Scientific proof of God, heaven and hell

Scientific proof of God, heaven and hell

Visit my website: This video is a warning to Atheists that heaven and hell and God do exist. IT HAS BEEN SCIENTIFICAL…



Floramie Gulle says:

you be the judge!!!!

Ryan Newell says:

Allthough I believe in an afterlife, there is no actual scientific proof
for it, just logical theoretical frameworks in which a afterlife could
exist, such as bio-centrism.

Shyann Loving Warriorforchrist says:

I hope you don’t mind but I making a video movie and I added a couple of
your videos if you do not want me to do this just let me know I will take
down the movie and edit and remove. God bless you big hugs 8)

jantristian says:

Man is made of body , soul & spirit..during NDE the person’s spirit will
see their own bodies as their spirit & soul departs it body !

James Shanks says:

How is this scientific or proof of anything? And even if you could prove an
afterlife exists, how exactly does that give credit to christianity? Oh
that’s right. It doesn’t. Please don’t use the term scientifically proven
if you don’t even know what that means. Thanks!

edward mclaren says:

Good vid and good evidence, but no one deserves a fate in hell and god
would not dam his own children just because they believe in something
different. You can’t be this in -tolerable to others beleives.

Laszlo Vajda says:

Scientific proof or evidence is verifiable and repeatable. The uncited
accounts described here are neither of those, and I’m not surprised.

airborn211 says:

These accounts are false. When we die we dont go to heaven, heaven is for
the Angels and Seraphs of God. Our thoughts perish and we go to Sheol; the
grave. Hell is something many have created to scare others into believing.
The lower reaches and damned parts of the Grave is the dominion of Sin as
well as satan. This is where the myth of hell was derived from. Im not sure
what scripture but in the bible it goes like this “Where you are going
there ought to be no labor, no thoughts, for the dead know nothing nor do
nothing.” At the end of Days, God will do away with the dominion of death
and sin as well as those with intent of both and will cast them into the
lake of fire. This is the second death which from my understanding is
beyond physical mortal death. Before it all God will awaken all from the
slumber of the grave and all will be judged by thier actions and deeds on
earth and at the end of it God will remake everything anew for he says “As
earth as it is on heaven.”

I for one believe this because even scientists acknowledge that any form of
energy or matter cannot be created or destroyed. This gives reason to
believe that our earthly consciousness will never completely cease to be.
This also gives me reason to believe that beyond the theoretical dispersion
of hydrogen and helium that a certain spontaneous “kickstart” was required
for there to even be existence. Think on that people of atheism and
religion but no matter your insights I respect you all.

artigo tale says:

many people say dmt was the source of near death experiences, how are
people able to see themselves, see objects from different vantage points
that they could not have had, hear conversations of people outside the room
and so on… in my opinion, humble as it may be, no hallucinogen will be
able to make you float out of body and be able to recall actual truths of
physical reality or confirmed facts: there was a documented case of a woman
who had a ned and was able to see a blue shoe on the roof of the hospital,
there must be something to these neds… God truly knows

Mrcheekymonkeyisback says:

Lol haven’t you guys thought of it this way, he is an atheist then
experiences all of that? if I am honest I think he is lying about the whole
experience just to gain profit. Really wouldn’t surprise me

Hte TsiehtA says:

God doesn’t exist.
Okay, moving on . . . 

oggioggi oihoihoih says:

Why, if I am a perfectly good person, would I be sent to hell just because
I don’t believe in this god?… Why?… Sounds to me like he is one bad
dude… lol.

L zio says:

Atheists neither believe or disbelieve…..If there is A heaven when they
die they accept it if there is no heaven when they die they accept this
also….Atheism does not mean you do not believe in anything it means that
you believe when you see it.

