One Step Beyond- Life After Death

One Step Beyond- Life After Death

Discovery Channel’s “One Step Beyond” addresses the age-old question of life after death. Watch and decide for yourself as spiritual medium, Lori Campbell, c…



royalsteven says:

God knows and His children know 🙂 When you accept Jesus as your Lord and
savior you will receive eternal life. But since we are created and life
this life, there has to be a live after. We existed as spirits/souls before
this life, before we came to this earth in the flesh, our soul/spirit has
to go somewhere when our flesh dies. It will become one with the unlimited
universe once again 🙂

Walter Ribeiro says:

God can exist, but not yours.

Walter Ribeiro says:

I think there’s lift after death, but not with god. Another life, maybe on
earth or another planet from another dimension. Who knows?

vovka-morkovka says:

@vdizhoor regarding cold read – well, she sounds a lot like typical cold
readers. the evidence that would support her powers would be a consistency
of answering otherwise unanswerable things. We see one dude, where she got
70% accuracy. How many subjects were tried? A kid is a good guess. Then
they CONFIRM it and ask about Brandon. Once she knows its a kid – isn’t
some memorial for dead kid likely? Fellow kids do it all the time to cope
with loss: Tree plaque. And she listed both (to be sure)

k0smon says:

@vdizhoor This cannot be cold reading. Cold reading requires a response
from the subject, and there was none during the reading. Why should
consciousness survive and memory not? Please quote references for your

BrotherTree1 says:

Death should not be pondered upon by humans. It is seriously beyond our
borders. When we not know of it and may never actually reveal the
physicality of it, why bother finding it?

Misstorys says:

@lambofgod661 No sense with what .. you say ” Looks real to me ”” what
looks real to you ? at what comment do you refering.. was my question since
when is that making no sense ? By the way discussing reli crap is uberhaupt
a waste of time and energie…

JesusWasAnAsshole says:

@endofscene , you only see video results of the hits .. not all of the

William John McCloskey says:

WHy are mediums always fat unattractive middle-aged women with bad taste in

Atheist603 says:

@mrfunnyman99 you kno i really wish that there’s something after,..but i
don’t see how tho…after i’ve met a person with amnesia, or Alzheimer’s or
a person with a multiple brain personality, really give me evidence
that the brain is everything, and when those cells stop working with each
other,’s over.

infinity2012shelter says:

I repeat my same life over and over again and again. When I die I go back
in time to when I was born and do it again as my writing this again

royalsteven says:

THere is not even good enough proof for dark energy or matter, or things
existing outside our observable galaxy so who knows heavencould exist. I
personally believe it does. A place where all the good people go, who tried
their best to live a good life. Loving others like themselves and God. 🙂

BrotherTree1 says:

@k0smon sorry im not being a troll here, but i really really feel that way
about death. I mean sure, ill read ur suggestion. but i feel its gunna be
another piece that (in another stylistic point of view) convinces me that
theres life beyond death in which ill just probably oppose and criticize

GeorgesBarras says:

@TheScools Nothing could have created anything out of nothing – it’s a
logical impossibility.

royalsteven says:

From the bible, Jesus, the best source!


@Silversoul28 The BIBLE IS MARK OF THE BEAST Constantine the first beast
compiled 50 bibles, legalized Christianity and set up the false prophet
(pope). King James the second beast, born 6/1566, 6th of Scotland, homo,
authorized 66 book bible in 1611 to control the people with, an image of
God’s word they make to speak (the bible says). They carry it in their hand
and memorize it in their head.

