Testimony – After 13 hours at morgue, back to life! [PART 9]

Testimony – After 13 hours at morgue, back to life! [PART 9]

part 9 from 9 Gavril was an atheist. He met Satan and God, visited Hell and Heaven. “Nobody would have been able to convince me that God existed. I was an at…



scottbw12 says:

the orb flying at 21 sec to the right coming from behind the camera fly’s
straight up and away look at the way it moves definite orb.

Akemba Matthews says:

Oh turn while the savior in mercy is waiting an steer for the harbor
light……. for how do you know that your soul may be drifting over the
deadline tonight……

unclemoney777 says:

don’t fret… God has everything under control! I abandoned my faith and
turned to atheism, the occult, witchcraft/satanism. Experienced death &
hell as well. But I received the greatest miracle ever, God’s grace, Christ
Jesus! Even despite all my wrong and every sin in the book I commited that
He gave me something I didn’t deserve, Himself! I know my mom & dad were
praying as well, all things work out exactly as God plans, so keep on
believing and praying!

anodhask says:

Really thank for your time translating and uploading this for all. To me,
this was the most important video i saw in my entire life.

Grace Saves says:

God Bless you 4HORSEMEN. =)

4H0RSEMEN says:

yes i saw it. once at :14 and another at :21

Grace Saves says:

@goldifoxxx1 Nice comment! =) God bless you!

Grace Saves says:

Put it on 0:11 and Watch closely….Glory Be To GOD In The Highest!!!!!!!!
Thank You JESUS for The Gift Of Life!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!

mavaism says:

Hes such a beautiful man. Thank you Jesus for saving his soul. Praise to
The Lord for letting this man share his miraculous journey. This has
touched me deep. Glory to our Saviour Jesus Christ!!

TasLon7 says:

What an amzing testimony! I am glad I heard this… Thank you for sharing
Gavril’s story with the world!

EKPEYE1 says:

Today I’m save because of this awesome testimony.

Shir Cxavah says:

Gavril made me cry when he speaks about all the mothers that pray for their
sons and daughters time after time. That’s what I’m doing right now for my
older son. He is involved with someone who is separating him from our
family. He knows the Lord and decided to be baptised and inmediately every
thing turned up side down and is acting like blind,please help me pray that
the Lord opens his mind and touches his heart and let him see the will of
the Lord for his life. God bless you all,Shir

TheSpiritualShow says:

THE SECOND ONE IS REALLY NOT AN INSECT. Well it is strange it coicide with
what he says its fitting to pray to get a special grace to see to beleive.
Well me I beleive his words and don’t need further proof. I saw also many
of the personnages that he says he saw. LIFE IS ETERNAL.

Drew Dawson Davis says:

@creatingmyusername : OH WOW!! Didn’t see that the first time…thanks for
pointing it out. Peace

Turrah G says:

I watched this whole testimony and I was almost in tears. It is a good
thing that you’re doing the will of god. Your testimony is getting out
there and I hope there are many people that get saved after hearing this.
God bless you.

keribethlilly says:


Eltsacwenify says:

Wow absolutely amazing. Praise and glory to God almighty. I hung on every
word you said right through to the end.

Lori G says:

@TheSpiritualShow that is awesome..thanks for pointing it out!

akatheartist says:

Thank you for this wonderful testimony I am new in Christ and learning
everyday and I feel the power of god all over you

Magda Lena says:

GLORY GLORY GLORY to The Lord. :))))

Christrulesall1 says:

Praise God almighty who sits upon the throne through christ jesus. I love
this man. Truly, the holy spirt is upon him. If any of you happen to come
across this that is like how he once was i besheech you by the power of the
holy spirit…. come to christ jesus. He is the way the truth and the life
just as he said.

Lori G says:


1mmy5 says:

Truly beautiful testimony and to know we have a father that loves us very
much, may God bless you.

truthseekersebastian says:

I hope many see this. God bless you all. Hang on to Jesus people with all
your heart,do good acts and love your enemy.Pray and read your Bible. God
loves us so much we have no idea.

tusialofa . says:

I like his comment that unbelief is a disease.

lidiasasha says:

May God bless you and all those unsaved who are watching this testimony be
blessed and be touched by the power of God’s grace and be saved, through
faith. Amen. Glory to God.

IdaSputum says:

“The disease of UNbelief!” Brilliantly put – says it all. The man’s an
inspired messenger. Amen

edadan2009 says:

I am SO BLESSED to hear his testimony. Thank you Jesus for sending him back
to encourage us! May his testimony win MANY souls for you, Lord.

1oocrazyt says:

beautiful indeed! im sending these video’s 2 evry1

Ricky Moore says:

god works in mysterious ways! thats a documented fact.

endlesslo7e says:

when he said ”if they want to know Jesus”

Grace Saves says:

@ucancallmebaby1 FULLSCREEN from the beginning.

goldifoxxx1 says:

Oh my word, I ve been watching a lot of vids about people who’ve died &
gone to both heaven & hell, but this one is the BEST! I am in awe. The
things I will take from this testimony is to be mindful of the words that
come out of my mouth and also to always do good deeds, I want my tree in
heaven to be absolutely gigantic, but most of all and first of all I must
make it into heaven… Thank you for taking the time to translate this
video into english subtitles and for posting it. God bless you.

Noemi Barrios says:

What a powerful testimony!God can use any one willing!

Christrulesall1 says:

Satan has tried to detroy me all my life. I even saw a vision of him( or a
demon) sitting down on the couch in the basement right in front of me. I
dont know if i was asleep or not but he was smiling at me because i was
going through severe depression down there. I looked him dead in his face
although i couldnt see it just a black void” i know who you are” He
contiuned to smile and rock back and forth. I hit my knees in that basement
and prayed to god right from my heart.

IdaSputum says:

Thank you, wonderful words. JESUS IS REAL! I know it from experience. Jesus
IS The Messiah

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