Proof That Hell Is Real – To Hell And Back – Part 3 / 9

Proof That Hell Is Real – To Hell And Back – Part 3 / 9

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dPAmbassadors says:

@dirtydonki How can you hold a candle to give enlightenment when its not
even lit? You are in the dark and should probably not focus on the
MISconception of hell as much as finding the TRUTH….Its only in this will
you be truly free.

wintersnowolves says:

@dPAmbassadors if you are being guided by someone then you assume that they
know the way. If they know the way they will lead you down that way and not
one that you would choose. in answer to the life’s question thing, which is
better, to be born and grow from a baby learning as you go or to be born
fully formed with no idea of the world? question though, how do you know
that god’s thoughts are “higher” than your own? and how do you know that
your thoughts have no firm foundation?

GaileHarms says:

SO sorry I missed your ? re Bible code software a LONG time ago. Mine is
from an Israeli Co. that discontinued it because it doesn’t work w/programs
later than Windows 7. They made new copies 4 yrs ago w/ my reg # from my
old copy. Unique thing re THIS software is you can search Torah in English.
Enter English search words and see encryptions in English within English
scriptures. If you contact me on Twitter I won’t miss you… SototG God
bless, and again so sorry for delay

dPAmbassadors says:

@lizazoon I love this question; as I’m against religion. Never forget this
truth, “Religion is MAN’s idea of what God wants”. i.e. Most Christians use
this scripture incorrectly, exactly why its important to have a personal
relationship with God’s Spirt. Paraphrasing here…”When the devil comes in
like a flood, the Lord will raise up a standard against him.” When you ask
the Holy Spirit, He will tell you its “When the devil comes in, like a
flood the Lord will raise up a standard against him”

randomdave30 says:

God is Love. His Mercy Endureth Forever. Praise God.

evilnomad111 says:

How so? I imancipated myself from that book long ago that I don’t give it
warrent to “tell” me anything. I’m sorry if I’m not understanding your
accusation correctly, but if it is saying that I’m a fool, then I’m not
going to believe it or worry about it one bit when it preaches the most
disgusting things known to mankind that no normal and sensible person would
even think of doing…Only with religion do you get this.

dPAmbassadors says:

@dirtydonki Yea because us Christians are really gaining converts for umm
what exactly? WE KNOW what it means to save souls, but by your own
standards what would WE have to gain. Is there money involved? Nope. Is
there popularity? Well we all know thats a resounding No….so by what YOU
hold valuable, what do we have to gain by converting people or saving
souls? Thats right – nothing….so what we say and stand for must MEAN

jesse12dg says:

drug addict

wintersnowolves says:

@dPAmbassadors OR I could be saying from experience and assuming that other
people have been in exactly the same position. that doesn’t mean i am
assuming what they think, it does mean I am taking my experience and
applying it to other people. as to guiding through my life, well ok I don’t
want god in it but i do want mentors so that I go to uni and get a decent
job in something i like doing

tracy1me says:

i guess the bible tells you that you might be a fool also yeah?

dPAmbassadors says:

@lizazoon You mean – from the hell He created for satan and his deamons??
Is Satan your father or is God your father?….No one can serve two masters
and if you choose to serve yourself you have already made a choice rather
you accept this or not.

Lovell Tan says:

@Jyotinanda108 Read the bible. It’s not a law. God calls us to judge
RIGHTEOUSLY. Between truth and lies. Between good and evil. Judge them
wisely. Choose your path. There are no chances that you are taking. There’s
no gamble. If there’s you would still have that tiny chance to win. But I
am sorry, you who do not believe, is already condemned for hell. God loves
you too much for this my friend. Think about it. He wants you to know the
truth so that it will set you free. He LOVES you! ALOT!

Wingchun says:

Actually I have PROVED the exact opposite. I have shown that Hades and
Sheol are Synonymous. Secondly there are a plethora of people who get
scared into God’s arms. But YOU have to TRY to understand what the PARABLE
of Lazarus is all about. It is about the relationship between God and the
Jews,…and God and the Gentiles!!! It has NOTHING to do with the
afterlife. If you did ANY STUDY in the Original Language, you would Know
this without me having to tell you!!! I pray that you read the WORD!

MayaCherry Heartily says:

@sdaftermath123 How are you doing Lately? May Yahweh Bless Your
Live Peacefully by His Love..and His Peace..Amen..

David Nicholson says:

That broke my heart hearing of that lamb being brutally murdered, but that
lamb’s death was not in vain. It represented Jesus sacrifice for all of us.

