Swedenborg and Life: The Angels We Meet After Death, June 30th 2014

Swedenborg and Life: The Angels We Meet After Death, June 30th 2014

We’ll be looking at part 2 of the chapter “Our Revival From Death”. Topics include: -Who we meet with on the other side -Why we might want to leave the angels we meet -Where this channel…



Rick Rouse says:

Why are there tree’s in heaven? Let me elaborate.. On Earth we have nature
which we enjoy but nature is a necessary function for all physical life not
just our own. In heaven do things exist for function not necessarily
designed for us spirit beings but nonetheless can be experience and enjoyed
by us spirit beings?

GodsDe says:

Hey, I think I know you! Did you used to go to Oakland University in

Mario Zammit says:

My pleasure, and thank you all that you continue to do!
Yes a summary of his work through your perspective and how it fits in
today’s world would be fantastic. From our earliest memories we are
bombarded by ideas that oppose our true self, and because of that people
struggle and suffer…. Finding a way for people to connect with their true
sense of self would serve them well.
That’s my own personal opinion and what I’d love to see.

Adruma victoria says:

Description of the angelic world

When God created the angelic world, he did not give a mission to each
angel. Rather, he gave missions to the organizations and groups. Angels’
organizations are diverse and each organization is divided into various
groups. Thus angels can appear in many different ways. Angels’ appearance
differs according to the character of the occasion. They appear differently
when they celebrate, deliver messages in missions and convey prophecies.
Their appearance can change according to the unique mission that carrying
Although Angels’ missions and titles do not change, their
attire can adjust according to the scope of their activity. It is the same
as human beings wearing different clothes for different occasions. Would
wear copal dress at a funeral?
However, Angels’ clothes are different from human clothes whose
characteristics are limited in time and space. Angels do not have to spend
time to buy clothes. They can wear clothes transcending time and space, In
an instant the close can change in a beautiful and colorful way. When they
head off to a meeting, the colors and shapes of their clothes change
according to their movement. When they move, beautiful light shines
through. Nevertheless, most human beings living on earth never have a
chance to see them.
Some people have seen angels and their fantasies. However, what we
imagine is very different from the Angels spirit people see in the spirit
world. Most crucially, human beings on earth cannot perceive the colorful
lights and glimmering of the clothes of Angels. There is no way to compare
Angels’ beauty when seen in the physical world and when seen with our
spiritual eyes in the spirit world.
The beauty of Angels represent God’s heart of love for his own
children. The reason God made Angel so beautiful and colorful is that when
God sends a message to his children through his angels, he wants us to feel
joy and love and receive the heart of happiness and peace as well. We might
think human beings are beautiful when they’re wearing something nice. But
even if you think about male dances in the physical world, you cannot even
compare them with the beauty of Angels. When human beings in the physical
world see the Angels and their fantasies, the simply add their imagination
and think the Angels they see are women.
So the appearance of angels changes every time scope of their
activities change. The Angels human being see with the physical eyes in the
physical world are undoubtedly beautiful; however, their real appearance is
far more beautiful. At times, they can appear with great dignity; at other
times they can appear as women lovely and fair. No matter how their
appearances may vary, it is clear that the true appearance is beautiful
beyond any measure. The matter how wide the variety of appearances they
assume, the fact that they always follow God directions does not change. We
human beings must be grateful to God, who created the angelic world solely
for us.

Mario Zammit says:

Curtis Childs, please write a book! Humanity needs and deserves your loving
message through your profound and current point of view…

Shotokan Aholik says:

Does Swedenborg ever speak about going into the other realm while you
sleep? And does he ever really say why god created all this in the first
place? Thanks bro! 

Dana Marie says:

I join in the Swedenborg study today late in the series and from a time in
my life needing to deal with the loss of my oldest son he was 27 yrs old
and on May 2 2014 his life here was ended due to a drug related accidental
death … I also in my grief found myself sitting across from a psychic
medium on June 11th just 5 weeks after my sons death … what I want to
share is that of the things that both I learned by watching this episode
and from my session with Carole Obley is the concept of being around those
of similiar level of spiritual growth as she was able to connect with
Chuckie and he was 1. wrapped in white light and was still in a from what I
took her to describe as healing state still from his passing, which was a
whole different concept than I ever learned in traditional Christian church
…but also 2. he was being protected and that was the word she used …she
said that or described 2 people both being with Chuck one he knew in life a
grandfatherly type and the other my grandfather both of which are or were
in life while I knew them at least, spiritually equal if I may to my
son,all 3 exceptional loving good men and all 3 at the time of there
passing did not outwardly proclaim any beliefs at all regarding God Heaven
Hell … rather than my grandma a church leader ect….just thinking aloud
and thank you for providing this book and video series

Laura Esmaili says:

Nice I was wondering why you had a bird shirt on!!! I love birds!! he he
he The group of birds let me know how we all work together here on earth
and in the life once we crossover. Thanks for that.

