Testimony Hells Angel

Testimony Hells Angel

Chain,ex Hell’s Angel goes from darkness to light.



tfr128 says:

Awesome truth.You probably knew me old mates dad who was with them back then,last name O’Connell.Trying to sort my life out now,Truth IS the truth,as it says in the Bible,God knows its hard for us to have faith so he gives us His Holy Spirit(that is always with us to help us know TRUE Peace,Contement etc but also at times will feel.)Not only does it feel awesome but God makes us KNOW that its His presence that we are feeling(which obviously He can do as He IS real and it ties in with His Word)

Herbie Sherman says:

Yes bro…deep

hemahema88 says:

TY ehoa..arohanui

whatuwhiwhi3 says:

awesome mate great testimony

ilililhy1 says:

If God be for you,WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU? Fact,we have all Power and Authority over the Powers of DARKNESS. The Victory was at the cross of calvary. Jesus loves you,Jesus gave his life for you.

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