Sister Charlotte – Entire Testimony – Confessions of a Roman Catholic Nun

Sister Charlotte – Entire Testimony – Confessions of a Roman Catholic Nun

For twenty-two years, “Sister Charlotte” (she never revealed her true name in public) was a member of a Roman Catholic convent of nuns. From a very young age…



Frederick Louis says:

Thank you, I believe every word you said as true.

abner camp says:

My grandmother conveyed to me similar experiences about her aunt who
considered becoming a nun. Fortunately, the aunt escaped before it got as
bad as Sister Charlotte’s case. My aunt told of a baby being murdered in a

janet m says:

This is so utterly absurd it i would be a comedy if it were not so
blasphemous. I have an aunt who is 86 year old and a retired nun. Her mind
and memory are amazing. She has always been a brilliant woman. She taught
for 40 years And then did missionary work with Migrant workers in Florida
before retiring. She now helps home school children of a nearby family..
This video is such an Extreme insult to her and to all other women of the

Baji Scipio Dārayav Aurelius Julian Venizelos Nalwa says:

might be fake

bagsnbeads says:

Sister Charlotte WAS abducted and punished with physical torture just after
two years of her public testimony but was able to again escape. She lived
her last years in Napa, CA and died September 28, 1983. Her book “From
Convent to Pentecost” is available.

Raised during a time when the church was extremely strict and powerful,
lives were run by the church’s staunch beliefs without question.

The church has had to loosen their grip so to speak as many parishioners
were lost=$$ and properties being donated dwindled and the churches once
full were empty especially of newcomers. The RCC HAD TO CHANGE for that
reason alone.

As with any doctrine taught, we are to question and not believe just
everything but this is all really new with the introduction of the
internet. With anything, there has to be a balance.

Myself being raised Catholic in the 50’s and 60’s, children were taught at
home and school to “be seen and not heard” and “not to speak unless spoken
to”. This was discipline, not abuse. Prayers and not guns were in the
schools. There were rules that were obeyed without debate–or else. We had
little nuns in long black robes and big heavy rosaries rather than
the Police–School Resource Officer.

I WAS admonished for being left-handed, told I was a devil child and would
get a ruler rapped across my knuckles so I learned to use both hands
equally well.
The nuns had no problem using physical punishment, yet, that was accepted
at home and school. The 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, etc. were progressive
decades and what was okay then is criminal today. It was a different time,
yet, my parents loved me and paid attention. People who don’t have people
looking out for them–especially children–can become targets no matter
where. I also believe that many “religious” persons took the vow of
chastity having no idea what to do with their natural desires. They became
sexually oppressed and miserable too often turning to some type of
abuse. More frightening is that the church was a magnet and protected

Crimes against Sr. Charlotte and the Carmelite Cloister “little nuns” were
unspeakable. There is no doubt in my mind that she spoke the truth as her
way of speaking was all too familiar to me. She didn’t falter or stammer
and didn’t read from a teleprompter but from her heart without hesitation
to open the convents and help the other “little nuns”. Her testimony is not
one easily forgotten and is seared into our minds for one reason–it’s
truth breaking down the highest walls.
You know what I REALLY think when I think of Sr. Charlotte–that could have
been me! One thing for sure, she survived unimaginable torture by hate and
not by love.
It’s okay to hate and we must hate at times. R.I.P. Sister Charlotte

rockypath1 says:

One does not need to look too deep into scripture to find a brilliant light
showing the way. John 6 is the clearest explanation that Jesus could
possibly offer on the reality of His Real presence to come in the Eucharist
but the unfaithful left him because He would not let them get away with
thinking it was only symbolic or a metaphor. So the unfaithful left Him
(John 6:66). But the apostles (though confused) stayed and went on to
preach Real Presence (non-symbolic communion) and all the early Church
believed it and held it as an integral part of their faith. No other
delving is needed beyond this truth. All else is obfuscation and pointless.

So why do you reject the Real Presence in the Body of Christ – our
communion bread and wine (body and blood) – the Eucharist?

So why do you reject the faith of the apostles?