Gustav Ramirez says:

What a great video! 😀
I pray that God may lovingly guide atheists to faith and salvation! 

max stoney says:

YOU my friend are going to die sooner than you think!! death sneaks up
soooo fast ive had friends die from cancer stabbed by girl friends over
dose an old age,millions accross the ages from start of humanity have all
said the same thing and all described HELL why risk it?? it aint no fairy
tale try burning your finger 4 just 10 seconds thats just heat from a
lighter you wanna know how hot the earth’s core is 1000’s of degrees,you
may not get chance to be on a death bed thinking what if? you could go in
your sleep car crash or even mugged,i aren’t typing this for my benefit its
for yours look for proof bible tells us the earth is round 1000’s of yrs b4
it was discovered tells us about dinosaurs 1000’s of yrs b4 bones were
discovered tells us about cycle of the rains 1000’s of yrs b4 science came
along tells us about the air having substance that it has weight 1000’s of
yrs b4 atoms were discovered theres more but i would be here all day,don’t
reply about my grammer i am not repeat NOT LOOKING FOR AN EDITOR.I do know
how to use grammer, I choose not to because it’s just you tube so get off
my ass. Right sos bout tht but anyway don’t just dismiss GOD b4 even
looking for proof it is there if you bother to look ,good luck in your
journey dont ring me ill ring you don’t reply i don’t live here GOD be with
you guys

Truth Teller says:

why take the risk of being an atheist your eternity is at stake. repent now
while u still can

ParanormalCollection says:

Then how do you explain other cultures or religions having NDEs and
experience things described like other dimensions with no description
similar to heaven or hell, or people who just hover around their bodies?

jayrockjunk says:

Near death experience aka Delusion. This video can only make you laugh.

postoergopostum says:

In the acronym NDE, the N stands for “near”.

None of these or any other NDE has anything to do with an afterlife. The
secret is in the name, near death maybe many things but it is still during

To learn about an afterlife you need to study DE’s abd there aren’t any,
worth studying. The only DE’s we have are a couple of apocraphyl 2000 year
old legends.

Travis Thomas says:

Bob bob look at the history of Jehovah witnesses. Study the bible more
without the watch tower.

Travis Thomas says:


Williemae Greenwood says:

To all those who do believe in near death experience or heaven or hell,
can’t wait for you to experience yours I experience my May 11 2013 4pm when
getting on the freeway a reckless driver hit my car going 90 miles a hour
and my car went into a spin and hit the bank and flipped over 4 times and a
went into the presence of God, and I didn’t get paid to write this, I did
it for free, just like salvation is free (chose Christ and live, I did and
am here

david eriksen says:

Logics of the bible.. Justice is – that if ur not gonna GUESS the right
religion, ur going to hell.. How the fuck is that justice, or LOVE.. God is
love ?? ? theres a Dozens of others religions, and they all use the word
“heaven” to tempt u people, and the word “hell” to scare the shit out of
your pants ! WAKE UP !!

Mister Sarcastic says:

“If you can’t show it then you don’t know it.”

– Aron Ra

ffairlane57 says:

Hell exists, and at least I’m honest to admit to myself I am going there.

Erik Ballew says:

LOL I’m sorry but Logic and Reason has a lot to do with Demonstrable
EVIDENCE!! If you can’t show it to your peers, it doesn’t EXIST!!

Methusabel says:

Why should we do this?


I’m glad you replied back. Google: “Millions of gods” there are that many.
The Christian premise is a false one to begin with. The bible was written
by pious frauds who used even older superstitions, along with some home
grown ones to create that book. Neither you, nor anybody else has sinned
against a deity, you do not need to avail yourself of a savior. The bible’s
god is not a righteous being, he is more wicked than most. We don’t have a
“real” standard from any god, just old religious books

Hush Whisper says:

I see you think the Bible is the Greatest Book ever written then uh?

Elucidator Mk2 says:

That you haven’t dared try to disprove.

Delphos G says:

To not go to hell…

Tim Tremblay says:

Only the Grace of God through the Saving Blood of Christ Jesus of Nazareth
will save you ALL from the flames of HELL. Repent and come to Christ while
you are still above ground and breathing. There is True Peace in Christ
Jesus and His Peace is Eternal, all others are false. Truth has been stated
here, you either accept it or deny it, it IS “One Way” or the other.

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