James Welchert says:

Question…You had mentioned that every thing is up to us, So does that
mean that once we become spiritual angles or kingdom angles we could still
fall as what happen in the Bible?

YR B. says:

Is this originally a Google Hangout? How can someone get on it directly?

Maz Kendall says:

I hve never had the privelage of speaking to or seeing an angel but yet
find every time my 7yr old grandson needs me large white feathers seem to
appear in and outside my home, if this is angels how can i know for sure

Yewande YorubaGyal says:

I have had the book Heaven & Hell for quite some years, picked it up in a
2nd hand book shop. Its so colorful & rich. I’ve always felt serious
connection to a Higher Power & have met angels in physical form at times of
real need. I am so grateful for the work you are doing here & wonder if you
will be looking at the subject of angels who come and assist in human form
or if you’ve already covered that topic? Thanxx again sweetie!

Taylor DeLile says:

I have met many angels. I have a story for everyone in light of
Swedenborg’s work:

Recently, I met an angel that became my worst enemy. I was literally afraid
for my life. He scared me, and I had to look over my shoulder everywhere I

Then, I let him win. I submitted, because I was brought to the threshold of
my own mind and I was always afraid.

I put a big malicious smile on my face and repeatedly said to myself “This
is it. This is the moment. What do I do?”

When I heard the words of all my loved ones, whom I trusted with my deepest
secrets, I knew they did not listen when I told them I was afraid.

But when I saw their faces, all I knew is that I was alive, and I loved
them because they love me.

All of them, angels, and their love saved me. My hate for the angel, my
friend that became my enemy, almost cost me my life.

Love must guide you, and you will see the angels that Swedenborg saw.


we are being influenced by Heaven and hell

that’s because God created both for us to learn from a polarity between
darkness and light they work together hell is never personal it is created
to show us left to know right , to show us darkness to choose and embrace
the light .

we only have enough free will to believe so we cant actually control our
own mind , thoughts or deeds or our sins , they are all done through us .

Humans have a need to feel superior because they are weak and powerless in
them selves, , only the weak need to exalt, and 80 % cent of our societies
are born weak, that’s because having children is a weakness , and only
emotionally weak people have children , so that weakness is passed down
through children and bad habits repeated .

Laura Esmaili says:

I am a medium and hear from people that have crossed over. I am not or do
I never want to be famous. I sometimes get pulled or feel I need to do a
reading for someone. I think that i had a NDE when I was about 7 or 8.
The feeling of being with angels was overwhelming. I love people and
helping whenever I can. Thanks for putting this out there for us. People
need this guidance!!! Regards Laura

MT Mixthings says:

dudeeee we are in 2014 WTFFFFFFFFF .. . we know to search for links bellow
.. >_< 8 min from video you just talk bullshit o_O you lose the faime with that ... go straight to subjectttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt next time 

James Welchert says:

How would the coalition of the eyes being opened be compared with the story
of Paul (Saul) when he became blinded by God, then received his sight

WithinIsREAL AllAlong says:

Just found your YT,love it thank you. I had an experience when at a very
low time. Beside my bed stood a huge & mighty male presence who said
everything will be ok don’t worry. I could not see his face as he towered
above my 4 poster bed but he was wearing a BLACK SUIT. I felt completely
safe and it did help me enormously. Is this visitation an angel, do you
think? Only no light, wings or white clothing etc. I’ve never heard of
angels dressed in black suits!

capnshepable says:

Curtis write the book! 

Will Christie says:

You are a very talented teacher. You have beautiful eyes also. 

Lois Shaw says:

thank you for the awesome explanations, your pace of explanations is
perfect for me.

