Raptured Again! & Went Inside Heaven!!!

Raptured Again! & Went Inside Heaven!!!

Meaning of Alana is “precious; awakening”. harmony, stone, or noble. Beautiful. Dear child. Jesus is coming very soon for his Holy Church, so please be found…



David Dancy says:

Thank You Brothers & Sisters for all your prayers I am feeling much better
now. Thank You Brother Brian (OT4Jesus) for calling and praying for my
healing. The pain in my kidneys left after he prayed for me In Jesus Name.
Thank You Jesus! I am still recovering from my diabetic issues I also was
having at the same time, so y’all keep me on your pray list. I will be
fully recovered soon. God is so GOOD!!!!!

Izzie Thizzlyn says:

( tears rolling down my face) All the Glory be to the Father The Son and
The Holly Spirit,amen love rose all your videos our such a blessing to me
thank you David for sharing, love rose…

agnieszka15737 says:

why oh why my body got goosebumps every time i hear about jesus?!?!??!!

Barbara Alexandria says:

Name meaning of Alana: (from Wikipedia)

Alanna, Alanah or Alannah is a given name which has disputed origins. It
can be either derived from the Old High German word for “PRECIOUS” or from
the Irish language term “a leanbh” or “CHILD”, in English. In Gaelic Alanna
as itself is the term for “BEAUTY” or “SERINITY”. It’s sometimes considered
a feminine form of Alan.
Alana is a common female given name coming from the Goidelic / Hawaiian
community meaning “FAIR, BEAUTIFUL, OFFERING”. It also is an Ibo given name
which means father land or FATHER’S LAND in Igbo language.
“”Alana”” or “”Elana” can also be the female name in an English translation
of “”Elan”” which in Hebrew means “TREE”.

David, God was giving you a message by revealing the little girl’s name to
He was telling you that what you do for Him and The Kingdom, is a ‘fair and
beautiful offering’ to the ‘father’s land’ (Kingdom). That you are a
‘precious child’ of God, and your ‘tree’ is planted firmly in the Garden.

WOW! You were doubting yourself, and if you would be taken (as we all do,
because satan makes us doubt and then we have to fight him to regain our
confidence), and God gave you quite a literal message, all in 1 word.

Love you David! <3

Now, I am only at 3:32 in the video, I may have more to say once I hear it

anca manta says:

thanks brother, i keep praying for you hope you are feeling better. be
blessed and have Yeshua’s peace all over you..

Anthoneck says:

Nice video, Bless you, hope to see you in Heaven, pray for my breathing

Keiana Grimes says:

Omg!! I needed to hear this:D God Bless you brother in Christ Jesus.

GemsFor Jesus says:

Thank you again for this message, brother. “Rapture Funnel Cloud” in my own
recent dream is a confirmation for me. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling
better….lifting you up to our Lord at this time for complete healing.
Love and peace, David. Be Blessed!!

Jason S. Chambers says:

David I am very grateful for this message. All day today I have been
feeling unworthy and have prayed so many times asking for guidance or if I
was doing something wrong. This helped. God Bless You! 

ka ku says:

We serve a God of second chances 100 60 and 30 fold? its up to your Heart
and then He will choose who is Barley, wheat, and grape OOHH don’t
forget the tares

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