Testimony of Heaven and Hell by Nigerian Pastor!

Testimony of Heaven and Hell by Nigerian Pastor!

Pastor Daniel died after a road traffic accident. His body was in a mortuary for 2 days, and he came back to life at a crusade conducted by Pastor Reinhardt …



Flamingo Pemberton says:

Awesome I will share this video with others!

fifiemma1 says:

Am a christian a true beliver i dnt belive this its not real its a No form

Jesussavesyou4000 says:

You decide if you want to believe or not. I believe that this pastor is
telling the truth. 🙂 (Notice: This video is of course a reconstruction of
what really happened.) God Bless You!

Celestine Anim says:

is this for real?

Celestine Anim says:

wow i luck words

stellayvy says:

I beleive! this is the truth. I should work more on forgiveness

stellayvy says:

Just a matter of logic for the non believer: if there is evil act, then
there is EVIL, then there is a GOD above all, a GOD of mercy and
forgiveness. AFter your death even if you dont believe to GOD, you will end
up somewhere, so what if you realise AFTer death that there is a GOD,
you’ll be an eternal loser and nothing will fix it. SO you better
believe…there are so many things that cannot be explained by the human
genius. May GOD be Blessed forever and ever!

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