Testimony Of Healing – The Betty Baxter Story – A 1941 Miracle Of Healing As Told By Herself

Testimony Of Healing – The Betty Baxter Story – A 1941 Miracle Of Healing As Told By Herself

The Betty Baxter Story – A 1941 Miracle Of Healing As Told By Herself.



LamentedHaven says:

23 And he said unto them, Ye will surely say unto me this proverb,
Physician, heal thyself: whatsoever we have heard done in Capernaum, do
also here in thy country.
Luke 4:23

8 Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk. John 5:8

markdelap says:

I have heard this many years ago… it still ministers to me today

jesusluvsu says:

Praise Jesus !!!!! He is our Great Physician

JesusMyLoveAndHealer JehovahRaffa says:

OH JESUS!! I just found this testimony and read it on some website and NOW
I am listening to this awesome lady You Healed Abba Father!! PLEASE do NOT
pass me by Jesus and give me muscles and meat on my bones so I can walk and
look NORMAL & I too will preach Your Word forever!! Please also give me a
husband to serve You with Abba Father!! I ask In Jesus’ Name, AMen!!

joyfulllarissa says:

This lady was actually from my area.. the sad thing is that the older
people don’t really care about it…. JESUS, PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP

cmacutlers says:

You need to see this testimony, if you need healing or know someone else
who needs healing. What a testimony! Blessings. B. Cutler

isa InProgress says:

I read this woman’s testimony – how much she suffered for so many years as
a child and how Jesus Christ visited her many times- including taking her
to Heaven after she asked Him in prayer– then her final healing. She said
that one thing that she will never forget is the beautiful eyes Jesus has–
how much love was in those eyes. She said that the memory of seeing Him
face to face and His love keeps her going when she is too tired and doesnt
always feel like doing the Lord’s will.

Summer Keller says:

Thank you God!!!

gaynor morgan says:

She came to the Roath Community Hall in Cardiff. Many people were healed.
Praise the Lord.

ctina323 says:

i have heard this so many times but I really need a miracle myself this is
for me today

Anna Margaret Graham says:

Great testamony! I was blessed to hear Betty in person many years ago.
Praise God!

Rachael says:

You can feel the anointing so so powerfully through her story! This is the
most amazing testimony I’ve ever heard! thank you Jesus! <3

Rachael says:

Most Amazing, chill factored testimony I’ve ever heard! you just know its
true in the way she explains it. So Anointed

Sammy Lykens says:

This is the most outstanding testimony of healing I have ever heard…it
leaves you knowing that God is still and always will be a healer…bleieve
it or not…your healing depends on your faith..and in the one who can and
will do it.

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