Lee Chian Yee says:


LordBLB says:

@TheScools “Allah knows” There you go with the fairy tales about invisible
sky daddies who control the world (ie crazy talk). I don’t believe in that
sort of thing, because it’s make believe. You see. I live in the REAL
world. Where magic is something we see in Disney movies, and doesn’t exist
for real. My comment still stands. What makes you, YOU, is located in the
brain. Without your brain to assist in the functions that you take for
granted, you cease to exist. You cannot be with your brain.

machinalabs says:

@vdizhoor I actually think I agree with you. This is a pretty weak
experimental protocol as far as these class of experiments go. Usually
they’ll do a triple blind setup, with a proxy (stand-in) subject, and have
blind judges rate the reports against decoys. I don’t know much about Lori
Campbell in particular, but this experiment is sub-par regardless, and Dr
Schwartz should know this. It might just be an informal thing, but with the
media, that can give a bad impression.

BrotherTree1 says:

We are machines. We are our brain. Our brain tells the features of the body
in what to do and how to behave. Like machines, robots, we don’t have the
capacity of experiencing death. Only life. The answer if what happens the
split, very tiny second we die — no one can answer it in a plausible

Misstorys says:

@lambofgod661 By the way to what comment of mine do you actually refering ?
Was is fake ?

endofscene says:

@BushidoCode72 Where would she be getting the information from then? If you
suggest the existence of a collective unconscious or telepathy then you are
admitting that the materialist world-view is inadequate. If that is so then
it is possible that our existence is not limited to our physical bodies.

goldie0800 says:

@dneminEsEkanDie – Yes God is real but any idea of Satan being real is
false. It is man’s mind that creates good and evil. Why do you think we are
told to avoid the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden,
and that we should cling to the Tree of Life? It is because the mind lives
in the realm of duality; whereas Spirit lives in Oneness with the Absolute.
Live in Spirit!

Atheist603 says:

@AquariaUSCA so if a brain can do things like that jus after simple
smoking`, and shrooms`, imagine what it would do when its dying? i mean you
have like a hundred billion of neurons in ur brain, when the brain is dying
everything goes. plus you cud b an atheist and believe in life after death.
i simply dont believe in the supernatural. plus do other animal have an
afterlife? cuz our brains and chimps brains aint that diff, ours are jus
bigger, so yeah

Atheist603 says:

you know one day, i had some shrooms, then i smoked some purple
hays,..after that i felt like i was talking to go, it felt realer than the
real world. i felt like a force was driving me around, and i could talk to.
it made my mom and my brother look like demons, and i felt like i was
Jesus, being tested by by god in order to get into heaven. i mean it ,ade
me jump, and sing around the house, i found myself outside lying down not
knowing how i got there. it made me want to tell my secrets too

Green Fields says:

This is an awesome comment.

MisterHeizenberg . says:

@BIBLEisMARKofBEAST *cough* um… *cough* ….. evidence?

Angelica L says:

A tree could be associated with any event! LOL And the air being sucked out
of you could be associated with any death; you stop breathing! LOL

euroman32589 says:

three words….god gene found.

Tim Ballentine says:

@sthcrox I absolutely agree with you.This is the same things Ghost hunting
shows do,they try to make people think the dead hang around instead of
going to Heaven or Hell,thus disproving the Bibles words.

BushidoCode72 says:

I read this researcher’s book. The problem with this type of an experiment,
is even if we assume that she is a legit psychic, great, it does not mean
that she is getting messages from the ‘beyond.’ How do you prove that the
information is indeed from the beyond. Certainly a real psychic doesn’t
ONLY get information from the dead.

vovka-morkovka says:

@kindboy1996 I think that it isn’t as so much “you are reborn as X” as it
is “an X is also a You”. Its like You, only it doesn’t have your memories.
You=Perceiver. Its not like you can trace a line from you to X, but X and
You trace a line to a common transcendent essence. I think that all life
forms are similar, no matter how smart or stupid. Everyone is a “version”
of you, a chicken, a dog, and alien, a human. Death is a part of life.
Cruelty is bad. Death – how much of life is “enough”?

Sarah McAninch says:

I believe that too. I believe anything spiritual and I can prove it,
believe it or not, and even though you say ALL of us are spiritual
creatures, Some, including me, are much more.

bakemonoshi says:

@TheLovesoul1 u bet

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