if its to be expected? I don’t believe
the story of Jesus and children It never happened We do have Jesus’s
blood and that genome is amazing considered that Jesus has 24 chromosomes
instead of the normal 46 He received 23 from Miriam and 1 from GOD to make
him male ! GOD BLESS Don’t take any wooden allahs or idols !

anon person says:

can’t wait until the fallen angels burn forever.

Core Orbit says:

the “rhythm” of numbers.
very intersting video, i hope it brings light to those who need.

love and light

Liberty Dove says:

The math in this video is absolutely amazing. He covers 7/11 & some of the
stargates. Get out a pencil, paper, and a calculator. Put your thinking
caps on…make sure you wear a regular hat when you watch this too. It will
help keep the pieces from falling all over the place when your mind is
blown :)

Kevin Chamberlain says:

2:58:26 “Alien” brooch?

earlsworld70117 says:

Good video but the earth is flat and stationary.
This video needs revision. 

bobby burress says:


jay Roberge says:

As the wisdom of time often will divulge, angels were not restricted to the
christian religion but populated all three Abrahamic faiths, as well as the
previous Egiptian, Roman and Mesopotamian religions which were their
ancient preceeding foundations. The earlier representations of angelic
beings were more accurate as they often conveyed a more sinister or honest
image of interfering or manipulating entity to which we currently describe
as the abducting type of alien that so many millions have encountered.
There is much confusing misinformation abounding all over modern media that
confounds the seeker of truth but as they sat the truth will set you free
and I am sure that means “free from these demonic beings”.
For instance the city of LOS AGELES, home to Hollywood and the music
industry is just saturated with the preasence of these things. And if one
looks on google earth there is a gigantic ancient underwater base just off
the shore of Malibu where these things can remain hidden. These are our
angels who exist to harvest our very energy with all their lies and

Virgil Schmidt says:

10:30 I’m dissappointed.

The flag image (Buzz is holding) on the book cover is not a real flag
image. You can see in the helmet visor the reflection of the American flag.

Does this mean everything is wrong in the video. No. Does this mean the
book is all lies. No.

It’s possible the image was created to represent the content of the book.
This is done all the time to show a writers impression of the written

It photo cannot be put into evidence as an actual event.

I try to watch videos as someone presenting evidence for a case of which I
get to be the juror to judge in favor or against the conclusion.
So I only see this as the attorney not referencing his witness correctly.
It doesn’t mean his case is wrong… but just that that witness is thrown
That said, it does mean more and more scrutiny of the witnesses.

Why was 51 deg latitude part of any calculation at 1:00:43?

Izen Guarr says:

You may find that some research on Carl Munch will yield some additional
and valuable insights.

Black Ice says:

All men are liars and God be the truth, Heavenly Father I’m trying to seek
the truth please hear my cry.

MyWorldOrder says:

Conspiracy theories are just small parts of history that are blown out of
proportion just because there are small connections or strange
coincidences. You guys need to chill with your illuminati controlling the
world bullshit.

Shieena Living Waters says:

I am confused- @chris temp your lengthy comment below is dismissing this
video- foolish measurements across the sea, etc because either you have
copy pasted the comment from Bulla the Rainbow and its not your words or
you are Bulla the Rainbow and for some reason you linked this video to your
blog?? Please clarify as your comment seems to say the video is rubbish.
Thank u- I personally loved the wisdom but truth is I don’t get hung up on
any thing. 

Viktor Nowe says:

A great opus! This must have taken ages to produce.

Fernando Ödagled says:

Thank you !

Jesus Torres says:

Amazing job you have done with this video. Thanks for sharing your

Gerald Ball says:

