Proof That Hell Is Real – To Hell And Back – Part 2 / 9

Proof That Hell Is Real – To Hell And Back – Part 2 / 9

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supergod5436 says:

This is fake. Another man claiming he when to hell had the exact same
story, the bottle smashing and hospital. This is all fake and made up.
Also, if we supposedly see hell when we die, then why did this man see hell
when he was still alive? How can you see the dead when you’re still alive?
More likely he had a near-death vision that his mind fabricated for him,
and thought that he’d been in hell. He is not genuine, but a lying bastard.

oddgenetix says:

@DeeStinger1 Here’s some food for thought on the “perfect” story of
creation in Genesis. Why does God create man twice? he creates, wait for
it, 3 to 4 people. God creates man and woman (no rib involved) Genesis
1:26-28 God creates man and woman AGAIN Genesis 2:4-8 But what I don’t
understand is why the thought of having a monkey for an ancestor is so much
worse for you than our ancestors sleeping with their siblings? A race born
from incest is better than a race descended from monkeys?

musicchick581 says:

This story breaks my heart.

blosom223 says:

why would you fear hell if you believe at jesus that his your savior and
your already saved? no doubting just accept him!

justcruzzinn says:

@thisischavez …wouldn’t you consider the overwhelming evidence of the
impossibilities of evolution as “fact” that God exsists? I Do….If all the
evidence shows that evolution is impossible, and it is by fact of the
evidences all around us, then you do have FACT that God indeed exsists…It
is not ONLY faith, but FACT…I do know it for sure!

DeeStinger1 says:

@goal2004 Yea. Look all around you. Who got the planets hanging without a
string? A building needed a builder so who’s the inteligent designer who
designed such complexity of even the simplest of life forms. Why weren’t
you born a monkey, or atleast half of one, or a fish, or an 8 pound sperm?
Why don’t we talk out of our ears? Who made it possible for you to take a
crap so you don’t explode? Somebody was thinking of you. By chance is not a
chance at all.

TheAcdcnz says:

can a christian ask me this question if god is true what was the point of
dinosaurs existing?

valarmanwe says:

@DeeStinger1. What you said in your first reply to me, I really believe.
Hell must be Infinitely Horiffic. No Eye Hath Seen ! But I don`t see how I
could possibly be going anywhere else after death. If I go anywhere, it
will be to Hell. I don`t believe in change. Poor now, Poor then. Damned
now. Damned then. Ergo, I believe the Rich will inherit the earth. I don`t
only believe it. I`ve seen it with my own eyes. And I see absolutely no
reason why things should change just because one is dead.

Blake Hester says:

Why cant we just all be saved?? Because God doesnt want to control us and
make us love him, he could’ve done that, but he chose to give us a choice!
but many many people do not believe this…

DieFatorLiveThin says:

ummmm so…. we’re to worship this god? He doesn’t sound all that great to

Brad Parker says:

It also says that there are none that are perfect, no not one. Also, God
love you Al. Even if you don’t love him. And if you ever want to change
your mind you can. Just remember that. You can change, you can believe, it
is real. It is more than fire insurance.

Wingchun says:

Below is a passage from the bible that MANY people use to TRY to prove hell
to be a real place, but as you can “SEE” the idea FALLS APART when you look
to the ORIGINAL WORD OF GOD! This is only one of Many passages that PROVES
that “Their” pagan ideology of a hell is totally WRONG! There are so many
other passages that Prove hell to be a false Satanic idea. All you have to
do is ask the right questions and STUDY the ORIGINAL texts of the Word of
God. Do not believe me, Study for yourself!!

PolizeiGestapo says:

Alaha Barikhlokh Khona Aziza, Jesus is the lamb of God who died and shed
his blood to save us from sins.

themacleodreynolds says:

@mikekegger that is a veery good point my friend! 🙂

jason daysh says:

@scaryguy004 Ok, maby not a liar, but I am sure it’s all in his head.

gtjet1 says:

@christian420mafu congratulations 😀

justcruzzinn says:

PART 3….There aren’t any because no structures existed. They simply do
not exist because humans did not exist at that time. Ape-like creatures
existed, not humans. Stretch out a timeline with 1,000,000 divisions
representing years. Evolutionists tell us that humans have evolved very
little over this timeline because evolution progresses very slowly. GO TO

