One of the Best Christian Testimony 1/2 (Miracle Healing) – Todd White/Sid Roth (It’s Supernatural)

One of the Best Christian Testimony 1/2 (Miracle Healing) – Todd White/Sid Roth (It’s Supernatural)

Second video: Todd White started drug in young age and became a drug addict/seller. He was in Teen Change. He started to have nig…



frank sigwart says:

The Occult knowledge is given to who ever is chosen. Wisdom requires
understanding and the reverence of the All. I say Go Star Man. 

Bob Judd says:

The reason he heard the ‘voices’ is because he was high on crack cocaine,
which causes psychosis, sometimes for days, which is why he had the
nightmares, the homeless man was just another psychotic. Christians do a
huge disservice to their followers, by instead of treating their mental
illness, proclaim them ‘holy’, or ‘biblical’ — poor guy just needs some
counseling and deprogramming and he could be a normal person and someone
may even comb that grease out of his hair.

dataloreforever says:

It is funny that this is called one of the best Christian Testimonies, what
does that say about all the rest of Christian Testimonies, because this one
is really bad.

Lungyao1 says:


NewWaysMusic says:

So he was a crack addict that heard voices and saw homeless people that
weren´t really there. Hm…

deez723 says:

Such poor acting and sadly people cannot see it.

Sadly eating the bread/body of Christ and drinking his “blood” in mock
sacrifices was in no way practiced at the time of Jesus. Sad to see how
sick followers of Christ have become. NOT ALL, but a majority have. And it
is the devils work. Worship Jesus and the Holy Father in Heaven without all
this nonsense. It is all for show and they will get their dues. 

William Zodda says:

You must watch this! Here is a wonderful inspiring testimony of the power
of God and Jesus His Son to transform and work in a persons life. Jesus is
a awesome and the Lord of miracles and Gods saving grace. 

pocu321 says:

I really don’t understand the haters that show up on these comment boards.
If you don’t believe, then just be broke. My back and neck was healed after
30 years of daily pain. No one can ever prove it to you until you see it
with your own eyes. And even then you assume it’s a scam. Only a arrogant
person would purposely believe something is a farce when he hasn’t
experienced a thing for himself. What is false to you is very real to
someone else. Thank God it’s real. Or my back and neck would still be
jacked up.

twinsrock15 says:


Armando Gutierrez says:

fake, fake, fake

Lexygoy says:

Obviously scripted

One3six9 says:

There is nothing the Lord cannot do, I have many testimonies,God delivered
me from death many times in miraculous ways. He healed my diseases and made
me HIV negative when I should be positive, he changed my life and gave me a
wonderful future,trust in him at all times he never fails.

Brent Runyan says:

Todd is awesome. Check out his other videos.

PrinceFelipe says:

Another phoney healing video.

Brent Runyan says:

2) In order for supernatural healing not to be a reality that would mean
that Mohler, White and about a dozen or more that can be readily viewed on
YouTube – have to be deceived. It would also mean that the hundreds of
people who testify to having been healed would have to be deceived and/or
lying. Again I know beyond any doubt its all true because I have personally
seen many people instantly healed and beyond that many testify that they
feel heat in the effected area

Brent Runyan says:

Thank God for Jesus’ powerful work and testimony through Todd White> Very
few Christians walk in God’s power & love like Todd

Grace Watwood says:

Amazing. Brought tears to my eyes. God is awesome!!!!!! Praise Him forever
and ever <3

Brent Runyan says:

Yes. Guitar jammer is just a modern day Pharisee that Jesus rebuked because
not only do the not enter into the kingdom but they try to prevent others
from entering.

Jerry Meyer says:

1st peter 2:24 By His stripes , ye were healed……ya just have to claim
it like I did……been healed since 1982

guitar jammer says:

sid roth you’re joking right LOL. You go ahead and continue to believe
everything you see and hear from anyone because you lack wisdom, and
discernment among other things you are easily deceived. I thought there was
hope for you, but that was my mistake. By the way I have some beachfront
property here in Arizona what to buy it HAHA LOL. You make me laugh. What a
joke you are Sid Roth show HA HA HA HA HA HA. Bet you think your a little g
god HA HA HA.

Teezii Babii says:

Wow, this is amazing

guitar jammer says:

You have been fooled and you are easily deceived so you continue to follow
anyone that claims they can heal. All they have is their word and a few
parlor tricks that have been around for many years. I recall you calling me
some names only because I don’t agree with you and your fake healers. You
quote the scriptures when it suits you, but you are not of GOD, and know
nothing about HIM or HIS ways only what you perceive as real. Sid Roth LOL

Brent Runyan says:

You are a doubter to the max. Calling you carnal which basically means
“natural” and implies not spiritual is a huge understatement and
immediately obvious to anyone with a little maturity that reads your posts.
But worse than that you try to make others as unbelieving as yourself and
slander the doers. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees because “not only did they
not enter the kingdom but they also prevented other from entering in”. You
have zero understanding of what Jesus even means by “kingdom”.

Turd Merger says:

Riiight..because no one has EVER missed when shooting at somebody, before
this twats story?! He went from a rational thinker to a delusional jesus
freak? What a terrible story. I was not moved at all. Religion is poison

Brent Runyan says:

You are beyond pathetic. I am sure most people reading your posts pitty you

Zena Cooper says:

Jesus is still in the miracle working business !!! Such an inspiring
testimony !!! Wow !! ‘ my faith trumps his unbelief’ — awesome statement

Ryan Ronald says:

…from my home town and I escaped the homeless shelter thinking it was a
waiting room for my jailcell, and walked around east lancing thinking I was
in Pontiac. Called my dad told him I was in Pontiac and by the grace of God
a taxi was driving in a neighborhood where I was walking and drove me all
the way home. Needless to say my parents realized how bad it was when I got
home. Called Teen Challenge countless times because of this, never got a
call back or an answer….. says:

Amen. May He be blessed. I testify for Jesus too brother. Keep up doing
Gods work.

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