Private Investigator To Afterlife Investigator. Bob Olson’s True Story.

Private Investigator To Afterlife Investigator. Bob Olson’s True Story.




xoxoMonaxoxo says:

thank you for ur great story

taergehtsiram says:

Well spoken!

Emb1290 says:

It’s amazing to hear your story and how you went from being so sceptical to
having so much belief. Truly inspiring. I am from England and only 21 but
have had many deaths of loved ones already! wish that some one over here
would do what you do!

jimatmile56 says:

This is the third video of yours that I’ve watched. I believe you to be
sincere in your words. You’ve answered some of my questions about my own
experiences. Thank you so much for sharing all this information, I’m
excited to watch the rest of your videos.

Julio Martinez says:

Bob I am agree with all the positive words I read about you. Thank you
excellent job. This is what I need. Thanks!

Emb1290 says:

Great video

boobah1067 says:

Do you have a video of your past life regression?

Danielle Brown says:

I just found your channel, and I think it’s wonderful! I can’t wait to
explore it and some of your guests as well! Thank you for exploring and
filtering in such a thoughtful and informed way! Finally, some intelligent
insight into the things we all know exist, but can’t quite articulate or
understand in this human form! We’re just getting started, but it’s about
time to move past the frauds and get to some real understanding! Thanks
again Bob!

hyperloke says:

Fascinating story!! I too have recently become spiritual after reading
Brian Weiss’ and Michael Newton’s books. I am sure to explore mediums very
soon to see if I can get messages from my mother who has passed. You have a
myriad of experiences and ascertain those experiences by KNOWING as opposed
to merely BELIEVING!! This is what I like most about what you say! You
exude great authenticity and purpose! Thanks Bob!

Afterlife TV with Bob Olson says:

No video, but you can read an article I wrote about it at

Afterlife TV with Bob Olson says:

I appreciate all your comments on my videos and am pleased that you have
enjoyed them. My very best wishes to you, Bob

Naveen says:

I have been watching your videos for a while and you have come up with good
findings.One thing that I have heard a lot in your videos is that “Time
does not matter in the other realm”. I think that can be true.Time ceases
to exist if you inhabit a planet that does not rotate along its axis and
does not revolve around the sun.In that case day and nights dont
happen,neither do the seasons change.

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