Part 4 Senemut Tomb Made By Solomon Shows Satan Face. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.

Part 4 Senemut Tomb Made By Solomon Shows Satan Face. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.

Part 1 here. An investigative look into the End Times mapped out on Solomons Senemut Star Map. Showing the Accuser Satan the Dragon coming.



TheGroxt1 says:

Love ya Teammates and may God have mercy on us all.

Armored Saint says:

can’t resist. I must have too much time on my hands.

michelle ch says:

mark 3 years ago you took the time to explain the Senemut Tomb and all to
me very patiently in an email, i will never forget your kindness Continued
Blessings my friend <3 Egypt=Earth...imo

Snezana Dimeski says:

groxt watch the new call of duty ember trailer. .alot of illuminati
signs..they also show the mark of the beast

Wieshal Man says:

and thegroxt1 what a interesting video really. that all of this is on this
world. really behonest isn’t it a shocking to know that we live in a world
like this. you know what i mean, i mean we gruw up on this world and from
our childhood and didn’t recognize about these kind of stuff, and now look
at us. we are now older and know much more about this world. we know about
spiritual realm and so much happening and more about this. i mean
Wow..really. kinda creepy that these scary stuff are also around this
world. but i accept jesus christ as my lord and savior. and i really want
to be saved. and thank you for all these video’s it sure has opened my
eye’s thanks man. May God Of Heaven bless you help you alot in these days
and to be save.

TruthSeeker 10 says:

TheGroxt1 I think people need to get ready right now! May Day May Day could
be next months alert! Doesn’t anyone get it?
We don’t have any more time,
This is the year of

Spence Anom says:

God have mercy on us all bless u Mark

Amy Tudor says:

Wow…Thats Amazing…Great Work…Thank You,..

highspeeduzt says:

Juzt so ALL know, I’m definitely not a balding man. In fact , you can say I
have the opposite of baldness. Mi hair iz so thick, I can barely comb it.
Ok. A little about mi. I’m a white male 44 years old. 6 ft. 250 lbs. A
union steamfitter from Bridgeport Connecticut. Local 777 juzt so you know.
(Not scared) it’s ok. “They” have to know so we can fight “them” ! I work
hard every day , and yes Mark, I do build powerplants sometimes. I ride
bicycles and love going to the races. Absolutely love cars of all kinds. I
grew up in a tough city with lots of violence and crime. (Better lately )
and love mi life. I’m single and have no kids. (Hope to change that) I love
animals and nature, and don’t like talking about it, but try to help out
the less fortunate whenever i can afford to do so. (I don’t like bragging
about benevolence ) . I grew up a Catholic, but strayed in mi teenage
years. Lately , after a long hiatus, I have tried to go back to church and
waz led by GOD to a born again Christian church (only white parishioner,
African American parish) but haven’t been back since mi souls of mi shoes
melted off at a service. (REALLY HAPPENED ) . SEE why I’m so scared of thiz
“little horn” thing! AGAIN, I’m not evil. A little bad sometimes, but not
EVIL. Know mi and see. Ok. Juzt a little about mi. But thiz not about mi,
but ALL of us instead. I already told POP I’ll go lazt (like I always do,
im always late too) and don’t need anything for mi service. (Well, I kinda
would like a wife and kids, but not important ) . I can’t be bought, and
anything that may come mi way that I didn’t earn, I’m juzt going to give to
the poor and sick and elderly. I get by az a steamfitter. Don’t need much.
Ok. M

Sarah Knox says:

Part 4 Senemut Tomb Made By Solomon Shows Satan Face. Illuminati Freemason

mr biggs rob says:

May The Lord contiously continue to bless you & yours
Ms. Stacye

Joseph Latham says:

I can’t stop watching these awesome vids. Going deeper down the rabbit
hole of this Matrix.

Wieshal Man says:

hi everyone my name is wieshal. and i have such a struggle in my life about
smoking marijuana. i try to do my best to get rid of it, i was so selfish
in times but now i want to come back to Jesus christ and make it all
better. i ask for forgiveness of my sins and mercy and to be saved. i had
also a hard time about believing, witch one is the right side to pray on to
jesus or God. but its exually both of them are one and with the holy
spirit. i had a hard time thinking about this. but please i want to know
for sure that im allright with the Lord God Of Heaven. and i don’t want to
be in danger or anything like that. i really want to be save. and if im
left behind for what i have heard i will refuse the mark of the beast. and
be with God of heaven, i do this if im left behind refusing the mark of the

c.d says:

Hey groxt I’d just like to say thank you for putting so much time into your
videos. God is always showing me things and I’m able to confirm what He is
showing me through your videos. See you at the wedding feast :)

Kamala Chunn says:
jerry herring says:
Spoken Knight Ministries says:
highspeeduzt says:

I know I spoke a lot tonight. I feel ALL your love team. Thank you. You
guys really helped mi get thrugh a difficult time tonight. I know I said I
waz gonna walk away. After tonight and feeling your love, I think I’ll
stick around a little longer and try to keep helping us ALL. Juzt because
some woman doesn’t want to speak to mi iz no reason to give up on ALL of
us. I juzt wasn’t feeling loved and wanted out. KNOW SAME THING HAPPENED TO
POP AND REASON FOR THE ABYSS! .M I almost followed HIS same path. But
remember, we’re ALL slightly different and are individuals. Know. Same
story replayed throughout time. Only thiz time I Right the ship and get us
back on course. No more repeats! Thank You ALL once again for all the love.
I appreciate it ! I love you ALL right back. Know. M

Payed2kill says:
The new Black Ops 3 teaser shows mind control and transforming humans into

rockofages777.1 says:

GOD is good ! its amazing .how did all these acient people get this
knowledge. How was it revealed to them thats what i dont understand. I see
that it all coincides mark but were they technologists that time traveled
or something its a mystery.fallen Angel.or spirituality? How didi they

jerry herring says:
The Light ShinedAmongUs777 says:
Mattsgottaknow says:

The newest Call of Duty teaser is unreal You need to watch this one

highspeeduzt says:

Mark, a few videos back you mentioned how none of these famous evangelists
would acknowledge you channel. If I may, check out YouTube channel from
Trey Smith. You may find him interesting. He did something bad by robbing a
televangelist, but in the name of righteousness. His videos have also been
a great help to mi. Thanks. Mike

Leslie Champaign says:

Part 4 Senemut Tomb Made By Solomon Shows Satan F…:

Mário Teixeira says:
Rhuby Star Diamond says:

Whoa! That’s connected to Graham Hancock! Our Graham!


ablucruz says:

This is the page I launched on January 21, 2015 to help wake people up:
Biblical Study: World Events: End of the Age
Christian eschatology is a major branch of study within Christian theology.
Eschatology, from two Greek words meaning “last” (ἔσχατος) and “study”
(-λογία), is the study of ‘end things’, whether the end of an individual
life, the end of the age, the end of the world and the nature of the
Kingdom of God.

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