God wants you to come to the point where you personally know what to do and what not to do in order to escape hell and make Heaven. The Lord sent me to let y…



Oche Akoh says:

I was Blessed Enormously Blessed. This is the reality the world needs to hear, other than all the Agnostic and Pervasive ideologies. I am Revived

susan evans says:

This message part 2 is it! This is what people need to hear. This is what people need to hear that we must give God our full self – outside and inside.

deon Wiggins says:

I wish we had more Men of God who are not afraid to preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, God fearing men and women after God’s own heart, majority of these Pastors all they are after is money and prosperity, it is not about saving souls, especially the Pastor’s in the United States

Imaobong Wisdom says:

Dady, we love your revelations

Prophet Peculiar says:

Dr Paul Enenche a man with a Volcanoic heart..i love you sir..

evelyn peters says:


Marie Woodson says:

A woman should not be so focused on her outward appearance that she neglects her inner spiritual life. We must be careful not to become religious. Perhaps Christian women should dress completely in gray or black burkas like Muslim women and only have their eyes uncovered so that no man will be tempted to sin. Should women wear men’s suit jackets with their skirts?

charity ehigiator says:

thank u sir for this massage!
may God bless u more and more!!!

daughterofsarah1 says:

I’m not a member of Deeper Life Bible church -but I love them so much-. I’ve been born again for the past 31 years, and filled with the Holy Spirit in the past 21 years. I used to argue in favour of make-up, lip-stick etc, and nobody could floor-me in such arguments. But thank God that my eyes have finally opened !! I’m a born again Christian woman who is happy to declare for the first time in my life, what is written in Psalm 139:14,(KJV)

lorship12 says:

Hi pastor can you clarify where in the scriptures it says wearing trousers and false hair is a sin as I have been watching many testimonies of people encountering the most high god and he said these things including jewellery is a sun and will take you to hell, I love The Lord he has been my help, my strong hold and a way maker for me I want to serve him with all my heart and do as he will in me, is this real or I should not believe every testimony u hear, I don’t know who to trust anymore.

daughterofsarah1 says:

Adelaida de Carillo of Bolivia was anointed and she saw hell. Please there is no confusion about this. Our Lord Jesus Christ told her that He is not pleased by any form of jewellery on His children. She saw Christian women in hell due to the following: wearing lip stick, face powder, jewellery, dyeing of their hair etc. It is not only Africans that are seeing these same types of visions.The problem in these end times is that, the Africans say exactly what they saw and they say it without fear.

james abah says:

I have read lots of books written by people that “claimed” they visited heaven or hell and listened to quite a number of them. I have come to discover that, only those who went to hell from Africa saw people in hell because of CLOTHES OR JEWELRIES while those from other continents saw people in hell because they REJECT JESUS. My Pastor (Paul Eneche) I am happy that you address this


Please check in youtube for Pastor Kim Yoo Doo of south Korea “ Questions and Answers Session – Holy Fire Revival 2013 with Pastor Yongdoo Kim“ ATTENTION: Those who commit murder end up in hell + others spiritual questions answered by pastor Kim, a man who has been to hell and heaven many times.)


Pastor Kim Yoo Doo of south Korea who visits hell now and then, and has 5series book called Baptism by Blazing fire. He when questioned in a utube video this June,never saw people in hell because of appearances like wig or makeup etc.They where there because they dont believe in Christ. Please go and read his testimonies. PEOPLE stop puting yoke on believers. We are only to dress modesty and to see that our appearances dont take first priority and also make others sin. Being sexy is not of God.

dejembi says:

irihose Obedi & Kristy Kabul
You all need the light of God to shine in every dark spot of your lives. Casting aspersion on this impicable man of God will only help to multiply your sorrow. Pastor Paul Enenche has forgiven you and your likes and he is also praying for the salvation of your souls as I post this comment.


Satan and his demons are the ones tormenting people in hell until his final judgement and his power of being a cherub has not been taken away.He is still moving up and down from hell. He is also the prince of the power of the air. Anything that doesnt confirm to Gods word and principles is not GOD no matter the half truths, miracles, or signs etc! 1 John 3:24–4:6.


Any vision or revelation that does not produces LOVE, PEACE, UNITY, HARMONY and GODLY and GENIUNE REPENTANCE, HEALING, INCREASE IN FAITH, is not of GOD!!!! The bible said by their fruits you shall know them. And this is what all the false reve lations are doing:FEAR,UNBELIEF,DOUBT, REBELLION AGAINST GOD,CHURCH AND AUTHORITY,CONFUSION,CRITICISM, JUDGMENTAL,HATRED, SELFISHNESS etc.Seek HIM personally, we are in the last days.You dont need diviners or sorcerers to lead you!


brothers and sisters, if you want to keep the laws plus the ten commandment keep every single one because if you fail in one you fail in allJames 2:10-11 even the JEWS could not keep all so why bound people?God will judge our inner MOTIVES of the things we wear not the THINGS. This is again rooted on IDOLARY(in every area of life) and COVETOUSNESS. The new Testament- Paul and peter- talked on MODESTY and Love which sum all up.. The church should focus on this. The pastor is saying the truth.


New testament talks about LOVE matt 19.37-39which encompass all the laws. if you love your fellow sister/brother you will not do what will make them to sins that includes your physical appearances among other things…you will pray for your brethrens and pastors than judging them, , you will test the so called visions..and dont cause divisions or rebellions:

joy efe ajayi says:

Pastor may GODbless you as you say the truth

3nity3 says:

Oh, i am just listening to this message almost to the end and i got the whole point: Who is the master of OUR HEART? is what determines our way of life , time, money, dressings,hair etc. Covetousness and idolatry in our lives God hates. Thanks pastor.

3nity3 says:

I got more confused when my pastor/sherperd confirmed and made us watch these visions and said the lord convinced him that the message from Sister linda of Sierra leone is true including the one with the men of God listed. I live in Europe. Please put a video on Christian Modesty. Here in europe we put on trousers habitual and for convenient and we know modest trousers, skirt and dresses among others so…

3nity3 says:

Thank you pastor!!!! i was terribly confused and getting bitter with Christ because i was no more sure of my salvation because i am putting on perfume, dressing modesty, and perming my hair and earrings, or plucking off my white hair etc. so bitter and confused that i am going to hell.

emmanuel koroma says:

i can’t stop watching this series, God bless pastor, i feel more settled.

magnifyingchidindu akunesiobike says:

thank God for fathers like you to show the next generations of up coming pastors thank you for exposing the devilationsfrom hell God blesspa

anyi O says:

Thank God for this…

Ladu Rejoice Tamba says:

Daddy this is gr8, the revelation on this issues is just much to the extend that some are making people to stop useing earing bringing confussion in the house hold of GOD, alot of problems. Thank you daddy for this. GOD Blessb you

Duetime Akhidime says:

This is one pastor I respect as far as BALANCED / SOUND CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE is concerned. There are few of his type around.

You have my love unfeigned.

G Denson says:

I watch Dunamis TV everyday of my life since I discovered it. I’m writing from California USA. Thank you Sir for making Dunamis TV. I’m where I am today because of what God has done through DunamisTV. The same presence of God I felt 4 yrs ago when I was in Nigeria I still feel through my laptop. And God has been made real to me. I kneel down to thank DIGC and you for obeying God. Godfrey Udensi

Fredrick Otaren says:

tnk u sir for this timely message,there was realy a satnic invasion into the of the fake revelation sd they saw benson idahosa in hell.i refuse to watch any of them cos i know it was satanic.the reason many christain was confused was bcos they dont read thier bible anymore.tnx sir,fred frm benin.

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