One of the Best Christian Testimony 2/2 (Miracle Healing) – Todd White/Sid Roth (It’s Supernatural)

One of the Best Christian Testimony 2/2 (Miracle Healing) – Todd White/Sid Roth (It’s Supernatural)

Frist Video: Todd White started drug in young age and became a drug addict/seller. He was in Teen Change. He started to have nigh…



Christer Karlsen says:

Wow Todd Thank you so much for the Song at the End. I have been having
schizophrenia all my life without knowing it before i turned 16. Wich have
made it hard for me trough out all my School yers.
For me i felt like i have been living a lie afther finding out i had
schizophrenia cause i been so paranoid.I been realy different from others.
Pepole have laughed at me and said im wierd and i myself didnt like myself
well. Cause i shouldnt understand myself i knew something were wrong but
didnt know what. As a child from 6 yers old i been dreaming about Death.
Every night i dreamed about Me either got killed or some i knew got killed
or that i had to kill to survive, wich was very traumatic for me as a
child. This lasted about 3 yers to when my mother said if i should see
demons i should also see Angels. So the following night i had a dream. I
were standing in the middle of a floor With stairs going up and stairs
going Down. I saw a guy from the bottom of the floor starting to run realy
fast upwards to were i was standing. So i looked up to see if i should run
ther. But also at the top ther was a guy running realy fast Down to me were
i was standing. Then i knew and said to myself that i were truly going to
die now. Since the dream was so real, like i was standing ther. And i
should feel air and the trendemous Power of the guys running to me. I
suddenly then saw the Guy from the bottom had nearly reached me and he only
had a few steps left. And i looked up to see that the guy running from the
top had still some stairs left. But when the guy from the bottom were to
take he’s NeXT step. Then in a second the guy from the top came real fast
so fast i should nearly not see him. And right before he were to grab me. I
was preparing Peace in my heart so i should die Peacefull. But then
something wierd happen. He lifted me up in he’s arms and gave me love and
Peace to my heart and walked me away from the evil.
I then woke up and then got this Words from God.

When it feels like i am far away. And you feel like ther is no hope. And
you are about to give up. Then i wil come in a second to save you.

And afther that i still had dreams. But this time every dream i had was
about being saved at that last second. And afther a while when i turned 9
the dreams did go over.
But ther has always been New obstacle in my life to fight. And it makes me
Happy to see that Todd prays to God for some one like me With schizophrenia
a filfh of the Earth. But Humble in God. I try my best to get Christian
friends. But i just cant seem to fit, like an outcast. But afther he praid
now maybe ther is hope for me. Thanks agian Todd. God bless you

Simon robert says:

Trevor DeMaere I agree with your statements below, im a Christian and a
chiropractor, the neurology of a leg length inequity is well understood
(see dr derifield’s work on short legs), and is regularly manipulated by
chiropractors and other health practitioners. Like yourself, i’m interested
in seeing some more objective healings as apposed to self reported
alleviation of pain. I cant fathom why God seemingly heals short legs on a
regular basis but doesn’t so often perform Matthew 12:13 miracles. Keen to
hear of any such happenings….

Simon Duchemin says:

Still need glasses, what aloud of rubbish!

Jonathan Paramsivan says:

Check out this video on YouTube:
I had goosebumps watching & listening to him. 

KATAERO1 says:

Dear Trevor DeMaere, can you define “a Christian” for me?

burgerjvr says:

This is a showoff and a mockery!!

TheJeskimobile says:

he’s not, its happened to me

Sean Smith says:

friend, you seem to be seeking answers if you watched both parts of this
video.. so, if you are wrong about atheism, where will you spend eternity?
What has you so convinced that God does not exist? You could lose
everything if you are wrong. If you are right, which I doubt, when we die
it will be as though we never existed, we are a vapor. Nothing we
accomplish in this life will be of any lasting gain. There would be no
memories after death, not even blackness; nothing, just nothing awaits us.

mariacarmenfroess1 says:

Wow! As he was praying, my computer kept lagging. It was fine for all the
other videos I watched today, but only when he started singing, my computer
stopped so many times. I can see that the enemy wanted me to be discouraged
and distracted because it didn’t want me to be set free. Thank you for
posting this.

Gissie D says:

Yes some dont get answered liok at all the persecuted Brothers and doesnt nean lack of faith or God has abandoned you. I find this

Malcolm Turner says:

arthritis you are gone in Jesus Name!! Hallelujah!!!!!!


Nice work Toddy!

abaneyone says:

Very nice!

TheJeskimobile says:

you do realize that you’re just making a fool of yourself. you’re wasting
your time with you’re sarcasm and empty thoughts because nothing you say
can change our minds. you believe what you believe, and we believe what we
believe. Nothing you say is going to change that

msdogooder says:

We did a similar practice when we held out our arms during Brain Gym in
school. You can actually see one arm get longer than the other.

Green Heart says:

God is so amazing in every way, I commanded all the body pain I feel right
now will go away and never come back in Jesus name, AMEN

Cote Olea says:

What a beautiful testimony. God is real!!

r sandhu says:


Madden Brown says:


Trevor DeMaere says:

My friend was born without his left arm, can God use you to heal him? Or is
your miracle healing defined solely to joint and muscle pain? Let me also
conclude “not enough faith” is not the answer

Tara Alton says:

When u sang to us i felt my body rush with god energy.

Maarten Henning says:

Why do so many people have a problem with God?

300angel003 says:

As he sang and prayed I felt the presence of God. HALLELUJAH!!!

Maarten Henning says:

It’s funny how there is so much proof for a living God and that there are
so many theories on how to disprove the facts haha 🙂 why does so many
people get angry when you say Jesus… Why do so many people have a problem
with people who believe and they can see how it changes his live but they
don’t like that? Why? Haha

99range92def says:

are you serious??? wow my internet kept freezing every time i tried to open
this video thats amazing considering you sent that message 10 month ago!
praise the lord!.

ChickenAnimeFTW says:

I just feel I had back pain I can’t explain I feel new thank you lord

Tione King says:

i dont know who this guy is. but i know that he is being used abundantly by
God. it would be a blessing to meet him. i have questions i wanted to ask

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