Please allow me to offer what I feel through studying both the Bible and
evolutionary science is the truth as to the origin of man and all living
things that inhabit the earth. In the book of Genesis we are told by God
that he is our creator. We are also told the account of how Adam and Eve
were tempted by Satan, to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good
and evil. And in doing so, allowed the sin of disobediance to enter the
blood line of man.part of the damage of that disobedience was the thirst
for knowledge that it gave to man. Not just knowledge, but knowledge of
both good and evil. When a person gives serious concideration to that
story, the time that it was written, and the intelligence level of man at
the time it was written and finally the implications of that story, which
are showing to be more revelant to this day, a reasonably intelligent
person would have to ask them selves if there really is truth to what the
Bible says, and who wrote it. I would hardly see it remotely possible that
man in those days were able to produce the Bible and its many books, which
were accepted as wisdom in those days, and probably even more so today. Now
when a person takes something from modern times such as the ongoing battle
between creation and evolution and compares it to the messages and warnings
given all through both old and new Bible testements, it becomes a very
clear picture to those who hold an open mind, that creation vs evolution is
represenative of the battle between good and evil that has been outlined so
many times in the Bible. I believe that when Satanwas able to tempt Adam
and eve to eat the fruit that gave them that hunger for knowledge that is
good and evil knowledge, that Satan being known as the great deciever, knew
he could use that hunger for knowledge, to one day get man in large numbers
to deny God. All he would have to do is create a false knowledge, and feed
mans hunger for that knowledge. To me there has never been a issue of one
knowledge being opposed to acompletely different knowledge, than that of
creation vs evolution. Now it inly would seem fair to concider that the
truth of which knowledge is correct, would be that of who told and warned
us to be watchful of these signs. And that of course leaves God and
creation being the truth. Now I know that their are people out there who
are more ruled by the things that they can see than a Book that the don’t
or are unwilling to try and understand. And it is my opinion that those are
the people who would be easiest fooled by Satan. It tells us in the Bible
that Satan is the ruler of this earth. So wouldn’t it seem that Satan could
have placed certain things in nature that would cause one to believe that
there discovery, would give credit to a new origin of man, other than the
true origin that God created us. It was only a matter of placing some false
pieces of evidence where man would find them and waiting until we had the
intelligence and technology to relate them to one another. And that would
be evolution science as the outcome of that plan. Evolution is nothing more
than a science that has been created by adding false evidence to real
occurring evidence and mixing them together. But one of the beautiful
things about God is, that he never allows Satan to completely hide The
truth of God. That is why there is so much evidence missing from the theory
of evolution for it to ever become fact. The truth is the truth, and it
can’t be changed by a majority of men believing in one knowledge as opposed
to another knowledge. Truth is its own law and God is the truth. It doesn’t
matter what a bunch of scientists say, because they are the very ones Satan
has fooled into believing they are researching only what is found in
nature, and that one day they will tie all that information together in a
way that all men will know that evolution is true and creation false. But i
assure you as God has given his more meaningful assurance, that God will
never allow The great liar to assend higher than His truth. How that all of
what I have shared could have been outlined in the Bible so perfectly, so
many thousands of years ago, is simply beyond understanding. Ecxept to
understand that the one who told man of these things in the Bible is the
Giver of truth, with power greater than the giver of lies. You will often
hear evolutionists challenge the Creationists to prove the existence of God
through evidence and measurable testing with observable results. But then
they refuse to look at nature around them , the difference of man compared
to all other living creatures, the existence of both good and evil, and the
Bible it self , and consider it as evidence. That is foolish not to
consider it evidence. So they have wtitten their own set af standards which
they claim creation cannot demonstrate. Funny thing is though that even
evolution cant demonstrate them either. Except when they say their evidence
meets those standards. In essense, they give themselves judgemental
authority to say which us right as opposed to what is wrong. I on the other
hand believe that is Gods judgement. God is greate in every way all the
time. Satan us a liar.

D'Juan Lewis says:

Anything that ,made Jesus look human or imperfect was admitted from the
Bible, that why there was a council to write The King James Version of the

michelle rosemarie flynn says:

jewelry is made like this , the cutting of stones.

Black Ice says:

I’m not so sure about all this. God says: he made man a little lower than
the angels, so he did bless us with some knowledge. But, if man has figured
out all this sacred geometry then, you should know God. Do you? Men have
finite minds, Gods mind; is Infinite. How can we then understand his ways?
what is this really mind control? I follow no man!!

Gunnz Akimbo says:

Meta = Higher Level
Tron = Matrix



Ove Jørgensen says:

your forgodt the awl,it is old babylonien and egypt gods,they are
satanist,people youe tpo lay they baby on the flames there burnt all the
time,and it had a bulls head.and they still sacefise children speciely from
the 3 world where they not regestayted anywhere,and it is not whit out a
Resent som african have kild some of bill gates worker in Africa,cores they
cut se that does hu died of ebola was does hu was waxinated,and there is no
better way to plaese satan in to head the inersent,and it is children hu
got vaxinated,and bill gates is a satanist.

Ygura Wu-Akido-Fu says:

WOW. I thought I knew a lot. You’ve shown me, I have a ways to go, but I’m
pointed in the right direction. WOW. The work you’ve done is awesome!
Sounds, Light, Art, (geometry), and the 4th Dimension; we are re-learning
what was already here. WOW!! Scott, do another one! Heaven is watching
us. I’m on your heels. So many people have figured out that we are
re-learning ancient info. But you break it down well.
Great Job. I like it! WOW.

