Testimony of the DANGER of wiggi boards , horoscopes , white magic , seances ,witchcraft

Testimony of the DANGER of wiggi boards , horoscopes , white magic , seances ,witchcraft

Even yoga and many more , if your going to play with Satan’s toys , be prepared for a home coming . He loves making house calls , and he definitely wont leav…



mrstepintime says:

The aliens of today are the same demons of ancient times. They are the gods
and godesess of all false religions through out history sinse time began
and there is nothing knew under the sun. There faces vary and their shapes
are many from 12″ to 30ft high all have a certain job to play but only one
If they can do this satan wins. But he wont people will wake up even if it
costs them there head. GUILOTINES IN AMERICA
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Satan, whose nature is deception. Satan gives power to those who believe a
lie. Believing the lie is the cost of entry to access Satan’s power.
Witchcraft bolsters up the lie with: mystery, pseudo-science, ancient
knowledge, new knowledge, etc…. The more absurd the lie, the better. The
lie acts as a distracter.
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Witchcraft is characterized by belief in “knowledge from below”, and
rejection of “knowledge from above”. In it’s more advanced and powerful
stages, delusion and belief in what is clearly not of God is key. Satan’s
tacit “deal” is: if you sacrifice truth on his altar, he will give you
power for what you want now. But lies are flimsy things to put your trust
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It is sobering to see how similar modern witchcraft (Wicca, or “white
witchcraft”) is to modern Christianity. Self-aware witches bless as well as
curse, ‘bind and loose’, prophesy, pray, lay hands on, anoint with oil,
etc. Some even consider themselves Christians with a superior understanding
and power. A few even worship Jesus–along with a pantheon of other gods
and goddesses–but totally reject the reality of Satan.
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Have you been bewitched? The battlefield is the mind. We must believe and
know The Scriptures. You will be dominated, manipulated and intimidated.
Many families have suffered moral, physical, financial and spiritual
problems because someone engaged in an occult practice. They can be brought
into a state of oppression or depression; and unexplainable sadness,
anguish and heart affliction when there is no reason for feeling downcast
or disheartened.
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Many people who are under a curse or spell have gone to a practitioner of
the occult sciences and instead of being helped they got worse. The
practitioner of the occult moves the demons to another organ in the body or
exchanges the less powerful demon for a more powerful demon. This creates
madness, epilepsy or something else worse than what was originally wrong.
Witchcraft and sorcery are magic in their worst forms and represent
tremendous evil spiritual power.
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Sorcery operates through objects. Articles of clothing, photographs,
candles, incense, rings, etc. are used. There can be witchcraft burials in
and around the church, burning black candles in the church and leaving dead
birds at the door of the church. A witchcraft potion can be slipped into
food or drink. When you bring a cursed thing in your house you become
cursed. Books on the occult may

Veritas700707 says:

I love burning incense, mostly cedar wood and frankincense fragrances, but
the person I used to buy from changed the name of her business to something
demonic, some goddess of the demons.

Pray over your food, your house. God is more powerful, but be careful who
you are paying a salary to with the money God gave you.

God bless.

Alex Garcia says:

Thank you for preaching the truth…. We need to be more active and vocal
lest the enemy overcome us with fear. In the name of Yehoshuah God bless

Iris Rose says:

Thank you for this message it is right on time for me. Right on time. I am
so trying and striving to leave the Craft alone. I have backslided so many
times. I have not used an Ouija Board in years but it is real as you said.
Christians need to know that the darkness is real and doors can open and
once the portals are open it is so hard to close them.

qwyzl says:

you people should really research the origin(s) of your MIDDLE EASTERN
beliefs. people have been practicing magic and believing in different gods
LONG be fore “christianity” came along. and other peoples’ gods are just
that – GODS. they are NOT evil spirits or the “trickery of “satan”” to
fool all people in to ending up in hell for all eternity.

if some one said such things of YOUR god, you’d go ballistic, yet you feel
you have the right to go slandering every one else’s beliefs – beliefs of
which you know NOTHING.

EVERY “christian” should be required BY LAW to study comparative
religion AND to study the ORIGINS of their ridiculous beliefs. and I also
think they should all keep their stupid MIDDLE EASTERN beliefs to THEM

they should ALSO be required – BY LAW – to study the language, manner of
dress, ways of life, customs, traditions and every other aspect of the
culture of the people whose beliefs they claim as their own. other wise,
you’re all just a bunch of thieving hypocrites. stealing some one else’s
superstitious beliefs with out knowing ANY thing of the culture or way of
life of the people who came up with those beliefs is a form of hypocrisy as
far as I’m concerned.

better yet, you should all go to the middle east and go live in the desert
for at least a good ten years – NO modern conveniences what ever. you
should dress as they did, live as they did, eat what they ate, (including
the slaughtering of animals for meat), speak their language. and you
should also learn just how they came up with their beliefs in the first
place. other wise – hypocrites, every one of you.

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