New Tupac Shakur Documentary Full Movie by KnowTheTruthTV Killuminati Illuminati Exposed Part 1

New Tupac Shakur Documentary Full Movie by KnowTheTruthTV Killuminati Illuminati Exposed Part 1

The full movie New Tupac Shakur Documentary Full Movie by KnowTheTruthTV Hologram Killuminati Illuminati Exposed was deleted today by youtube it had 3211401 views and was averaging …



Shantia Gray says:

Preach it William Cooper god bless you

Makaveli Branded says:

Where’zz Pac !?!

Keon Gardner says:

People made Pac look like a gangsta but he wasn’t but just another
activist; not for the Negro community but for the unheard and cheated: he
put his opinion out through music…so before you go any further on Pac
look at the ultimate plan he has for the world

James Reyes says:

Open your eyes remove the scales off your eye lids only then ye will seek
the truth

Sarah Sweeting says:

Open up you’ll eyes you fucking assholes can’t you see whats going on in
you’ll country.

MrHateRacism says:

I thought PAC said the illuminati was bullshit n to ignore this conspiracy
shit???? Google and find that video. It’s on YouTube.

Bob Hryhoriw says:

New Tupac Shakur Documentary Full Movie by KnowTheTruthTV Killuminati
Illuminati Exposed Part 1

Panchee123 says:

Obama does suck

Damajah D says:

Tru brother!!

Makaveli RIP says:

There was more than 1 kid idiot, 3 iirc and he paid each 25 million… U
dont cough out 75 million dollars to some kids if your innocent….
PERIOD… MJ was born a black male and died a white female lolol ith a
fucked up face, what a FREAK he was…… MJ molesting children is WAY WAY
different than something tupac wrote in his lyrics….. Pac was special, MJ
was a entertainer, and a molestor of little children… When MJ was alive
he was a freak now hes dead all of a sudden hes a legend!?lol

frakkdaearth says:

now u c real reason 4 suicide bomberz

johnny gray says:

read my comment from below before you read this one… could you imagine
how much money they would loose if we as a people done 2 simple things walk
or ride are bikes to work or school. why is that so hard to do when it is
so simple to do. no but are fat asses dont want to do that to stay free it
wouldnt change the world but it would be a huge step to make things better
for us. you have to believe we can do more then protesting and making these
videos. until we do more we will never be free.

Makaveli RIP says:

Is that all you have to say is hes a “gangster wannabe”!!?? LOL how u gonna
dis pac when ur hanging from michael jacksons nuts??Ha ud rather listen to
some wierd looking pedophile… Pac was no wannabe, he was real. im not
talking justabout his thug image either, theres millions of ppl who love
pac, and it wasnt bcuz he was a thug… He was born into a struggle, and
even after fame and money he stayed real, and he wasnt afraid to say ha he
thought no matter what… Now shut up chink.

rjrjo grapes says:

are people listening?????


We are waking up! Im seeing more and more shit like this everyday in my
research, seeing more people doing their own research. SDRs, that is new to
me though, damn! That should be enough to wake people up right there. We
gave a bunch of rich men in the shadows a way to raid our gold stocks in
the dark

Makaveli RIP says:

Shut the fuck up

Victoria DePalma says:

You’re off on an important point … the Catholic writings of the Bible
don’t apply to you. The Bible is a Catholic Book, written by the Catholic
Church to help get Catholics into Heaven … the Bible has nothing to do
with heretics. The Catholic Church at the Council of Carthage in 397 A.D
defined the New Testament Canon … after this the heretics stole our
writings and said it applies to them. See Section 6 of Immaculata-one (dot)
com. CAUTION: Catholic Church has no properties.

Victoria DePalma says:

Your satanic (non-Catholic) vatican-2 cult promotes, among MOUNTAINS of
heresy … (and yes participation in it sends you into Hell) … vatican-2
cult in – “lumen gentium” – para 16 > “But the plan of salvation (getting
to Heaven) also includes … the Mohamedans, who … adore the one and
merciful God.” WHAT ? vatican-2 cult in – “nostra aetate” – para 2 >
“Buddhism, in its various forms … teaches a way by which men … attain
… supreme illumination.” WHAT ? Immaculata-one (dot) com

Makaveli RIP says:

I dont know how anyone could understand anything you type. Learn how to
spell before you call anyne stupid, Dumbass!!!! Youre the fucking idiot of
the 2 of us, look at your message and try to read that shit, you spelled
damn near every fucking word wrong.

AllenTheGood says:

Michael Jackson was accused of molesting just one child. You must be an
idiot if you don’t know a thing about how people file lawsuits just because
they’re greedy for money. Tupac wanted to kill children. “My four-four
makes sure all your kids don’t grow.” People want to act like Tupac was
something special even though he was never all that.

Yabamda says:


CLA UDIU says:

most of the worlds religions come from satan they are a lie your right but
there is a religion that comes from God it is believe in jesus christ who
loves you and died for you if you do so God will erase your sins from his
book satan wanths to keep you from this religion satan even created
counterfits of this religion ps the catholic church but if you go by the
word of God you will know who God is and what he wanths from you jesus is
his way the only way the only truth the only light

Victoria DePalma says:

The “lutheran” heresy started in 1517 … against Christ The “anglican”
heresy started in 1531 … against Christ The “baptist” heresy started in
1606 … against Christ The “evangelical” heresy started in 1900 …
against Christ – Etc, etc … Christ founded the Catholic Church in 33 A.D.
Catholic writing of Saint Paul in Titus 3:10 > “A man that is a heretic …
is subverted … being condemned by his own judgment.” CAUTION: The
Catholic Church has no properties. Immaculata-one (dot) com

Meagan nywildest says:

the real macavellis enemys tried 2 kill him nd they thought they got him so
he let them think that nd when the dust cleared he came 6acc 2 retaliate nd
killed his enemys he didn’t fake his death he jus let erryone think he wus
dead…dats sum g shyt…

Makaveli RIP says:

What the fuck are you trying to say??? You are makin no sense… Pac took
the name Makaveli(not makafeli) after Machiavelli… Are you a complete
dumbass or just partial dumbass?

James Cole says:

2PAC is coming back for his people…wake up people and realize what is

AllenTheGood says:

Why are you making up lousy excuses to defend him? Tupac was a hypocrite,
and that’s the truth. You can’t pretend to promote peace and later scream
“thug life,” diss rappers for no apparent reason, threaten to kill people,
and promote violence. No matter how influential Tupac was, it doesn’t
change the fact that he was a hypocrite and a gangster wannabe.

Andy says:

“Our future is our confidence and self-esteem”

Tavarious Norwood says:

All of his chosen must learn to endure and remain faithful until his coming!

AllenTheGood says:

Tupac got killed because he was a gangster wannabe. Moral of the story:
Don’t try to be something you’re not. He was a hypocrite. You can’t preach
peace and later promote violence and threaten to kill people.

Kween Sankofa Bey says:

Keep posting The TRUTH brotha I appreciate all your posts!!!! Even when
they take down your videos all of us are not sleep & Yahweh will let the
TRUTH come to the light!!

Ryan Patalano says:


anniekatelynsmom says:

Excellent! I love the music with the video nicely done!

Anthony Tucker says:

m3shad ……Machiavelli wrote ” The Prince ” which I’ve read repeatedly
and not ” the art of war ” tsu wrote that book geez

guitaoist says:

Good vid

Tavarious Norwood says:

And the Son of Man shall be seen coming on a cloud with HIS mighty angels
to crush the eye and the all those who refuse the lamb of God and wont obey
his gospel!!!

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