Gary Sellars says:

Getting your cues from Dan Brown was your mistake. Along with facts and
knowledge, you’re getting a “free” ride that isn’t free — it includes

David Ropon says:


michelle rosemarie flynn says:

numerology should be taught in school. All should know it.

sketch jennings says:

the connection is what is important. to delve into the realms of thought
unthinkable. to look past the veil of reality, of what is “handed” to us.
to truly “see” what is our existance. the path is a treacherous one, but
well worth the work. to know is why we come here. to find out what is and
what isn’t. follow the clues. be the miracle….

freakazoid115 says:

1:33:55 if giza is there…what is then on the other side?

tgigunner says:

I’m sorry but this has nothing to do with “fallen Angels”……. It’s too
bad you had to use that term to further this great video.
Perhaps you should read “The Secret teaching of all ages ” by Manley P.
Hall or “The Secret History of the World” by Timothy Booth….This in my
opinion is a bad choice of words to describe this amazing video!……Just

LifeStyle6070 says:
randolphfreed martz says:

I should have said three missing. But then the building must of necessity
be un-symmetrical. John Russell Pope would never have designed such. 33
just isn’ty an architectural number.

Pperez2285 says:
Mixed Athletics says:
annastesia67 says:


crowcreek23 says:

Washington is supposedly the New Jerusalem, however, there are also many
references to Egypt. How would one reconcile the two?

Daryl Smith says:
chris temp says:

Should one who comes with the knowledge and wisdom of which you have failed
to find in every video or film ever made, and having this wisdom complete,
be so humbled for possessing such knowledge in front of this worlds
scientific, academic and religious heathens, which is the reason you fail
each and every time to discover enlightenment, which, *to quote your
goodselves, is the secrets in full sight*, The question I ask, is this
failure on all your behalfs due to your intellectual superiority and
foolishness of your attempt to equate via ridiculous measurements taken
across the sea and land, in your vain hope that some dumb fucked Masonic
including the scotish right architect has hidden the truth in his
frustrated vain attempt to also find enlightenment

Do yourself a favour, roll all science, Masonic babble, religious dogma,
and mystic mumbo jumbo up into a cricket ball size, and toss it over your
left shoulder and completely dismiss any possible hope whatsoever of
finding what you’re looking for within what it possesses, because it cannot
be found in there, it doesn’t dwell in there it doesn’t exist in there, as
everything you perceive, is but 2 dimensional

Now let it be known right now, that I already know that what I am about to
reveal will in effect only touch perhaps One % of who reads it, the rest of
you intellectually arrogant snotty nose, Know it all experts, who really
know fuck all about anything, really just need a good head kicking, to wake
you up out of you poisonous and venomous ways of operating speaking
behaving and living, as you’re basically just evil fucks, that to be
Honest, I wouldn’t bother pissing on, so dont bother even offing your
condemnation of my criticism of your behaviour, as you know who and what
you are

Now the reason I speak in such a manner, and knowing that what I about to
reveal has its own protection from such evil fucks within this
civilization, and there may well be those within this civilization, apart
from myself, who have the Knowledge and wisdom, but I also say they are
terrified of the knowledge, and while they may be able to point to the
pathway of the enlightenment, they themselves are terrified of going
anywhere near it, and this includes the entire masonic lodges and its
members, science, and all religions due to the self inflicted repercussions
of daring to do so, as they know in their heart of hearts they are not
worthy of opening this doorway, (portal) pathway of further enlightenment,
and this really pisses them all off world wide, as they fully know and
understand due to there personal past and behaviours that they are
excluded, forbidden to proceed or enter, or trapped in this 2 dimensional
world by there own misdeeds,*and I know it and they know it* so that leaves
them baying around the steppes of further enlightenment like stray banned

So where is the answer, well you covered it, then dismissed it, virtually
in the same breath, run you video from 27 minutes and you’re looking at the
answer you seek, thats all put up there, and painted by the baying dogs
that are excluded from access, so they know were the doorway to freedom is
but they cannot use it, because they are all evil fucks who don’t deserve

This is why the entire scientific fraternity and all there guilds which
includes their superiors, who are the Vatican and Black jesuits, that
includes the Masons, spend all there woken time and efforts, keeping the
truth about what rainbows really are, all hidden from the world at large or
completely buried in made up mumbo jumbo of Newtonian physics, which is all
just made up and invented as a blanket, to cover over the truth, and to
indoctrinate all our youth and children, *BEING YOU* into thinking *NOTHING

TulliusAgrippa says:

A bullshit story woven around the British system of measurement. 

michelle rosemarie flynn says:

you need to study africa also.

Frederik Raedts says:
Goodnews Bear says:
Niles Normore says:

Stanley Kubrick’s Monolith looks a lot like that rectangle that keeps
coming up.

Hardie HA HA China says:

The secret architecture of Fallen Angel in a plain sight. “an intelligent

Very powerful stuffs.

randolphfreed martz says:

Maybe four are missing from the back; for elevators or something ?

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