Secrets August 15. The Woman ready to give Birth. Katy Texas Alligator.

Secrets August 15. The Woman ready to give Birth. Katy Texas Alligator. I Pet Goat 2. An investigative Look into the Alligator…



TheGroxt1 says:

Love ya teammates and may God have mercy on us all.

Mireille Gewehr says:

Holy shit! THIS is one of the most ACCURATE stuff I have ever seen!

Mona Reed says:

I read the scripture again and am sort of getting it .

liam neeson says:

Great video Mark. I have been following you for some time now and even
though I was a little sceptical at first, I now no longer doubt it. Your
videos are excellent and showed me stuff I never knew. Thanks

News here with another sad story but it needs to be done. Can you please do
a video? I can see the woman but need your guidance on the meaning. Thanks

larry james joshua sanders says:

News article: CROCODILE VS PAILA TOURIST IN MOUTH: Video saurian chasing
naive swimmer in the Sian Ka’an: PLAYA DEL CARMEN, MX. Agosto 14, 2014:
Article is in Spanish, Video is provided. Crocodile is Huge.

zeuz7771 says:

its not a bird, a plane, or even a frog. it’s just little ol’ me,
Underdog…. Funny, I thought of Underdog before I read David’s comment.

T bone truthseeker says:

Hi Mark, thankyou as always for work and time, and being brave enough in
YESHUA Jesus Christ, to expose all this..I have just been reading.
Revelation 12:6 and realised this, then the woman fled into the wilderness,
where she has a place prepared by GOD, that they should feed her there one
thousand two hundred and sixty days. So one thousand days two hundred and
sixty days is 126! Which means revelation 12:6 has encoded in it 126, also
what is it about 126? At the moment It can be added up as 18 if you do
12:6, then 1+2+6=9, it’s like it stands in some way to represent 666
?havnt,.. spent much time in deep thought and prayer about it, I know it is
3 half years, just thrown it out there for connecting dots.. Also earlier
on this evening, where I live, just outside Belfast NI, I looked up at the
night sky and and an object appeared in the distance, I thought it was a
plane light, it was getting bigger and brighter and I see many planes come
that way. Suddenly it disappeared, then I looked and the moon was peeking
through the most evil dark dirty clouds. They look like they have been
taken from a harry potter movie, any one else in the world getting thick
black ink clouds with other levels of grey? This world is a stage being set
for the big event.. No worries greater who is in me than in the world.
Forget txt no. Shalom and take care all.

michael davis says:

some girl news anchor for FOXX news national they keep showing her GIANT
pregnant self,,,,asking whats its gunna be????,,,im like WHO Knows…the

MastaChinks says:

How soon do you think this will happen? Id love to here what your guess
would be. Thanks!!

Eddy Gutierrez says:

Everything makes sense grox, People are at sleep, the media control by the
bullshit government are mind controlling into there plans of NWO, PEOPLE
WAKE UP, people see all these kinds of video, and they just ignore it, when
Marshall law, police killing people, riots, global riot, WW3, people are
going to say, ” ohhh there were right!” everything is going to the ground
Go take a look at Alex Jones and look our “US Borders” not 100% Done,
Concrete makes half and at the end its just sticks of wood and wires, God
is big, and he always be, trust him, and you will be in a better place,
Good video 

TrunkMonkey3000 says:

Groxt have you talked about Cinco Ranch in any of your other videos??? Some
one answer me pls I live in cinco ranch :)

Mike Kaprelian says:

the groxt maybe you could relate some of these dates to the last blood
moons tht are supposed to occur? ive heard that had to do with the end
times, but all in all god will feed us if we continue to live in his will
that’s all we really need. I do however enjoy your videos

billyclint206 says:

Excellent work once again team! Mark sure is hammering out these videos
like there’s no tomorrow, lol! May God have mercy on us all!

Immanuel Daniel says:

For Nada 

Anthony Cookston says:
Leo Toribio says:

Thanks bro. 

Justo Mendieta says:

hi have you done a full explanation for the i pet goat 2 video ?

danilo melo says:


preciousay2 says:

Any other pictures around the Houston area? Katy is the upscale suburb of
Houston but there’s so many other towns around Houston. If you have please
direct me to the links. Thanks. 🙂

Oh speaking of sharks…..

isaac melchor says:

I had a dream the other days brothers and sisters that the gates of hell
were being opened an the whole earth was filled with smoke an i ran to a
house an said the gates of hell have open an i started locking all doors an


Breast area born out of the heart (LOVE)


Abraham’s Bosom (breast) ..were where all the saints were waiting for the
resurrection of JESUS CHRIST!! Good Job teammate

Sarah Knox says:

Another awesome video my friend. I always look forward to them. Thank you!

Malik Garrett says:

So what can the people who doesn’t get called away do?. I mean I’m sure a
lot of then don’t wanna take the mark of the beast

narutoninja2065 says:

Hey guys there is this game called call of duty advanced warfare it’s a
about these nukes scattered all over America go off and drive the world
into chaos. May God have mercy on us all

Rhonda Kelley says:

Signs & Wonders…

Shahi Hajo says:

mark… in the move cloud atlas there is a devil figure and he looks
exactly as you describe him!!

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