Fisolo24 says:

hi there Curtis 🙂 exellent work youre making! iv’e allways been a thinker
and try to ask the big questions in life, so i really apreciate such great
material on youtube thank you !! 🙂 here’s some things that i came across
questioning things 😉

1. in the spiritworld, people are divided to either heaven og hell. are
there places where fusions of those ideas meet ? example, i smoke and love
a good drink and i also like playing violent games like mortal combat
battlefield etc. but that dosent make me evil right? cause im humble
towards the people i meet and want to put a smile on peoples faces 🙂

2. Swedenborg (peace be with him) mentions aliens (big question)… if
there are aliens but in the “human” family, can some of those be
devils/demons, we see in religion and occult that the term of a demon is
“something” that isn’t human. also there must be people who turn devils by
choice. also you said in a prior video (i think) that spirits form as they
evolve, as above so below right ?

sry my translation Curtis, but hope you understand my questions :)

wilburbonzo says:

Is Curtis the reincarnation of Swedenborg?

Lorena Martinez says:

I enjoyed this a lot, thanks everyone for answering my questions

Lois Shaw says:

the 3 bird pictures: patience and serenity, a place for everyone, all
connected to each other, and third bird picture is the Power and strength,
and independence that we each have to sore our own path

Sophia Cleareyes says:

Swedenborg’s writings really helped Helen Keller come to terms with things

offTheLeftEye says:
4me2know majda says:

): “Indeed you were heedless of this, now We have removed your covering,
and sharp is your sight this Day!” HOLY QURAN

H Lavoie says:

3 years after my NDE I was going through a tough time. The Angels told me
they would be with me during my life here on earth, and during this down
moment, for the first time since the accident I asked for a sign they were
with me, and what I should do. I told no one I did this. Two days later,
a friend of mine has a medium friend in Sweden who was talking to her and
out of the blue told her she had a message for me that I needed to hear.
She has never given me a message like that before and I did not seek an
answer psychically. It was an amazing message I needed to hear. I knew it
was from my Angels. It was very specific. I don’t feel so alone here
anymore and I know we can accomplish anything through love. Swedenborg
makes so much sense to me – his experience is so right! Please work on
loving people in your lives the best you can – everyone is different, but
the message of love should be the strongest.
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Christopher Franchino says:

.Hi Curtis great job. I hope you know how much I appreciate what you and
your friends are doing making these videos. I know it’s a great deal of
work and time. I am glad to make a donation as a small thank your Sincerely
your friend Chris

joy adeline Donasco says:
Will Linden says:
dennie macumber says:

Angels are teachers ,they can enlighten us to any information to any
question we have if it is concerning our growth especially . As you
mentioned when we die (transition) we will meet them ,time and space are
irrelevant , we can meet them they are ever present as is God. They may
not teach doctrine they only teach the truth of and they give insight to
mans misinterpretation of truth and doctrine.

Swedenborg Foundation says:

Catch up with the ongoing Monday night interactive reading/discussion of
our recent title “Our Life after Death”!

Isla Tula-Celestún says:
dennie macumber says:

All matter is energy ,as like God who is a present in all things within the
One ,it is by this the truth is revealed and in this we come to understand
the desire of our hearts on all levels of thought.
Thank you for the reflection into deeper insight.

Stephen Miller says:

Another awesome presentation. Thanks Curtis
Could you comment at some point more about reincarnation and how it aligns
with time in the spirit world and advancement to higher levels in the
spirit world and heavenly kingdom? What if we pass over to the spirit world
and our loved ones have reincarnated? Or doesn’t it work that way? Does
everyone reincarnate, or do some/many advance through the spirit world and
eventually to the heavenly kingdom, and does that mean not reincarnating
again on earth? thanks.

charity kimball says:

I have never had anyone contact me But I had someone save my life one
day.Cant wait to meet this person and thank them for giving me another
chance to live and enjoy earth life and everything here!

Mary Sarnese says:


Mike Goodenow Weber says:

Ah. 🙂

Lorena Martinez says:

Mike…not one at all…Im new to Swedenborg

Lorena Martinez says:

This is my first showing…is this the first episode ? Im probably way

Mike Goodenow Weber says:

seems to be to eternity, Sunia.

Lorraine Rotundo Steele says:

Does or did Swedenborg ever address demonic entities, b/c I know there is.

charity kimball says:


Lorena Martinez says:

I agree Charity…Although I want to get there one day and I look forward
to it but when I pray I always ask God to wait till my boys are old and
gray to decide to take me…

meow0meow7 says:


Karin Childs says:

Yes, Lorraine, Swedenborg has a lot of description of demonic beings. An
unpleasant lot indeed!

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