Why do you need to chase after obscure and bitter sources when the answer
shines like the sun. The truth is in what Jesus gave us (the Eucharist) and
what the early Church (without any doubt) ALL believed.

Pamela Givens says:

My God ……wow

Ma Ig says:

Croats may kill Serbs with no sanction even today in 2014 … For more than
100 yrs tham killed more than million Serbs , but 770 000 by name… ANd
than croat brothers Shquipetars-Albanians killed million more and pope and
europe and all catholic-muslim*(it is same satanic religion) are praising
and blessing and admire killers…

Christian Pledger says:

One thing I know, is like what Sister Charlotte said, the people that go
into the convent have the good intention of serving God, and I also believe
that many people who go and attend mass, and the catholic church, and call
themselves catholic also want to serve and honour God.

Now, let’s not be blind. Jesus said “And I say also unto thee, That thou
art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell
shall not prevail against it.”

Yet when we see individuals claiming to be apart of the roman catholic
church, whether priests, or bishops and hear about them molesting children,
or testimonies such as sister Charlottes, it’s stands to reason that we
would think that indeed the gates of hell are prevailing against this
church. Except if we understand what the church truly is we would see that
the gates of hell do not prevail against God’s church; it’s what we’ve been
taught is church where we see corruption and satan crept in unawares.

The bible warned us that false prophets would come in. The true church are
the born again of the Spirit, not the man made religion. 

David Anchondo says:

We Need Smaller Government Not Bigger Or Else We The. people Will See Our
Rights Taken Away And Are Voice’s Not Heard

Kingsley Okafor says:

I don’t understand and I keep wondering, how can God build his church upon
innocent human blood. they call it the Inquisition. I need answer please

Clyde Hooks says:

+Rockypath1 You seem to have it all figured out, I noticed you mentioned
the Gospels and Peters writings. Here and there were perhaps Paul and Not
sure if I saw John or not. You said we do not know what the Apostles
taught. Get a Bible, lets say for example the KJV that has all the books in
it . Look right after the four gospels and you will find the only book of
history in the New Testament. There you will find exactly how the disciples
by then apostles taught, what they preached and how we should do the same.
Don’t overlook the obvious because you have been yourself and you also
teach others to do that. The book of Acts will give you all you need to

Adam Mangler says:

ANYTHING that comes from Nigeria is a hoax and a fraud!

01toupie08 says:

Obedient is important thats why I have a devine dreams . I saw in my dream
visions lots of nun vomiting a huge chains and heard them crying begging a
help instead of complaining why not pray and asked God to open their dark
minds. Yes I saw my father in Hell and saw my mother in purgatory but thank
God by the Devine Mercy prayer she was release now.

Richard Johnson says:

Interesting confession. Question is: is it true? Charlotte has stated that
she knows the law, then why not have the police investigate the child
murders and other heinous crimes she raised? Charlotte also never states
how she managed to escape, why not? Phyllis Graham a former Carmelite nun,
wrote among others, a book titled, “The Jesus Hoax” but while she exposed
the sham of her religious experiences as a Carmelite nun, her revelations
fell a long way short of Charlotte’s contentions. 

Snorty Hogbottom says:

Since kidnapping someone & forcing them into hard labor while being guarded
are capitol crimes, Did Sr Charlotte have her abductors arrested or even
file a police report? If so, let’s see it. She obviously got away or she
would not be making this video. BTW it’s very odd that in the US in the
1950’s, children were not allowed to speak unless spoken to. It sounds
remarkably like a novel from 1860’s London

stephanie malloy says:

The same people that want to tell women they don’t even know what to do
with their own bodies, were snuffing out actual live babies in the convent.

rockypath1 says:

This woman’s story is clearly a fraud and is easily recognized by
protestants, atheists or any who have a minimal understanding of Catholic
practices and beliefs.

There is even a picture of a holy Australian nun by the name of Mary Helen
MacKillop used in the presentation, which I suppose is meant for viewers to
believe it to be “Sister Charlotte” herself. Sister Mary would not be too
thrilled with the false implication that she is actually the woman giving
the testimony


Many inconsistencies and contradictions exist:

The UTTER REFUSAL of the person to give the name and location of the
convent , which would easily verify the truth (or falseness) of the story.
This is the most obvious indication of false testimony. This alone should
be enough to destroy its claims. Why is it not then?

