Our Hearts Desires – Dr Charles Stanley

Our Hearts Desires – Dr Charles Stanley

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jamesm1281 says:

Great message

Love Marie says:
Hector Martinez says:

Our Hearts Desires – Dr Charles Stanley

Emmanuel Dadzie says:

I really love this guy. His grey hair speaks a lot. He has a lot of
wisdom… i know there is time for spiritual wealth or warefare, but
sometimes having a practical understanding of scripture is more profound.

Playbackjunkie says:

I disagree with him that you are unimportant if you have no desires. What
about depressed people?

'alison moncrief' says:

Thank God for His soverignty 

Brian Maston says:

Great sermon, I recently had an incredible experience where God completely
transformed my broken life. He used Dr. Charles to speak words of truth to
me and to let me know who I am in Christ Jesus……I am not the same
person anymore.

bon yap says:

very good

Victoria Yates says:

Joyce Noel, I pray that God will give you and your husband the desires of
your heart and that you will receive a beautiful and healthy baby in Jesus
name I pray! 

Alissa Bennett says:


chinedu nnodebem says:

Joyce Noel, I see babies in your marriage in JESUS name, Amen.

chinedu nnodebem says:

Patience is the key.

Con di martino says:
keepingitreal79 says:

What a wonderful follower/preacher/brother in Christ!

Joyce Noel says:

our desire is to have a baby.. 3 years in marriage, still hoping that
precious baby will come into our lives. please help us to pray to God that
He will bless us a precious gift and that is baby and that the emptyness
our hearts (me and my husband) be fill with joy and strong bond of our
marriage.. thank you Dr Stanley..

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