New Movie “Heaven Is For Real!” Coming Out Today! – The Burpo Family/CBN Interview

New Movie “Heaven Is For Real!” Coming Out Today! – The Burpo Family/CBN Interview

I’ve been waiting for this movie and finally it is coming out today in movie theaters. I believe that God made Colton Burpo to have out of body experience to…



TheTammyTube says:

Sounds more like they gave the kid ketamine in the theatre while he was
having his appendix removed.

Yahweys Ailar says:

such a beautiful movie 

barbara BROWN says:

I really like the movie, it was very up lifting. the book was good too.

ZeroOdyssey says:

So people confuse outer body experiences immediately with Jesus and

MEEG0L says:


Jake Smith says:

The kid just experienced a hallucination. 

Ciaran Gallagher says:


Cow Jedi says:

So my question to the Burpo’s would be this…has Colton said anything,
about heaven, over the past 9 years, that you don’t believe? Anything at
all? If the answer is “no”, this should ring alarm bells. Some (ok, all)
of this stuff is pretty fantastic, and it would seem that the story pretty
much rises and falls together, becoming increasingly more implausible as
multiple new layers are added, by Colton, year after year after year.

Steve Farmer says:

Thank you Todd for being so real …. People like my wife Joyce and I need
to know and hear what you have to say.

bafoonkaiser says:

Sure Heaven is for real.. So is Hell! so Get your act together or thats
where you will end up!

Anna M says:

My daughter and I saw the movie yesterday. We were very disappointed. There
was a lack of Scripture and real prayer. The parents didn’t seem like
strong Christians, and they are leading a church!

Bryson Kyles says:

Thank the lord

studentinlearning says:

We just saw the movie yesterday. It was great. The kids really liked it. It
wasn’t full of the gospel with tons and tons of scriptures like the book
(but not surprised since Hollywood would have difficulties presenting
that). But, overall we would give it four stars out of five.

Jake Smith says:

Racist christians ruining America

Mida Tijerina says:

The movie is totally awesome!!!

steve pairrie says:

Whatever people are Saying…i still believe heaven is for real..and Jesus
is So real…and someday i will go back to my Father home..and be with him
Forever and ever!!

Marin Jones says:

Ive seen the moive its fantastic.

Joel Janiszyn says:


SiniSterDr says:

I hear Tim Heidecker’s performance of Brumbpo Tungus is particularly

Pascall Pandacoon says:

I had a similar experience.
When I died I saw the burning pits of Hell. Satan let me come back so that
I could spread his word of true power and strength.
Why in the piss would you want to go to heaven anyway? It clearly says in
the bible that the only thing your soul wants to do is worship god. So that
means 24/7 heaven is on your hands and knees bowing to some pompous dick.
J/k people. God and Satan don’t exist…. Do you freaks also check under
your bed for the boogieman? 

Adam Toews says:

This guy needs to take more psychedelics, I’ve met “God” so many times

Jane doe says:

I dont under stand this world people believe what they want to believe I
believe that there were some things added to the movie and some things
taken away i could be wrong but i do believe that he went to heaven and i
believe heaven is real and so is God I’m a living witness because i also
been to heaven when i was 14 years i was rush to the hospital for a rupture
aneurysm in my head i had lost my vision before being rush to the hospital
after surgery I Couldnt walk i couldn’t see and i had lost my memory the
doctors told my mom that i wasnt going to make and if i did i would be
blind i remember waking up and telling my mom that they said don’t worry
and she said who said don’t worry i said told me to tell you not to worry i
had an experince with the angels and seeing my mom and sisters looking at
pics of me crying i didn’t see Jesus but i did see heaven and angels a and
its beautiful im now 31 years old i can see i can walk o graduate from
college and I’m bless to be alive my life is not a book nor a movie its my
personal experience I’m writing this for those of you who find it hard to
believe that something like this can happen but it is real there is no
question in my mind one day you all will get to see how real it is

billy bluner says:

It was more “believable” when he was younger. Now it’s just
rehear$ed B$. Plus there was no evidence that he actually “died”while in
the OR.

Irma Vigil says:

Wow.. he sings too?? That’s awesome.. praise God for him. Amazing.. may the
Lord use him to touch outhers hearts.

Connie Bickham says:

Oh my. Is this what this movie was about? I can’t believe people cried
after seeing this. This boy halucinated on his anaesthesia. If you went to
heaven I would think you would sound more confident talking about the
experience and not hesitate before questions about it. 

StinkeeCheese says:

Con artists, taking advantage of poor idiots.

The dad is the most cruel, feeding his Justin Bieber lookalike son’s

Rang Dipkin says:

Hosanna, praise Rang!

Richard Abrahamsen says:

This is by far the biggest load I have ever heard in my entire life. 

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