Divine revelation of Sister Linda from Sierra Leone Part 2 Sister Linda PART 2: OPENS THE SECRETS OF LAZARUS MOUKA AND OTHER FAKE PA.




Linda thank God of Chosen for exposing your mission on earth.You are sent from underworld to distract people from the body of Christ.You have failed.While do you still bear Linda after giving ur life to Christ.Besides,why did you record the message originally as ur christ was giving you the message.Satan is prepared for this end time ministry and you Linda is truelly doing what he sent you for

mbarubur says:

if she is saying what JESUS told her, then you maybe in trouble criticizing her.
Remember the days of the apostle,b4 the council a wise man did say “leave this men alone for if they are from GOD we cant fight them but if not from HIM give them time and they will fade away.
Give me $1m to attend TB Joshua church, i will not ‘cos my spirit does not agree with him same for Mouka,Oyakhilome etc.
if you truly work with/for GOD,the ability to detect false teachings wont be difficult.
I belief Linda.

ApleofGodsEye says:

A call for repentance & total surrender to God

Remigius Ezeh says:

The end is at hand. Be warned!

James John says:

Please Linda’s sister says when she was praying for her dead sister, God told her to bless water and give it to Linda, but not that jesus likes it. Is there a difference between Jesus and God?

gospel12100 says:

listen very well to the end. she said tb joshua is doomed in hell.

Florence Chuku says:

Real””  hell is real what she is saying is true, please my dear bothers and sister please turn away from your evil ways
and come to JESUS is the WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIVE.

Carol W says:

where did you hear TB joshua????she NEVER mentioned tb joshua being anti- christ.he is not

Prince Xavier says:


yinka show says:

I strongly believe this testimony. But how abouy tgd rest of it ? .please post the rest of this message

kendoneasy says:

his left for you to believe her or not, but i must tell you linda is real, Romeo AndPerla. dont play with God message,,God is a consuming fire,, this message is from God not from man,, be warmed,,

maureen ozurumba says:

Good to hear this. This is end time. Pls Godson, can you upload the remaining part of this message. We need to have the complete information.

Romeo AndPerla says:

Be wise, there are false prophets. How do we know the real ones? Jesus will tell you in the bible, he is the teacher and that is why he came to teach us the way of the lord. Read, read, read your bible…..Jesus is our all.

Romeo AndPerla says:

Mind you, some of the preacher you see today will not make heaven, so be wise and read the bible repeatedly and don´t conclude with what any preacher tells you but conclude with what the bible tells you. Be wise, there are false prophets. How do we know the real one? Jesus will tell you in the bible, he is the teacher and that is why he came to teach us the way of the lord.

Romeo AndPerla says:

I don´t believe her, the Devil is using money to derail the children of God these days. Churches criticizing one another to get more members (More money) As a Christians we have to read the bible, Jesus said it all there, don´t wait for someone to tell you.

God created us out of dust, he do not care about what we put on our bodies otherwise Jesus our teacher should have indicated it. He care about our hearts (our souls)

Anayo Onwurah says:

A known truth from the beginning …darkness has no business with the Light … How can a pastor be taking another pastor to court over a small piece of land at ijesha… I’ve known this from day one … Sis Linda ur testimony is true……concerning the churches that use handkerchief , anointing oil etc not all that uses those stuffs are demonic , yes I know some are from occultic kingdom … Though some people , members idolised those items …. This is where they got it totally wrong!

Christian Borue says:


Alvaro Alfonso says:

I am just contributing my own idea.I have never seen where someone will prefer to use his own name to say ”God Of Muoka” instead of those whom God have recognized in the past like: Elijah,Abraham e.t.c or even don’t call anyone say JESUS OF NAZARETH ANSWERS PRAYERS.Then if devil is not afraid let him claim that he is Jesus of Nazareth.ONCE MORE OPEN YOUR EYES MEMBERS OF CHOSEN AND THEIR PASTORS.

Alvaro Alfonso says:

Please all chosen pastors swallow your pride and come out now.Muoka is not your God in heaven.I know what you all are thinking,how can I betray my pastor Muoka.Listen if Muoka could save other people’s life from gunshots of armed robbers,how come his own wife died he could not save her from witches.I thought when you people shout ”Am A Chosen” three times and then ”Who Are You” everything claims down.Why did the wife not say it when she encountered the witches.OPEN YOUR EYES.

