Proof of Life After Death

What are after death experiences and what do they prove? Is believing that life continues after the death of our physical bodies silly… or is there real SCIENCE that suggests we have a soul or spirit that does? What is the BEST evidence that there is life after death and where can we read more about it?
Any of these questions sound familiar? I’m always astonished by folks who say they don’t care about life after death conversation, or that it’s silly to even consider. I say, regardless of what you believe, there is NO bigger philosophical question of meaning than whether we are mere “accidents” of nature, or whether there is a grand plan or purpose to our lives, and whether we have something that continues on after this life is over!
So what ARE after death experiences anyway?
Typically, things like ghostly encounters, crisis apparitions, messages from psychic mediums, death bed visions, past life memories, EVP (electronic Voice Phenomena THOUGHT to be emanating from discarnate entities) and even near death experiences are lumped into this broad category. There are actually probably 10 or 12 discrete and different types of evidence that are thought to suggest life continues on after the death of the physical body, and each one is actually pretty strong. But… looked at TOGETHER, as a cumulative body of evidence, they are strongly suggestive that there is some sort of afterlife – for how long and what that’s actually like is obviously up for debate.
Are these experiences PROOF that there is an afterlife, or that life continues after death?
I say no, they aren’t. They are suggestive, or persuasive, but not “proof” per se. Why? Because even if 100 people see the same “ghost” for example, over the course of 10 years, and these people all describe the same vision, while this is very good evidence, it doesn’t mean there aren’t natural laws at work that we simply don’t yet understand. For example – maybe each of us leaves behind an energetic “imprint”, and at certain times those energetic images are visible. Or like a movie loop… certain things we do, actions are burned energetically into the environment we occupy… and once in a while that movie plays, even though we are long gone.
The truth is, I personally believe that we each have a soul or spirit, and that the end of life is simply a subtle shift from THIS world, to the next. I don’t claim to have all the answers of course, but it’s a LOT of fun to look for them! And the truth is, regardless of what the skeptics want you to believe, the more you search, the stronger the evidence becomes that the after life is real, and that’s pretty amazing as well!
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What say you?