Pseudoskeptics Nobel prize for Afterlife Proof to NZ Police

Pseudoskeptics  Nobel prize for Afterlife Proof to NZ Police

Afterlife proof landing weekly on mainstream TV.



Up2011Yours says:

Well exept that milions are reporting an afterlife experience, nooot that many get a visit from zeus. Im skeptic to but to make these stupid drive by comments that show just as bias a thinking as Any un rational atheist/agnostic/Christian/muslim/buddhist ect

Miranox2 says:

There is no scientific evidence for the existence of an afterlife. It is no more likely to exist than Zeus or Santa Claus.

dazzerstar says:

you have to feel sorry for the new athiests as theyve convinced themselves theres nothing outside of physical matter,in doing this theyve shut down thier intrinsic intuitive thought processes.its a harmful thing to do to yourself!

Barry Williams says:

In the beginning there were infrared waves.

Then one infrared wave detecting camera. Then two.

Soon there were millions because the competitive advantage of owning one or knowing somebody that did was too great.

I believe we will see the same tipping point with psychic capacities – thanks to people like you spreading the good news.

Steve Trueblue says:

I share your sentiment, but there is hope. In the next video, already up, I suggest that consumerism in particular anger with police innefficiency could lead to public demand for Police to be forced to use scientifically proven psychics to get better results. Too many unsolved cases. I address the video to Victor Zammit who already has a global readership. A global demand could be created.

Barry Williams says:

More life wouldn’t help most people. They don’t know what to do with this one…

Thank you for your work, I appreciate it.

Steve Trueblue says:

Your knowledge is great and particularly useful at this juncture. You are certainly no lite reader. Next video awaits your comment.

litereader says:

…by the way…good vid!

litereader says:

Repugnance comes to mind at the mention of anything or for that matter anyone associated whatsoever with Nobel and his prize…This celebrated silver-spooned non-entity who got lucky is guilty of inflicting misery on millions…Nobel was aligned with and a bigger criminal than Russian uncle Joe [both Stalin and Hitler were nominated for this prize] and shame on these prime movers within academic circles who procure… pedal…advocate or accept this post death apologetic Judas kiss

walkingphilosopher says:


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