Proof of life after death!

Proof of life after death!

If you are suffering and grieving the death of a loved one this video will help you. My only son died as the result of an auto accident and his ability to co…



globehunter2ify says:

Your son is pure energy that lives in a spiritual realm. He knows secrets of the universe that allow him to travel between our world and his instantaneously.

basicman101 says:

Are you selling stuff on your website? I have not been there but this is the typical true motives of these type of videos.

colbour says:

so basically your a spokesman for Edward the con man.. shame shame on you. loose the Tammy Faye baker make up and stop believing in ghost stories.

cunnidvd says:

there is considerable convincing evidence that the consciousness survives death. I have never heard any NDE’s talk about chasing girls while they were in heaven. NDEs describe an existance much more desirable and meaningful than chasing girls and hunting. Almost all mediums are frauds.

NuLaifMusic says:

LOST A LOVE ONE if you want to HEAR THEM AGAIN google EVP Electronic Voice Phenomena.

Also know that yes they go to heaven but they’re also free and they come and visit you, they’re always close. Check the out the MOVIE GHOST that’s exactly what happens. But the only way that you can hear them again is thru EVP (Mention Above).

Also search for this video here on youtube:

EVP Stories from the ATransC Big Circle Part 1

God Bless You!

k0smon says:

@Julianna5006 :::God is perfect and all powerful and has no need to hate. Hatred is a product of impotency, which is not a definition of God. The bible describes a false god, not the real One.

k0smon says:

::: The late Hans Holtzer, psychic investigator and author, stated there are no demons and no satan. Those are just bible characterizations and not real in fact. The medium is talking to the actual person.

k0smon says:

:::Where will you find God’s word? Bible scholar Bart Ehrman says the bible is only the word of man, not the word of God. Any book that claims a perfect God has human failures such as wrath, hatred or jealousy, is a false book. Your soul is the real you, you cannot sell it or give it away.

Augusto Vincenzo says:

Great message. Thanks for sharing.

cheeriosinabowl says:

Ms. Collier, I am sorry for your loss of son — I am glad that life has gotten better for you, time does help heal the wounds.

Ignore the bible thumpers who say demons and the devil are talking to you. Nonsense. Why must these zealot christians drag the bible into everything? Makes me sick.

davidross282 says:

The coment below – Shut the f up ! She’s doing a good thing for people . Leave her alone. You negative F!

robbypyn says:

@thecat11111 get a life and stop pretending to know what cannot be known. your God was designed by Man, not the other way around.

anon ymous says:

and Julianna5006, do you think that God is a being of love, or punishment?

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