Secrets Section. Beheading in New York. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.

Secrets Section. Beheading in New York. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.…… An investigative look into the signs all around us we are nearing the end of the age. ◅ Revelation 12 ▻…



gm cox says:

Mark what’s your take on the guy who walked out in Denver…walking 100
miles? Sounds fishy 

TheGroxt1 says:

Love ya Teammates lets keep going.

Lynnae C says:

Groxt, i almost forgot. 9-23-2015. Is the Year of Jubilee for the Jewish. 

Ramon Harris says:

god bless you Groxt!

jacub81 says:

I love your videos but I don’t understand the drawing of cartoons. It just
looks like your drawing pictures on a map idk

chicheal says:

Hey Groxt, I live in Shreveport and there has been reports of tapping
noises even some heard like gun shots on the window or front/back door and
it happens at multiple houses at 4am or so but the strange thing is that no
pets react to the noise, really weird…. The report was in south bossier
if your interested

Liam Wood says:

You do realise that god say’s not to follow people like mark, right? Lol

anianza mujhamad says:

+ the way your mind works amazes me. Good work and never be discouraged. It
will get difficult to cope with so much evil.

Jouz92 says:

EXIT = XIT = putting the cross on IT. 

catrina short says:

possession by the demons is clearly what happened. may more see the truth
of the real war—spiritual and can take over your life for sin can only be
gone if u have JESUS

Cori Harris says:

hmmm at 2:08 the little horn is in Plainview.

highspeeduzt says:

I believe to of have found HER. And she haz been persecuting mi woman. SHE
KNOWS. SHE haz been guiding people to the left. I have made mi pressence
known and told her ” come back back to GOD, NON-NEGOTIABLE”. SHE iz from
Hawaii (very warm, lots of volcanoes) and frequents San Diego. I have told
HER to remove curse from uz BOTH. Ransom demands will bee met with Death.

Jouz92 says:

I believe in JEsus Christ the Lord of LIFE I have eternal life! 

Jouz92 says:

This is not good…

Pinhead Halloween Makeup Tutorial

The Blind Do See says:

Antares = Sataner/Saten Ra

lazyeyesurprise says:

Thank you for making this video Groxt! I happen to live several miles from
where this incident happened. 

Kevin Cala says:

I literraly live 5 min away from farmingdale. its crazy seeing this
stuff so close to home.

kurt spencer says:


OoMASEoO says:

As soon as I heard this story, I thought of the guillotine Groxt keeps
bringing up. Such a horrible story, people were actually poking an kicking
her head to see if it were real. >smh< RIP, lady.

Truthsets Youfree says:

Interesting to think what a perfect world this really is,
that God created, such beauty, the plants, the animals,
but hue mans have failed the test, temptation for something better?,
led them astray, and now most unfortunately, all hue mans must pay.

dave piecknik says:

John Wick ed – They live by a code of death & sacrifice – a deal with satan
– they are cursed said the Russian – Live in the underworld.

ZithosLusec says:

Keep up the good work brother! God Bless!

Lynnae C says:

Thank you so much Groxt for all your wonderful videos. Jesus Christ is
coming very soon. Love you all. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour!

highspeeduzt says:

Now that I HAVE CAZT HER DOWN, watch Hawaii closely. Juzt seen news about
volcanoes releasing lava and almozt comsuming a house. S A T A N will be
released through a volcano. Yall bee xxx safe. And watch bpearthwatch
channel. He iz also a friend like Mark iz. M

Truthsets Youfree says:

oh yeah we are crazy, these images are just in our heads,
there is no bear, no lion, no lamb,

Jacob Azgard says:

What about the seal? Its head is the address getting cut into.

Jonathan Gurreri says:

Hey I watch your videos everyday and I do feel that all that your saying is
100% true. All of the bad things that are happening on earth is not what
God wants, he never wanted it. I believe he is waiting on someone right now
that is born on earth and is like Jesus, not exactly like Jesus but who
wants to be like him, because he would like to help people like Jesus did,
because it is right to be like Jesus, and he is waiting on him to be ready
so he can use him to save his world, because God knows he is the only one
who can do it. God does want earth to be perfect and peaceful. God made
life and he is proud of it and he will never give up. God is working on it
right now, and he is preparing to fix everything but not until this someone
is ready and prepared, and God is waiting on him because God knows 100%
that he can do it like Jesus would. Yes God does know the future and he
actually knows when this someone will actually be ready because he won’t do
it without him. There is no dates. God is waiting on someone.

Filip Marshall says:

oh yeah FYI.. the 2 links you provided, both lead to error as they removed
the stories quickly.. so they are busy with their dis-information

Sally Ranee says:

OOOooh this is a big one! I hate all this has to take place, but excited
that we are getting closer. Thanks for showing us! God bless you

Lucius Pulz says:

Hey bro’s, The new illumination system in vatican –

Filip Marshall says:

I never even heard about this until i heard it from you.. So much for news
channels. Mainstream news is a joke. Your channel is great. Thats a messed
up story though.. yikes.. people are just crazy now.

Lucius Pulz says:

Great work, God bless You
See – lake of fire, hawaii –

sunflowerseedsyummy says:

~NEWS~ Update
Oct. 29, 2014 10:34 PM EDT

Police: Bodies of 5 Utah family members found in home last month appeared
to have been positioned after deaths -@AP


Oct. 29, 2014
Military plane crashes east of Pacific Coast Highway in Port Hueneme. Pilot
confirmed dead
Hawker Hunter MK-58, a 1950s fighter jet, crashes in Ventura County; pilot


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