[Official Video] Save the World/Don’t You Worry Child – Pentatonix (Swedish House Mafia Cover)

[Official Video] Save the World/Don’t You Worry Child – Pentatonix (Swedish House Mafia Cover)

“Save the World” and “Don’t You Worry Child” are both available on Swedish House Mafia’s latest album UNTIL NOW: http://smarturl.it/SHMDITUNES?IQid=youtube.P…



Haffaz Aladeen says:

lol i love them and all but the girl… lol, shes way from hot

TeR0miC says:

You’ve just earned yourselves another subscriber.

pläpOf doom says:

the shivers…. <3

Fred Campen says:

Plus the girl is hot. Call me immature but we are all thinking the same.

IzzyBCarter says:

Please please please please please please cover Grown woman by Beyonce.
I love you all, Beyonce is an idol of mine, and i think y’all will do this song justice.

bloodgenio says:

Nicholas Cage is acting in music videos now!

marquise shepherd says:

Hey guys you make music so fun . I so love what you guys do!

Izzat Irfan says:

pause at 0:29 and see the magic 

bookthyme says:

This song has been my lifeline for the past week. This group is sheer joy to watch and listen and sing along with…so much gratitude for them. They obviously love what they do and it shows. Special shout-out to Kevin–my kids’ (and my) favorite.

fholzna says:

Best cover in the world!!

Olaf3067 says:

0:40 – 1:23 can’t even handle how much I love this part…

JBYxJellyBeans says:

0:00 – 0:19 They kind of failed at making the scene, you can easily see the bar at the edge of each person. Besides that, this was an amazing video. Maybe next time though, the zooming should be dialed down a bit.

billy frigo says:

0:45 Mississippi St lol

justalazybastard says:

How are we supposed not to fall in love with unreachable people if Kirstie is making cute and seductive faces like that all the time? :/

samiii3103 says:

amazing job 😀
I think thats probably their best performance (although I love the others too :P)

cecileknights says:

this + headphones = words cannot describe

Triblak1 says:

great job guys 🙂

AlWayZFrE3 says:

Instruments are for n00bs.

hannahNmorgan says:

Words can’t describe how much I love this group and this video

Fernanda Rivera says:


KyleAllen246 says:

Did you know that this was posted the night the world was supposed to end for 2012? 2 hours before. I think its why they posted it but I’m not sure. I am their biggest fan and memorized all the notes for the bass. So if you guys read this, send me a message because I have replayed your music 200 times over.

MissKR25 says:

I’ve watched all their videos, but I must say be a nerd for a minute and say I LOVE it when their songs go into half time. It sounds amazing. Heck, everything they do is amazing.

Thiago Sousa Cruz says:

I hope to listen to they singing “Kiss From a Rose”

pinkPIGSandCUPCAKES says:

Wow. Just wow. This is amazing! Best cover group so far!

Classsxc says:

Haha that guy looks like Howard from the Big Bang Theory

Jorge Diaz says:

Heyy imprecionateeess

MsXoxlol says:

I’m 9 years old, and I love you guys. You’re my inspiration, and I love you all.

David Willis says:

Pentatonix and SNC collaboration!

Ольга Янсон says:

When Avi looks at me in camera i can give my heart to him ^_^

Anna G. says:

This is amazing!

Steve Randle says:

Well, there’s only five of them… so yeah

Jeferson Vieira says:

A-w-e-s-o-m-e !!

mena malak says:

guys may ask you something why are you so awesome

beatriz101100 says:

they have a beautiful voice and all are beautiful like to go into some of them are all spectacular show

Benita Tia says:

WTF? Where’s the food? It’s just AWESOME!

moon, flower says:

Its much better with more beat than vocals, or at leat shared vocals

schought says:

Who’s gonna save me from watching Pentatonix all morning instead of getting ready for work?

Anaís García says:

712 dislikes? wtf?

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