Gabe Zumaeta says:

so you want me too believe that a cosmic Jewish zombie who was his own
father who can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and
telepathically tell him you accept him as your master so he can remove some
evil force that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by
a talking snake too eat from a magical tree il need a lot of acid for that

dPAmbassadors says:

@lizazoon thats JUST what they want you to believe….and there you go.
Lean not on your own understanding …for it is flawed

dPAmbassadors says:

@wintersnowolves U’ve never had a mentor or a parent who planned good for
U, but U chose not to receive it? I’m sure U have. This doesn’t mean all
because they had a plan for U its wasn’t up to you to reject it. Its absurd
to think U choosing to ignore the plan is a contradiction to the original
plan. ANYTIME one FEELS “accused” by God or another, its condemnation from
the devil. Don’t assume you know what others are thinking. If you don’t
want to give then dont condemn yourself. God doesn’t.

HidekiRevan says:

second it

dPAmbassadors says:

@wintersnowolves 1st. No 1 “taught” me 2 B guided by God. I hit rock
bottom. Then hit rock bottom. Then again&again. It was horrible. I wasn’t
told 2 call on Jesus or that I could even have open forum w/ Him, but God
reveals Himself in your inner consience. I didn’t say a sinners prayer, I
just plainly said I’m at the end of my rope, if Youre there show yourself &
I will let you lead me. He showed Himself over&over again. When He does
this, ur eyes R opened & pure reverence 4 Him is all U know.

wintersnowolves says:

@dPAmbassadors why would anyone feel condemned? that’s a bit of an odd
thing to say someone feels… As to the lord revealing himself to me I’ll
leave that to those who know about religious experiences. I would rather he
didn’t have a plan for me because apparently he gave us free will to start
with so having a plan for everyone is completely contradictory.

Lennart Roest says:

@ImperialManiac1 Yes, convenient isn’t it? Just put your faith in some guy
and he’ll take care of everything for you. Problem solved.

sdaftermath123 says:

@MayaCherry86 ive tried to accept jesus, but for some reason, im just not
feelin it. my life has gone from catholic to athiest to catholic. i try to
believe in this stuff, and i am pretty surtain that its real or atleast
some force watching over man kind, but im just not 100% sure that it all
exists. are you 100 percent certain? maybe thats how it works, cus ive
tried, but i dont feel the spirit running through me usually. how does it

garytheagnostic says:

Sooo…. where does Allah fall into place?

MayaCherry Heartily says:

@sdaftermath123 When I was little, I knew about Jesus, but never knew how
to Receive him as my Savior, and in that time i kept-ed hearing demon
voices n my Ears, to objects me away from the Lord, and Yes I did have evil
forces covered me…like you have because I had seen ghost, and evil
spirits come to my and even Aliens came to touched me, when I was sleeping.
I didn’t knew or how to call out to Jesus. Jesus Says We need to destroy
the DEMON inside of US.

wintersnowolves says:

@dPAmbassadors true no-one is commanded to give but wouldn’t you feel
awkward if the collection plate came down the aisle and you didn’t put
anything in? peer pressure at its finest. I’d like to try and see how its
not propaganda though…

dPAmbassadors says:

@lizazoon thats JUST what they want you to believe….and there you go.
Lean not on your own understanding …for it is flawed

MiesterNice says:

The Bible proves itself to be historically correct time and again but as we
see these days,scientists are having to admit that the likeliness of
evolution is just a bit too slim as there is no proof and life is so
complicated and perfect there had to be a creator.’Chance’ did not factor
in the world’s birth.Each to their own though.Everyone has the right of
free choice. The truth is debated but have you ever asked yourself why
Christianity is the one religion that is attacked by all others???

MiesterNice says:

Hell was designed specifically for Satan and the fallen angels.Man was
never supposed to go there but as we see today many do not believe in the
truth of eternal life through Jesus and they ultimately choose their
eternal future.Man is saved by faith and grace,not by works…we do not
decide or change the rules.We are made for the Glory of God not
ourselves…this life is short and time is running out.There is no Karma
and no re-incarnation. Sorry. Peace :o)

pikafresh says:

Praise The Lord Today Came In I woke up this morning healthy THANK YOU GOD

Gelnprato says:

@MayaCherry86 cant you say jesus christ what is yahweh? sounds like some
type of yeti

MusiqGirl4Ever16 says:

i love god and hope so much to go to heaven

Nikki Jones says:

@MayaCherry86 prove it.

Jyotinanda108 says:

look, believing in Jesus is fine, and if you believe everything the bible
tells you thats fine too, good luck to you. I am Hindu, some people in
India have never heard of Jesus, are they going to hell? And everyone
before 0000bc are they all going to hell too? This God you seem to worship
is a pretty tyrant, and i spit in his face, this is no GOD my friend you
are being deceived to believe this non sense. Your logic is deeply flawed.
Hail SATAN!!!!

bookiegenious2345 says:

this really is amazing

Josh King says:

You can’t say you haven’t been warned if you go there when you die…Jesus
is real man

KiddKapo says:

@AlTheAtheist yeah you should do that

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