The Big Questions – Is There Life After Death

The Big Questions – Is There Life After Death

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rabele123 says:

I can personally testify to the reality of life after death. I am a retired
comprehensive school Maths teacher.

ponyboy314 says:

If there’s life after death, then life itself has little meaning.

MegaPhiloBeddoe says:

There is no afterlife,..
Sorry, but I’d rather have the bitter truth, than a sweet lie, any day of
the week. 

ROGAN says:

This show should be called, Do you accept reality, or are you too scared?

John Doe says:

No one knows.
The end.

nun says:

if no, why do not we prepare it? would not hurt?
and what if there is? Lost then you …..
and if there is, on the bright side people are not greedy for wealth and
power that exist in the world, good people will be more because they think
that eternal life is life after death …..

bersa888 says:


Cheeky Felix says:

I fucking hate Mediums. Bullshit con artists making money of the grief of
the families of the dead.

headkills117 says:

People are afraid of accepting reality. They use religion as a coping
mechanism because they are afriad of death. After life sorry to say( I’m
not really sorry) there is nothing. It makes no possible sense that there
is something. 

Miguel Pereira says:

Crazy people. I am SO happy that I live in Sweden.

0undefinedvideos0 says:

The woman who said “I wish it was true” hit the nail on the head. Or at
least, demonstrated why people believe these things. It more comfortable to
believe there’s away of contacting your lost relatives, and you’ll be
reunited with them when you die, than to believe you’ll never see them

Peter Sale says:

Half of you are missing the point. You all say “no afterlife, face
reality.” What reality? Most people who claim no afterlife are ‘atheists’
or being ‘logical’ and ‘scientific’. The fact of the matter is, there is no
evidence to prove afterlife, nor is there any against it either. You can’t
claim there is no afterlife and label it ‘reality’ when there is no proof
of there not being an afterlife.
So please, don’t be disrespectful to people who believe you are not
“smarter” or more of a “realist” than they are. you just literally have a
different belief.

Sandra Collier says:

I am listening to the program right now. I keep hearing participants saying
‘I believe’ or ‘I don’t believe’.
Belief surely is a mental process – it is taught or learnt.
I don’t want to ‘believe’ in anything and if I do, I want to be free enough
in myself that I don’t have to believe in my beliefs : ) I want to be happy
and free.
I prefer to ‘feel’ in my life and make the effort to be with my heart and
conscience. I ‘feel’ that this is more reliable than believing a
connection of neurons in my brain.

Earl Minime says:

This is like watching one of the circuses with the beaded woman and the
three legged man. Where do they find these people…

Baji Scipio Dārayav Aurelius Julian Venizelos Nalwa says:

some religion teaches absurd things life after death might exist or might
not we dont know until we die

Rayan zahrani says:

there is things that we still don’t know every thing in world you cant say
that haven don’t exist maybe it exist maybe its dead man dream forever
dream you cant say that when we die we well disappear we have souls
to many souls has lost there life’s in these world were did they go ?
Maybe they are watching us or they are in the haven or the hell you cant
say its big big world out there who knows what what the secrets behind the
stars in the night

you cant say that of you are a dead Maybe your dead maybe this is the after
life but we don’t know because the brain stays in the old body we wont
remember that we die in anther life maybe its big circle you die you go to
anther life you die maybe
sorry for my bad English

Sakuragi Rokurouta says:

I believe there is heaven – therefore, heaven must exist. Superior
Christian logic. * Facepalm *

jedsithor says:

I think Sam Harris put it best. Basically what he said is that we have all
these afflictions of the brain that we suffer. Whether through injury,
genetic defects or disease, we suffer brain damage and when we do, we lose
a part of ourselves. We can lose our short or long term memory, our ability
to speak and interact with the world, our sense of awareness, all these
clinical things that can happen to our brains when just a part of it is
damaged that can make us lose who we are. So the idea that we can lose our
brains completely i.e. death, and live on in some form and be fully
functional is ludicrous.

