Science Professor Claims He Can Prove There’s an Afterlife

Science Professor Claims He Can Prove There’s an Afterlife

Professor Robert Lanza believes his theory of “biocentrism” proves there is an afterlife. Or rather, that life never really ends. His theory combines biology…



Ibliss says:

Damn who’s that Viking guy on the right?

Vince Underwood says:

The tone of this video is annoyingly difficult to sit through. It makes
them sound as unintelligent as the material they’re mocking. Very
disappointing to watch. Perhaps they could have used this as a jumping off
point for an interesting conversation, not even necessarily of the material
at hand but quantum physics in general. Is this typical of this channel?

Plipo Gamez says:

I am with the professor. I do believe I shape my own reality. I suspect I
might have already died at least once within this lifetime that I am
currently living. Who can prove this professor is wrong?

Skerdy says:

I have to read the article, but first cut the condescenting tone, please!
Who the fuck made you qualified to judge anything?! I really don’t think
this Lanza has any proof whatsoever for the afterlife, but really,
suddently blondie there has become such an expert on quantum physics,
biology and afterlife that he can afford himself to use such a tone with
someone that at least is a fucking M.D.?! Do me a favor and calm the fuck

Preston Smith says:

Sounds like the professor has an advanced level Apophenia, and then
multiplied that, even further, to the third power.

Qarcon says:

Well this topic was handled in a very patronizing way. I don’t think the
basis of this theory is so frivolous that it calls for a condescending

supervegeta101 says:

Kim Horcher is wearing a watertribe betrothal necklace :)

NeedsEvidence says:

I like TYT in general, but this video clip was really substandard. Even if
it’s “just” NerdAlert, you need to do a bit more effort describing 1) who
Lanza is, 2) which precise claims he actually made, 3) if and why those
claims are unscientific. If the subject matter is too complex for the
hosts, just skip it.

Zuriki says:

Stop giving this non-scientific non-peer reviewed bullshitter the coverage
he doesn’t deserve.

Yaroslav Larkin says:

I had to explain this so often over my life, I’m slightly bored, but here
are the basics (my own explanation, but this professor talks about similar
1) Double slit experiment tells us that every particle (including every
single one we are made out of), interacts with every other particle in the
universe in the 4th spatial dimension (4th density).
2) We are observing a portion of it as a ‘3D snapshot’, like how you could
observe many 2D slices in a 3D object. All other interactions (3d
snapshots) exist right now.
3) Time is us going from a 3D snapshot to a 3D snapshot in a way that makes
sense to us. We know that our particles do not ‘transfer’, they ‘jump’.
This is called ‘planck constant’.
4) Say you were walking along and didn’t see a train, then the train hits
you and your brain is dead. Everyone sees you as dead. This interaction can
no longer support your consciousness.
5) There is a slightly different interaction (3D snapshot) where one tiny
change caused you to look up, and miss the train.
You think “Phew that was lucky”, and never realize the other interaction
(where you are dead) exists; you are just incapable of perceiving such an
interaction. You cannot experience being non-existent.

Basically 4th density is like a sea of 3D probabilities, and an observer
‘resides’ in the combinations that allow an observer to exist (For example
a 3D snapshot where our universe only has 20 atoms won’t support a 3D
observer). Every reality makes sense to the consciousness experiencing that
reality (like a bizarre dream, that makes sense until you wake up). Again,
all of this is backed up by the double slit experiment; the only difference
is actually contemplating “What does this mean for our consciousness”.
We can agree that we are only conscious because of interacting particles in
our brain. However, we know that these interactions take place in more
dimensions than just the 3 that we are used to perceiving. It would then
come to no surprise that our consciousness does too.

Basically people may die from your perspective, but from your own
perspective, you will always exist and have an experience, because you
cannot experience otherwise. You cannot contemplate being non-existent and
you cannot feel being non-existent.

So the only interaction that you will experience is the interaction where,
through any means, you get to be part of a ‘conscious system’. Because you
can’t be conscious of non-existence (death).

i208khonsu says:

This guy is not a physicist, he is a professor at a medical institute. He
is not an expert on this subject. These arguments have been presented
before and either ignored or refuted by actual physicists.

themaypole says:

I love that Tim can quote chakra attack, I’ve got it on my phone, sees me
through many lunches at uni

Ian Tester says:

Hearing Kim mention quantum physics in the intro was enough to tell me this
was bullshit. A lot of woo is promoted using quantum physics because it
adds many strange or even magical phenomena to physics.