Alvaro Alfonso says:

Hahahaha this is great.I am a witness,when Linda first gave the first relevation that women should stop wearing earings and e.t.c.,it is the same chosen pastors that were praising her that Linda is not a member of chosen but all what they preach is what she talked about.Now I want to hear them again after the second revelation.My people leave that church for good because the earlier the better,but if you can’t always remember that the fly that cannot hear will end up in the grave with the corpse

Florence John says:


Onyemaeze Obidiegwu says:

Rev. 22:11 he that is unjust let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still, by God’s grace we all know the truth, sis. Linda is giving us a message which many of us have personally received from the LORD and which is in line with the word of God, stop being reprobate run for your life becos she is running for hers.

gospel12100 says:

Sis Linda God bless you. you are really send from God. I dreamt too, and i saw Tb Joshua and Christ they are anti christ. everything you have said about them is true. sis Linda God be with you….

Cassia Hill says:

Thankyou Lord I watch this testimony again and again!

ggg6023 says:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaameeeeeeeeeen thnk u Jesus

ggg6023 says:

but how can i get d vcd so i can send some to my family back home beside i hope d news is all over nija bcox.

ggg6023 says:

bros Lugard thnks for ur comment i really do know dat sister Linda was truelly sent by our Lord Jesus christ Tnk u Jesus

Julius G. Oduoye says:


Lugard Ekhator says:

If you see the deception that Pastor Lazarus Mouka and his Chosen church is mounting against this revelation, you will truly know that the god of Chosen is a demon. They employ one demon possessed girl Joy by name, to discredit sister Linda’s revelation. Run for your life if you are really ready my truth.

123456nessy123456 says:

Amen! People need this truth

tobi7832 says:

Please where is the remaining part

Schoolboy says:

I BELIEVE sincerely that this warning IS from God!!! Thank God Almighty for delivering me from the god of Chosen. I pray all chosen members will follow suit and RUN FOR THEIR LIVES NOW!

I was in their church service back on June 27 (Thur. Revival Hour) where they deceitfully brought up a hastily prepared counter testimony from a girl, Joy David, who said all sorts of incoherent rubbish to discredit Sister Linda’s Testimony (you will see all her lies on YouTube). Pls. Joy, REPENT NOW! No lier CAN enter Heaven.

While thanking God profusely for taking me out of there after less than six months of attending, my heart grieves really hardly for those still in the place. If you ASK Jesus Christ Himself to PLEASE SHOW YOU WHETHER HE IS THE GOD OF CHOSEN-and you mean it from your heart-HE WILL SHOW YOU AND TELL YOU TO LEAVE THAT PLACE. No member of that church will be raptured!!!!! They serve another god!

My ‘chosen’ members, PLEASE RUN 4 YOUR LIVES. God bless you

(They will never say GOD; but they ALWAYS say ‘god of Chosen’ answers prayers)

john y mathew says:

tony i learnt d lady had an accident nd cud not survived but dat she confessed she was hired is it so??!! And dat they used to send people to where linda will give her testimony and if she mensioned mouka she shud arrested!! Dis is not christlikeness at all!

tabi cloris says:

The bell is ringing, God is giving His Last warn to the World of sinful men, He that has an ear let him hear, God is not mocked what He says he will do, He will do it whether you believe Him or not. God dose not need your approval or acceptance of His message before He passes it across. Brethren lets be careful the end is at hand run for your own life and leave the rest judgement for God, He has the purer eyes to behold evil and not you or any So call man or woman of God. so therefore whether sis Linda’s revelation is real or not, you are not to judge, allow it for God and take care of your own life. Also we have to stop fighting for people we don’t even know their beginning nor where they are going to, please be careful it is the last days, many shall be lovers of themselves more than lovers of God. (2Tim.3:1-9)

teddyrain says:

