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The book Life After Death The Evidence by Dinesh DSouza is not a spiritual fiction book, however if you dont believe in life after death, you would consider this to be fiction. Mr. DSouza presents a very credible case that life after death is a distinct possibility, and he presents his case in a logical, scientific and fact-based manner. He does not avoid the atheists, agnostics, believers, heretics or skeptics and explains his reasoning quite clearly in language that is understandable to the ordinary lay person.

The depth of Dinesh DSouzas knowledge is phenomenal, and the almost nineteen full pages of notes and acknowledgements provide proof that he has done his homework. In spite of the numerous quotes and references to the works of others, even if you have absolutely no knowledge of this subject the book is still fairly easy to read. It can in no means be compared to a cheap dime store novel, yet if you are interested in learning more about life after death, this book will keep you reading until the end.

The main thing that I found fascinating about this book is that the author has covered virtually every aspect of the major arguments for and against the possibility of life after death. He includes discussions on atheism, immortality, near-death experiences, science, physics, history, evolution, spirituality, the soul, philosophy, the afterlife, consciousness and eternity. The research has been so extensive, yet condensed and explained in 235 pages that it is well worth reading again (which I plan to do) and I think it is necessary to reread in order to fully understand the concepts presented.

There will obviously be those who will make the argument that life after death has never been proven conclusively. Until the day comes when someone physically comes back from the dead and we have clear, irrefutable proof, that argument will remain. Those who believe in Jesus (and I do) will argue that this has already occurred. For the purposes of this review, something that happened 2000 years ago that is still highly contested by non-believers will not be accepted as fact by me. On the other hand, no one has proved that it hasnt actually occurred, which contributes to the premise for this ongoing debate.

My favourite parts of this book were the last three chapters which are titled Good for Society, Good For You and Life Everlasting. In these final chapters Mr. DSouza presents some valid reasons why the belief in life after death benefits mankind. Opposing arguments have been made that religion causes wars, murders, hypocrisy, poverty, etc. however I believe that MAN causes all of these things. We also cause joy, hope, caring, laughter and love. I find it easier to attempt to eliminate the bad things and to help the good things to prosper and flourish through my beliefs, which include life after death.

I am not asking others to share my beliefs, as I am open minded and understand that there are differences and counter arguments can be made discrediting life after death. A point that the author makes, and one I concur with, is that if we are only living for the present, with no regard for the future (and death is in each one of our futures) then what? If that is our belief, then our only goal would be self-preservation with no regard for our fellow man. Does this mean that all non-believers are bad people? Are all believers good people? No. For me, it simply means that because I believe that my life will continue after I die, I will try to live in harmony with others and do what I can to make this world a better place. My belief in a life after death has removed my fear of death, and it provides comfort for me when others die.

Death for so many is a time of sadness and mourning. Dinesh DSouza has made a strong case that life after death is not only possible, it is highly probable. I have come to accept it as a normal part of life, part of a longer journey that provides an opportunity for abundant love, joy and peace. And if I happen to be wrong? Ill do my best to let you know when I find out.

Laughter and love,

Rick Fess

Life After Death The Evidence Author – Dinesh DSouza
Regnery Publishing Inc.

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