Proof- Life after death

Proof- Life after death

madhavum manushyanum.



william payne says:

proof God exists for me was when I went to church here recently: I felt ”the annointing” of God…a strong holy presence of God overcame me and as soon as it did tears began to well up in my eyes,like God was sending me a sign I was doing the right thing by being in church…this is very real my friends

Common Man says:

Vidditharathinu Thelivu

Malivtard says:

Dear GK Edathunattukara
I love you.
You embraced to Islam. good, but Still you have to find out your God.
Majority of muslims are following Hadees & meager minority is following the Holly Quraan.
If you follow Quraan, you found truth. If you go behind Hadees, chances are their for failure.

So, read quraan and hear the speech of Chekannur maulavi.
Hadees creators made a man made theory to astray the people from real path
Your God is ALLAH, Pls find the time to compare Quran/ Hadis.

Ambuj Jain says:

Don waste ur time
See some other vid

aklnj says:

Type in “NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE” in your youtube search bar and check out all the stories.

7377up says:

What a crap argument is this…This means you have to beleive the prophets in order to beleive life after death. There is nothing else he can say about it. I don’t understand why people don’t even think by themselves to find out the flaw in the logic. Even if life after death exist, this arguments deosn’t support the fact it does in fact exist. With these lines of thoughts, I am inclined to beleive that it doesn’t exist

Kward107 says:

hmmm how interesting

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