Now let me break the whole silence on the 21st of september 2005 so many people died in an auto crash including my mother on transit from Aba to lagos for a program “from sorrow to joy” which actually turned from joy to sorrow my own father was a pastor in the lords chosen charismatic revival movement now let me ask chosen members a question ; who was the man who wedded muoka and his wife with a big moustache like a native doctor and had rings on his hand?
Who is chosen mopol founder and what truly transpired betwwen between her and your pastor?
Who is mr ofoegbu who was defrauded and used by muoka?
And if ofoegbu actually commited sin does it warrant muoka not to pay him back the money he borrowed him for the expansion and development of chosen?
How come even the brother inlaw of muoka comfirmed ofoegbus odeal with muoka
As for sister linda if she is fake why does she condemn those same things chosen condemns?
Now I had an opportunity to watch muokas wedding tape please can anyone explain the significance of mixing coke and fanta together in a plastic bottle by the huge bearded man with rings which I have never seen in any wedding?
If muoka preaches against moustache,rings and so many other things why was the pastor not like what he preached
Why was the wedding not conducted in chosen and instead @ ihiala hall with only few attending?
I have gone to deeper life bible church and have seen that what kumuyi preaches is what he practices
Why did the bible say that not all that call him lord shall see him?
Let me rest these questions a bit cos I have a lot more to ask
Listen my brothers and sisters let no man decieve you remember the bible said that devil has turned hinself to the angel of light here is endtime test the whole spirits if they are from God remember there in no church in heaven christ is the church don’t be decieved I know how powerful brainwash is if u want to brainwash a man appear as an angel with “Good” qualities and make him do what you want him to even politicians know what I’m talking about
Believe it or not pastor muoka is “FAKE” and has brainwashed people by preaching the truth to make people believe he is true thereby enslaving and defrauding them you may call me agent of “darkness” no hard feelings
I have another question
Have u seen kumuyi deeper life pastor use handkerchief?
Have u seen him in court with anybody or case?
Have u ever seen him talk about critics?
Have u ever seen any suspicious act ?
Well let me rest once more don’t allow a deranged selfish man rob u all in the name of a powerless “god” that isn’t jesus christ who died to save our sins
When you true men of God sanctified by the spirit you will know their fruit will tell it all please brethren the anti christ is here do not allow the love 4 your pastor take you to hell you will be a fool 4 that if a revelation has come its no surprise the bible says it surrender to the will of God and he shall direct your paths “AMEN”.

john y mathew says:

yes!i got a message on d 23rd Augt abt 4;07am that “rapture will soon take place” read ur bible pray daily 4ur soul listen to linda and change many are changing pls dnt mind any pastor who does nt bliv. GOD said he uses d weak tins to confound d wise it still applies in dis case!in lokoja i learnt a mad man came to a filling station greeted and warned that JESUS willl soon come pple shud repent.make ur ways right gived CD to any one u truely hate and truely love!

onuoha chigozie says:

The Secret things of God’s kingdom are kept for those who fear Him. Time is up. Scripture fulfilled. 2Timothy 3 . God knows His. Sis Linda dont be discouraged by man you knw He that called you. JESUS CHRIST, He wants His elect home. GOD BLESS YOU.

williams stephen says:

For me their is no church like the LORDS CHOSEN ON EARTH because i have test it by self.

justice says:

people are busy attacking the message of sister linda,someone pastors insteading of checking stock of their life they are busing telling their members not to believe the message,what is unbiblical in her testmonies,some asked me is it possible for God to take somebody that is alive to heaven and hell is it biblical yes,God showed Daniel,God took paul to third heaven 2 cor 12,God took John the book of Revelation,Brother and sister don;t be deceived by your so call pastor search the scripture yourself ,are you looking upto your pastor or are you looking upto Jesus the author and finisher of your faith,i carefully search all what she is truth,you call demon and all sorts of name, will the devil preach against himself by telling you not to dress naked,puting eye lash,painting your fingers and your month tell mr pastor and G O your quest for materialism will soon destroy,pastor are you the owner of heaven are you to decide who god will give revelation you believing it or not believing it can not change the standard of God.i pity people who refuse to seek God by themself, who is your pastor,your priest, your bishop that stand against the message of God all this are just title pope,bishop,pastor,G.O if you are not holy,righteous and blameless you will like wise perish 1 thess 2 verse 10

justice says:

God cares about what we put on our body, Jesus said in John 4 verse 24 NIV God is spirit and His worshippers must worship in spirit and in truth. have you ever considered what it means to worship God in spirit and truth,let go to Roman 12 vs 1,2. therefore, i urge brothers, in view of God;s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices,holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. then you will be able to test and approve what God;s will is—his good and perfect will. God is interested in what you put on and how you use your body, to serve in spirit and truth means for you to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice so the way you use your body ,what you put on will show or tell us where you belong

ify says:

since all she said is pointing towards holiness n not drawing people to herself or her church but only telling u d truth that i know we all know deep down within us, why r we persecuting or rejecting d message. if it’s from hell will she b telling u way to Jesus cos there is nothing else she is saying if not holiness n knowledge of God

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