She claimed to be a Carmelite nun living in a convent with over 150 women
in her wing alone. But Carmelites are a strictly cloistered order with a 20
person limit per convent. They don’t work in hospitals. They never leave
the convent. She claims to have been a nurse at a nearby hospital but again
this in not possible in a strictly cloistered Carmelite order.

She uses contorted phrases such as ‘going to confessional’ and ‘the
fourteen steps that Jesus carried the cross of Calvary’. No Catholic would
EVER use such terms. They would say, “going to confession”, and the
“Stations of the Cross”.

She says at 12:10-12:18: “I had never seen the life of a cloister, I didn’t
know what it was like.” This is FALSE, ANY cloister must do 2 periods
before they can enter a convent as postulants (a period of 1 year). Then
they take vows for 2 years, THEN and only then do they take final vows.
These rules were written in the 8th century when Scholastica founded the
first convent.

She says at 2:46-12:56: “one can steal up to $40 & does not have to confess
it.” This is just a wicked and slanderous lie. Only those of ill-will
would drink this in.

She says at 8:00-8:54: “If a girl becomes a nuns her family is saved no
matter their actions” A ridiculous lie that sends Catholic and people of
goodwill into hysterics. But why would anyone believe this garbage.
Some who listen say they believe every word she says. What is this spirit
of confusion and malice?

She says at12:28-36: “Catholics can tell any lie they want to protect their
faith and don’t need to confess it”. This is so absurd that right away it
makes a Catholic or knowledgeable person laugh…but then one quickly
realizes that this bullying, false witness leads to persecution, which
eventually could lead to murder.

And at the end they “explained” she disappeared? What wretched souls are
these who would give this evil witness and who ARE those who willing drink
it in?

Read more about this fake “nun” and how we know she was not a nun and
probably not even Catholic.

Also Search MARIA MONK a documented hoax (fraud) that bears striking
similarities to this unfortunate sick or possessed lady.

The voice of this woman itself may appeal to some (Catholic-haters) despite
its aggravating quality but it is definitely not wholesome.

If you have listened to this persons false story and have taken it in with
delight that it convicts the Catholic Church then your heart is not of
goodwill. You may not believe or even like the Catholic Church but any
person of goodwill will seek out the truth and NOT endorse evil and false

Look up the definition of the word CALUMNY.

No Christian or person of goodwill would post such calumny without some
attempt to show sources and references. This is FALSE WITNESS and is one
of the 10 commandments.

May God have mercy on all of the readers who are happy to read this
testimony without discerning its false intent and its malicious nature.

And May God have mercy on us all and protect us from persecution and the
murder of our families by people of hate.

Again more info at:

orbstats says:

Very sad. Typical Catholic barbaric system. Many who went to Catholic
school, or in Catholic institutions in the 1950-1960’s know this Nun is
telling the truth.

linda hull says:

this made me sick

Felix Burke says:

After all this stuff that she experienced she still believes in the lie
that christianity tells, i.e. that we are sinners and must be saved.When we
pass over God doesn’t see our sin he accepts everyone wthout qualification.

fatalrob0t says:

Not sure what to believe here. I’m inclined to believe this poor woman’s
testimony simply because I know how, historically, the Catholic church has
functioned. The worst part is that if this is truth, it would be
continually denounced and mocked, called lies by the rest of the Catholics
and the Church because no one would want to believe it. It would get
covered up by other Catholics, shunned and ignored just as the testimonies
of children who had been raped by pedophile priests. Even if it was just
the one convent that she had the misfortune of being a part of, it would
still be covered up because of church politics.

jdedonatoco1 says:

She sounds like a fuggin nut, but I believe what she says…..

Qubux says:

I was never told that I can steal up to 40 $. How much is that in Euros?

Denise Shiflett says:

She talked so fast, it was like she told the whole story in one sentence,
without taking a breath, it was hard to understand with her talking so fast
and the audio wasn’t great, so I could understand something’s and
something’s I could not, due to her talking so fast.

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