Thesolve says:

Yes, I was also in a terrible place, when I was very sick as a child, so
what? I also saw fire. No surprise to me, that you experience similar
things in a hospital.

goal2004 says:

@DeeStinger1 The planets don’t “hang”. Hanging implies there’s a universal
“down”, which doesn’t exist. The fact that you specifically don’t
understand how life’s complexity arose does not mean that nobody else does,
or that nobody else have shown how such things could happen naturally. Your
comments clearly show that you haven’t conducted in depth research into
what the theory of evolution says. If you like I can help you find some
very informative sources.

suck adick says:

@TheMechanicalFox its understandable that you dont believe him because of
his past but what benefit would it be to him to tell someone a false story?
hes probably not getting paid for this or any other benefit to him so what
reason would he have to lie to a minute amount of people on this earth that
watch this video? and hes not telling anyone to believe anything hes just
telling what he experienced. and since when does someone getting beaten as
a child make them untrustworthy?

otherworld11 says:

@pccrybabyhater1 Jesus will forgive your sins but you have to ask, and
that’s the catch. You don’t think you need Him but you do.

jctwitedragon says:

@goblethisgoblethat then why are you here if you beleve so your atest fine
is not your besnius what outher people beleve in if you don’t have to
belive in god thats your chose infact why are watching this video in the
frist place who are you inselt peoples intelagents thier docters and loyels
and techers that are religus and yes thier people out that juedge outhers
but look at yourself you have more in commion with them then you think so
back off

goal2004 says:

@DeeStinger1 Let’s start by having you answer this. Can you prove that God
exists WITHOUT referring to a religious texts (since they were written by

exefile says:

@vozuluzov 25 At that season Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O
Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou didst hide these things from
the wise and understanding, and didst reveal them unto babes: 26 yea,
Father, for so it was well-pleasing in thy sight Matthew 11:25

Neil Leal says:

I don’t know this man, but he is genuine!

harry amberg says:

Really? where is that interview?

valarmanwe says:

@DeeStinger1. I have been hammering on that door for 30 years. Begging God
to open it. And the longer I bang on the door, the more my fists bleed and
the more it hurts. Now I have finally walked away from the door altogether.

DeeStinger1 says:

@goal2004 I’ll just stick to what the scripture says. I don’t know it all
by far. Some things I could give a rats’ azz about. Just isn’t that
important to me. I focus on what really matters. Where will I spend
eternity. Earth is just like a pit stop for us. All that about Noah, Lots’
daughter, I have yet to read about. And you right. I “believe” we never
came from monkeys. God is not short on His creation skills. He didn’t have
to make a monkey to get a man. Hes the potter. We’re the clay.

Syamsul Mustaqim says:

haha.. you guys looks really2 like to comment on this video,,, well i dont
event read one of yours… haha

Timeyful says:

lol he doesnt look much like a drug addict or a killer

jose d says:

@pccrybabyhater1 Respect Jesus Christ he died for you.

Wingchun says:

“Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the
way, that leads to DESTRUCTION (Apollumi), and many there be which go in
thereat” (Matt. 7:13). Sounds bad for those who are going down that path
doesnt it?? But WAIT!!! Here comes another verse, let us see what this
says, shall we? “For the Son of man is come to SAVE that which was LOST
(Apollumi)” (Matt. 18:11)! Jesus came to save those that are Apollumi
(Destroyed, lost or whatever English word you wish to use)

Olennex says:

Stop imposing your religion on people who dont want it

FinKage says:

@ImperialManiac1 and you are clearly stupid, i would like to ask what is
wrong with what he/she said?

DeeStinger1 says:

@oddgenetix I just trust that God knew what He was doing. I’ll look into
what you said a bit more. I know there has to be an explaination. I know we
didn’t come from monkeys. And I’m not so sure that we came about from
incest. If it’s true what you say that God created other men and women,
there likely was no incest involved.

David Kwon says:

@kakiasmeno do you still feel the same?

Kieran Sargeant says:

it is honestly

authordivine says:

@LetsTalk4Real hey, what do you want to know?

dazoe122 says:

the part of the lamm isss so sad i almosed cryed :[

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