P-SB7 GHOST BOX SESSION – INCREDIBLY TOUCHING – Real Paranormal Evidence – Haunted

P-SB7 GHOST BOX SESSION – INCREDIBLY TOUCHING – Real Paranormal Evidence – Haunted

Well, I have to date, had no luck with the P-SB7 spirit / ghost box. Mainly, every time I use it, I have to change the batteries multiple times, and after a …



Paranormal Normalcy says:

+RealHauntedHouseWife I have no clue why I can’t reply under your comment
here. There is no reply button…., Thank you for the suggestion about
charging the air, and good lord I hadn’t even connected the two ideas, so
thanks for pointing that out (the child and Christmas tree incident and the
child’s voice here). Sounds like they could be around the same age, so
could very well be the same spirit. She does seem to be able to show
herself well, so her ability to speak via evp is probably on par as well.
Makes perfect sense! When I upload a video now, it doesn’t let me check
the box to notify subscribers anymore. It’s all shaded in and
non-functional. I’ll have to check my settings again. Stupid #GoogleTube 

Paranormal Normalcy says:

Just out of curiosity…….Who in their right mind, puts a THUMBS DOWN on
a video that is dealing with an attempt to communicate with a mother of 4
children who died at the age of 28, leaving a young man and 4 children
behind? Who does that? I don’t care about the likes and dislikes so much
because I find the dislikes to be a compliment. Something arising out of
jealousy for the most part. And you can see a string of dis-likes stalking
almost every video I have published. But on this video? How do you look at
a picture of a 20+ year old young mother with a child in her arms, knowing
that she died, and hit that dislike button? #youreasickonebitch

NinjaCthulhu says:

great job, keep it up

Mama Owl says:

I really loved this session! Your mom is beautiful! Thank you for sharing
this with us. 

chris seddon says:

this was absolutely awesome! great job!

cctv2wayradio1 says:

nice session, i struggle so much to hear many of the replies from my “voice
in box” however many are superior clearly said, so clear even people who
never listened to the paranormal know what’s being said! a power adapter
for the radio can be a good idea, i also found running it into a laptop and
for recording and using the internal EQ to have the output audio tuned so
you only hearing certain frequency responses. i also see you got the K2 v1,
if you know how to solder or know a friend who can you can have a proper
switch to turn it on/off with. on a side note there’s a modification i done
to my K2 v2 that give it higher sensitivity and it would have worked great
in your video as the K2 hits you had you and others might have missed them,
have a look at my video, it describes all and you can use it with voice in
box as i don’t use buzzers

Paranormal Normalcy says:

Wow, they did not like your ghost box! They do this crap to me to, both of
my cams, my ghost box, and my phone have done this. They hate my full
spectrum cam! This is some fantastic work, and I agree with Lisette, don’t
give up on the ghost box! :)

classAevp says:

Lol.. yeah, when at home use a 4.5V center positive transformer.save on
And g-spot? Funny, great session esp with your evps as well as drv! 

RealHauntedHouseWife says:

This is wonderful. Sorry I’m late, I didn’t get notified. I could suggest
that you charge the air before you get into a session. The battery drainage
is very typical in a highly (spirit) charged area. The child coming through
is amazing because of the Christmas tree find 😉 . 

John Doe says:


RealHauntedHouseWife says:

Great Responses. 

Ƥꑄ¥ᘓH꘠ᙜⵟŦR¥❹ⓤ says:

Yippee! At last! I have been waiting for this session like forever! Lol! I
am so proud of you for persevering I just knew you would be successful with
the GB and WOW what fantastic responses for your first session! “It’s
David” “David?” “That’s correct” and “Thank you” “You’re welcome” I LOVE
these back and forth responses. All fantastic but I think the best evidence
of all was the name Mary-Jane, BRILLIANT! @9:20“I am for you” – with my
headphones on also sounds like “I just told you.” This really is a great
session it’s such a mixed bag containing great evps – K2 lighting up – the
flashlight continuously going on and all in the middle of a ghost box
session! I know this one was very personal and I am so very happy for you,
but it was also funny what with the spirits behaving like school kids and
you telling them off. Then draining the batteries omg it must cost you a
fortune! Then talking away their favourite toy, the flashlight “Oh-Oh”
FANTASTIC! Thank you, that was very sweet of you, you are so lovely to
mention me at the beginning, you are welcome I’m just glad you finally got
there and well done indeed. Can’t wait for the next one, of course that’s
after you buy more batteries! P.s. Love your accent and voice could hear

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