Absolute Entertainment says:

None of these accounts are true.

The bible really teaches that when we die we cease to exist. Those who
claim they’ve seen an after life, is simply an illusion of perception.

The bible teaches that hell, also means grave not hellfire.
However this is not the end for those who have died, because god promised
to resurrect the righteous to live on earth. 

Fred Nurke says:

what a bunch of deluded brainwashed pommie dicks.

Rashid irani says:

None are relatives, we are processed thru the earth by power u can not
comprehend from baby to teens to young to grown to elder, this process in
itself scientist would link to scientific words like atom physics & so on.
But the spirit deserves its place else where is life after death? we in a
dead body with spirit alive in us. Heard of heaven, hell, bridge between
hell & heaven, Dev log Patal log, rebirth , moksha,& so on. But, Jesus is
giving is life after death in a ‘spiritual body’ like the soul/ spirit/
atma/ rooh. Spiritual body just in the form like us which hereafter never
ever dies. So why is this discussion of unknown? well the illusion, dream,
vision, etc all illustrates the state of mind, consciousness, subconscious.
But, when transcendent is when Jesus gives u the “holy spirit” than u will
know & experience which can not b describe but u alone can b witness to it.
And u alone know that u are going home.

mark ingham says:

Everybody reading this,one day will die.You will either spend your eternity
in Gods presence or eternally’shut out’ from it.The choice is yours.Jesus
Christ died on the cross so that we could be forgiven our sins and spend
our eternity in Gods presence if we place our faith in Him and repent of
our sins.


Yes there is life after death i have seen, many spirits and Angels who have
come back to show me the road ahead. once you die , your soul leaves your
physical body , and goes into the spirit world , you will either stay earth
bound , or you will go to Heaven [into the light ]
if you stay earth bound . you will have to continue learning in the spirit
world , or if you go to the light[ Heaven ]you will rejoin your your
higher-self , an Angel in Heaven , then you will remain in Heaven for ever
, as that conscious personality .

Chester Davis says:

Why would anyone’s spirit float up above things? This is just a relic of a
time when people thought the sky above was part of some divine realm and
not just another part of the material world. 

avarmauk says:

Of course there is life after death. When you die, life goes on. 

DrunkCosmicObserver says:

The Big Questions – Is There Life After Death?
If there is life after death, this would mean that none will die and that
death is a concept invented in the human mind. So we will all live for
eternity in one form or another without fear of losing our consciousness.
So what the fuck are you all afraid of?

sonofharris says:

You know it was proven well over a 100 years ago that we all survive the
death of our physical bodies, great scientists like Sir William Crookes,
Sir Oliver Lodge and John Logie Baird the pioneers of radio and television
scientifically proved this, there has been hundreds of scientists who have
proven we all survive death, these were hands on scientists, not somebody
who just has a hunch on this or just does not believe. Why does this
evidence never get presented. “And don`t go start looking up Sir William
Crookes in Wikipedia, youre going have to do better than that”.
You know we have all been brain washed from being children, one discipline
states when your brain is dead that is the end of it, and the other is the
religionists who say you lie in the ground until judgement day.
Oh and I almost forgot, ever watch Scooby Doo, the ghost always turns out
to be the caretaker with a mask on, mmm.

Peter May says:

James Randi Educational Foundation has a MILLION dollar prize for proof of
supernatural events

Peter May says:

What a moron they have the same suppposed experince is that others have had
the same experience

Fayyaz Memon says:

Life After Death is when you will understand the Truth – (The Grave is The
First Stage for a human) – (May Allah Guide You to the Right path) :)

Ozy Wallace says:


Terry Harris says:

I would love to be with my mother and father grand mother and father, a
sister who was a wonderful girlbut just had a bad life because of her
weight problem.My wonderful wonderful father.tTo be able to tell my mother
I am so sorry for all my bad behavior.My absolutely loving grand mother.and
my awsome grand father who I barely got to know.And much much more.we
instictively know that this light we call consciousness goes on without the
physical body.

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