Part 5 My Personal Testimony of the Father in Heaven Delivering Me From Constant Visits of Demons

Part 5 My Personal Testimony of the Father in Heaven Delivering Me From Constant Visits of Demons

Gingermarie1000’s webcam video September 19, 2010, 12:54 PM.



Kimberly Kennedy says:

Hi I liked your personal testimony. I think it can help a lot of people that have shared in your situation, if you add some tags in your video. If you go into editing in this video, add tags like “how to stop demonic visits” that type of tag. I know of people that have suffered from these situations. And many people are ashamed or embarrased, so they don’t like to tell anyone.


He’s done a magnificent job stealing from me.


wow! I have had a similar problem.


Watch my demon video.

williamsfilms1 says:

I saw all of your testimony, wow God has given you wisdom too. I thank God for this testimony cus in these last days lust will be a great problem and already is for many.
God bless you and keep on going.

lorenzojhwh says:

@. Youtube-> @ AmicoDelGrillo .–> when Jesus told his disciples: “You are the light of the world and the salt of the earth”. He thought me too: in fact, I’m ReiUnius, the best friend that any man can meet. I would quit my job / role to another, to escape to a deserted island. But I’m irreplaceable! If a Satanist decides to become an honest person? At that moment, I am the best person that he can meet.

Calbenmike says:

How could you remember something at 7 years old? That is somewhat suspect.

treasureinvessel says:

The lord wants us to mind the spirit and walk in the spirit and be joint to Him as one spirit. Only in this way He can be life to us and have His kingdom in us. For this we must not only use His Name for power but call out His Name in every place. For the Lord is rich to all that call upon His name. In His life we are much more saved than the initial rebirth.

UpNurMind says:

When I was 9, a spirit appeared by my bed with a spoon in its hand. It told me to eat these “crystals”. I knew the it was poison. I yelled “Jesus save me!” Our entire house shook for 1-2 minutes and the demon vanished! You make a good point that the gateway to demons can come from many routes. One does not need to practice withcraft to summon them. And it is a lie we can control demons to do our bidding. Jesus gives us the power to conquer them! I am glad God deliver you! He is blessing YOU!!

Julio Roosberg says:

I have expirienced that also when I was small, even when I came to Jesus they physically pushed me from the bed. even when I went over sees to school, but I seen the power of Jesus. Now I fill hell with them. Let the world know the truth. God blesss you and your husband and the kids in Jesus name.


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