The Passion of Christ By His Blood

The Passion of Christ By His Blood

By His Blood Jesus Christ Is Lord & Saviour [Psalm 19:1]The heavens INDEED declare the Glory of God! [John 1:1-3] In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word…



cryingzombie says:

@liw213 Jesus took the punishment that was meant for everybody. He was
crucified in Rome, which might be the legalism capital of the world!
Crucifiction was what the Romans did to actual criminals, but Jesus
couldn’t be charged with anything illegal! They mocked him because they
were expecting a Savior rich with worldly riches and that’s why they
couldn’t fathom Him as the Son of God. Now, Jesus Christ is at the very
right hand of God! Amen and Amen!

badinfluence1985 says:

The cast and the acting in this movie was just breathtaking

Greg I am says:

For HES Glory!

MrMasomenos says:

Dear brothers. Let’s stop following the false teachings of paganism. The
truth is One God. Jesus was a true messenger of God and he never claimed to
be God. God is beyond creation and he is infinite. No human being is worthy
of worship. Remember the first commandment “…Your lord is One”. Search
the truth. Seek ISLAM!!!

tony demetro says:

great video itmakes me want to watch the movie again… god bless

Jake Paulisin says:

whats the music in the backround?

WithMyLittleSpoon says:

The Lord is My Rock, Our Savior*****Salute

BanginDopeJunt says:

I LOVE JESUS, altho sometime i dont act like it, only HE can judge me

bimmjim says:

In the beginning, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

bamkat75 says:

For those of you that haven’t seen this movie I highly recomend you watch
it. It will bring you to tears yet fill your heart with joy. I believe it
still doesn’t testify to the pain and torture CHRIST took for us. GOD BLESS

Nguyễn Hùng says:

Không có tình yêu nào cao quý hơn là tình dám chết cho tình yêu

joeclifton89 says:

Jesus Claimed to be God many times in the bible IDK what book u were
reading Jesus said That I AM, when he came to the apostles on the Water,
now in the old testement God said I Am to moses so how did he not say he
was God??

liw213 says:

Romans have the gall to mock Jesus Christ with their phony joke of a Roman
Catholic religion after Jesus gave his life for anyone,and
everyone..including them, because of his love for them?It makes me so mad,I
cant even see straight!

joeclifton89 says:

@Faithfull7 Yeah exactly but u can’t tell these islam junkies that their
caught up in a lie when even the book that they read and the prophet that
they look to greater then Allah, But 1 question a muslim can never answer
with evidence, What prophecies in Islam that were not taken from the Holy
Bible came true? Lol and the fun stops there, the prophecies they have come
straight from the bible nothing original and mostly from the new testament

deathstars10 . says:

that’s awesome.. we need to love Jesus in every moment, every second..’cuz
he loves us..God Bless everyone..

valarmanwe says:

The background music is called Requiem for a Dream.

Christianos Yeshua says:

@joeclifton89 Amen, thats because he is God, he is One with the Father, in
Jesus all things where created and in him all things hold toghether,
Revelation 19:11-21 John 1:1-3,14 isaiah 9:6 psalm 2:12 Hebrews 1:8 etc etc
, YHWH = Y eshua H anazarei W emelekh H aYhudim wich means Jesus of
Nazareth King of the Jews, wich shed his Blood for all who believe on his
name to become in his Blood the rightious Children of God in Jesus Name,
the name above all in whom we are saved trough

Frankreturns says:

Jesus is Lord and our Sacrifice!

liw213 says:

Jesus Christ did not deserve this horrific death.

alienpatentoffice says:

Thank you for sharing this video.

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