The Scientific And Rationalist Case For Life After Death – 2

The Scientific And Rationalist Case For Life After Death – 2

Part 2 of 4 An interview with Michael Roll, director of the Campaign for Philosophical Freedom Directed by Sam Giles (1994)



Cyrus Kirkpatrick says:

Mac if you’re responding to Fibo don’t worry about him he’s just trolling
there’s no reason to get pissed off

Arthur Constable says:

“And the preacher’s carping that for failure on earth heaven will be your
reward”. I’m thinking about that after I’m dead anyway.

bhn45r says:

XallseeingeyeX- idk whether to believe it or not, but it sounds so good,
they say they have the math for it….what are leaning towards? Do you
believe it?

Arie VanderBurch says:

In my opinion it is not a kind of conspiracy like you seem to suggest,
rather the concept of life after death runs counter to the prevailing
paradigms in natural sciences, i.e. materialism implying everything can be
explained by atoms, molecules etc., therefore any evidence for life after
death is being rejected.

aztekno2012 says:

The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion and
politics but it is not the path to knowledge. It has no place in the
evidence of science

Ender Gate says:

Hebrews 9:27 “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this
the judgment:”

Paul Sandberg says:

If these materialisations have occurred, where’s the film footage please?

David Hestrin says:

one reason might be that if people were actually convinced both in “faith”
and “fact” that there was life after death. what would follow? how would
you live your Eternal Life?

babywarthog says:

Human knowledge has progressed over the centuries through scientific theory
and research, let’s give these theories some real thought, I think it would
be irrational to believe that we know everything about science and we have
nothing further to learn. Also, let’s remember that Charles Darwin was once
called a ‘nutter” and now his theories are accepted as scientific fact.

OnSafari247 says:

True and I agree….But without Christ, no one will live past this life,
and that’s why the Bible is neccessary.

OnSafari247 says:

There is no doubt in my mind that Christ was exactly what he said he was. I
did not post my comment to indicate anything else. I’m not saying
unbelievers go to hell, you did. It is not my place to judge anyone, and
that was not the intention of my iniatal comment.

Intbel says:

Parts 1+2 most excellent. Canna disagree with anything so far. Must say,
though, that many experiences have been validated by friends and relatives
of those who have passed long before the experiences being related here.
Still, maybe he’ll speak of those. Off to watch part 3.

jimm124 says:

You cant prove life after death because the forces that be won’t let it
happen, the masses are not suppose to know, we are suppose to always
question until the veil is raised when we die.

David Gibbons says:

“Smart” people love themselves

Frogstomp121 says:

Then God will never be “proven”.

orlando098 says:

well I wasn;t there, so i can;t know exactly what you experienced. Also I
read something recently where a scientist had endorsed some psychic
phenomena until james Randi showed him conjouring techniques which could
reproduce the same thing and he retracted his endorsement. It’s not a
question of whether you are intelligent or not. It seems to me it must be
fairly easy to fake phenomena if they are occurring in a darkened room.

Jeda1066 says:

the fingers were small – they belonged to a child – there were no children
in the room – I am intelligent enough to realise if a child had joined us
prior to sealing off the room. Maybe… just maybe this time it wasn’t
faked. How does that make you feel?

Jace Noto says:

I think AusDavid12 eluded to the current paradigm has been established for
years and may resist the energy moving toward a shift in perception

orlando098 says:

If it was true I would be pleased. I wouldn;t take such an interest in this
topic if I had completely “made up my mind”. I am just disappointed that
even the world’s best mediums can apparently do nothing much more than
reproduce séance room phenomena that most people got bored of 100 years
ago, becasue they were not evidential enough and too open to fraud.

sardarshamas says:

Bcoz they had honed their thinking to that level! If you shine light onto a
man whose eyes are accustomed to the dark..u will blind him but if u wrap
his eyes and unfold the wrap slightly until his eyes are adjusted slowley
than he will not be blinded. hence same with religios teachings. They are
wrappings that come off as ur understanding of the universal truths

John Feury says:

It is in fact serious research,not a conspiracy theory at all with
science,mathematics and mediumship,continuing the work of Lodge &,Crooks by
bringing the two fields together (scientific & Spiritual ) with the goal of
proving survival.. Don’t knock something you obviously don’t understand

dazzerstar says:

send me some

CornCake50 says:

I agree with you man.

lostindreams3 says:

Putting aside the spiritual and turning back to the physical, I’m betting
there is a genealogical link between the Smothers Brothers and this

herbiepop says:

One can tell just by looking at his sunken eyes and from the tone of his
voice that he’s a nutter.

FactsAreFacts says:

Books say many things. But what do you say? I think you should consider
your reasons for agreeing with the bible then let others know, rather than
simply say “the book says so”.

stevie dillon says:

Totally agree, we have been brainwashed for centuries, such simple minds
will never understand the truth behind the mask, afterall we are only just
floating on a large ball in the middle of space, mmm let us ponder on that
for a bit!!! is that not a miracle enough or does it seem normal to you?

alaksandra says:

Only trust in God Mercy.

qxtctv says:

It’s a shame there will be no way of telling him he was wrong when he’s

happysexytime says:

lol you are right

endofscene says:

by “materialise” does he mean that the spirits manifest physically in front
of people? Or does he mean that spirits are channelled through a human

Horza2002 says:

There is another problem, Newtons Laws of physics are wrong. They asume
that time and mass are absolute which they are NOT. And before you say that
based on relativity which is claimed to be wrong, it has been proved in
particle accelerators. The particles get close to the speed of light and as
they do they get heavier in direct contridiction to Newtons laws.

Blade Crimson says:

The subject matter may be the same, as those of you that make statements
about this being ‘old news’, however the science beneath it is very
diffirent, because due to quantum mechanics we know some things that change
the very fabric of what we like to think is a physical reality where
objects ‘touch’ or come into ‘physical contact’ with one another. We know
this is an illusion now, EM fields create matter, and the 4 forces of
energy can be unified into one!

coltrain210 says:

Okay. This is my first exposure to this idea so bare with me. When he says,
“materialize,” does he mean the image begins to appear of the dead. If so,
why not film the event? Basic questions I know, but I had to ask.

EndTimesApproaching says:

excellent work.

Dejavu12321 says:

Well they better hurry up and get something going soon with this or no one
is going to really care.

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