Nathan Callidor says:

I can prove there is an afterlife as well, just step onto this metal plate
with wire coming out of it and ill show it t you…….

Yorgarazgreece says:

what the heck does a biologist has to do with quantum mechanics. I will be
waiting for true quantum physicists to test this theory first although i do
not belive in such thing. This theory opens a pandora’s box. 

Janizzary X says:

I don’t know about the whole life after death angle, but the double slit
experiment shows one of the strangest mysteries in all of physics. The
whole notion that the photons (or is it electrons?) changing behavior just
by scientists observing them has some profound implications about the
entire universe.

Rfighter7 says:

They sound like idiots! 

Alex Blue says:

I love how Kim has a water tribe betrothal necklace. 

Joseph565112 says:

Lol, here’s why it’s all bullshit….we’ve been dead before.
Nobody on this thread, for example, can tell us what they were doing 200
years ago in 1813, and that’s because we were all dead.
Death is non-existence….the matter we are made of will be here, and was
here before it comprised our body, but it won’t be in the state for very
Death isn’t so bad, it didn’t bother us for over 14 Billion years before
our birth.

Omni Codex says:

I’m shocked at the hypocrisy in this video. These “nerds” know nothing
about quantum mechanics (too busy gaming). I’ve studied quantum mechanics
for 7 years now and these idiots completely misunderstood everything.

Polydynamix says:

Even if this interpreted nonsense DID prove an afterlife it wouldn’t prove
a specific afterlife. It doesn’t validate any particular belief, nor does
it provide insight to what the afterlife entails.

SockPuppet80 says:

I don’t mind the snide commentary, but Kim is totally missing the boat when
she says “The observer effect is philosophy, not actual quantum physics.”
That concept was originally one of the cornerstones of quantum physics.

Fiji Wiji says:

I didn’t know Kim was a waterbender.

Ivan21bg says:

Yeah honestly guys you are suppose to present this for people who are not
familiar with the subject, not just say: “Well it sounds stupid”.. I read
what he said an it makes a lot of sense.

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about what is reality, and
lots of studies and theories that what we perceive is our reality and not
the actual reality.

The three example, if a tree fell down and there was nobody around to hear
it would it make a sound? Well answer is no it wouldn’t because sound is a
wave, and our brain interprets that wave as a sound that we hear in our
head. So if our brain is not there to interpret that than there is no
sound. The way this fits into life after death is that basically same goes
with time. Time is just a construct of our brain and our reality, meaning
outside our minds time probably does not flow linear so death is
meaningless. And the double slit experiment is an argument for the
multi-verse theory or the many worlds theory which means every possible
outcome does manifest in a different universe . His theory is that when we
die our life just “blooms” in a different universe or world or whatever.

Sadly theories like the multi-verse theory, and now his theory are
impossible to prove, but they do follow logic and are based on things that
we can observe, and are probably our best guesses about life.

It is no wonder quantum physics is becoming more and more popular, and its
not as complicated as people think, I am no scientist I am no good at math
or physics or anything else but quantum physics fascinates me and contrary
to popular belief from what I’ve read it does follow logic. 

phoboskitty m says:

you guys need to actually read some theoretical physics, and how
consciousness works, our brains do shape most of what we see. this is well
understood actually, but what he is talking about is the death of our
consciousness not the physical body. they guy may be hair brained… but
you look stupid mocking the concept of our brains shaping the world around
us, our brains filter stuff all the time, this was proven a long time ago,
as for our consciousness it very likely tied to quantum mechanics, the idea
that consciousness is an emergent property of the brain actually has little
or no evidence to support that hypothesis, and that all it ever was, there
are not experiments no data to back this idea up, Penrose’s work talks
about a Quantum Consciousness, and that it is entangled so theoretically
might be able to exist outside the brain, also theory but with some complex
math to back it up, but for 20 years he has been working with Stuart
Hamerhoff, on the idea that the actions of consciousness take place on the
quantum level, the microtubuals in our neurons functioning like a quantum
computer of sorts with our consciousness being entangled. Check out ORCH-OR

TheOmegau says:

I don’t believe in an after-life, but I have heard some interesting science
that gets close to the subject. Some believe that quantum entanglement
links all minds to a universal consciousness. I doubt it, and there’s no
way to prove it either, but it’s still an interesting thought.

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