Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander Discusses His Near Death Experience and His Book ‘Proof of Heaven’

Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander Discusses His Near Death Experience and His Book ‘Proof of Heaven’

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Tomahawk1999 says:

mmm pays quite a bit more than ur cashier job dude

Terncote says:

I will.

And I will keep writing in complete sentences as well.

Sharrie Mckolwe says:

there r many if u search

Sharrie Mckolwe says:

hahaha boy r u in for a surprise!keep thinkin as u do.

Terncote says:

I laugh at myself daily.

And maybe you could go read a book on proper scientific procedure. Or logic.

Prove that any of these people actually died. That’s all I ask. Out of body experiences, after life – whatever….

None of it means anything unless the people you get your evidence from were actually dead.

Thanks for not actually reading anything I wrote.

alfkowitz says:

“NDE 100% survival rate. That says it all.”
Indeed, that DOES say it all. Hilarious. We all make gaffes, dude. Smile, laugh at yourself, maybe go read some Dilbert.

Terncote says:


He certainly is.

Terncote says:

Why don’t you read what I actually wrote instead of leeds48’s straw-man?

The point is we cannot say reliably that the people who had an NDE actually died. Someone made up a name for the phenomena and added the word death to it. Now everyone blindly assumes that actual death is involved, just because some new age guru coined a term.

That’s lazy thinking.

“Words are drugs. They change our brains.” Robert Anton Wilson

Terncote says:

What do you mean a joke. It’s a significant statistic.

NDE is a misnomer. It is an incorrect label.

Some New Age Guru gave the syndrome a name with the word Death in it and ever since then people, including doctors who should know better, have leapt to the lazy conclusion that these patients actually died.

But we have no reliable proof that they actually died. Obviously “clinically dead” is a description that covers the waterfront from actually dead to still alive. Meaning it is inaccurate.

alfkowitz says:

“So you’re bothered by the fact that NDE survival rate is 100%? This is a joke right? I mean this is supposed to be a serious argument? So you want people who stay dead to tell us what happened?”

Hilarious comment. Good job. Here, have a thumbs up. You earned it.

leeds48 says:

You’re right – and there are tons of videos out there made, not by NDEers themselves, but medical professionals who found things they had witnessed in connection with cardiac arrests, accidents, etc. to be astonishing and highly authentic.

leeds48 says:

So you’re bothered by the fact that NDE survival rate is 100%? This is a joke right? I mean this is supposed to be a serious argument? So you want people who stay dead to tell us what happened? And you won’t believe anybody who didn’t stay dead? So what would you suggest? We hold seances? Ouija board?

Terncote says:

” But when patients come into the hospital comatose, and later tell the doctors and nurses things they shouldn’t know (because they were comatose at the time), it’s hard not to believe that consciousness is non-local (unless you’re a materialist dogmatist).”

It is strong evidence for some non-localised event BUT it is not evidence of an afterlife.

That’s the leap of faith I object to.

mariusz kowalski says:

at the end this world with all those energies concepts etc IS STILL A DREAM as Rose said in other video The UNIVERSE will end and our mind be corrected back to our HOLLY FATHER listen to what Gary has to say it will blow your mind type in utube box this subject:: Gary Renard, pt.3- on Death and the Ego

Open-minded Skeptic says:

I find it particularly convincing when it is the medical professionals who are reporting their experiences with patients who have had NDEs. It’s one thing to hear a “supernatural” story from an NDE patient (which I also find compelling). But when patients come into the hospital comatose, and later tell the doctors and nurses things they shouldn’t know (because they were comatose at the time), it’s hard not to believe that consciousness is non-local (unless you’re a materialist dogmatist).

JustinNelson7 says:

The Truth is plain: Jesus Christ is the Only Way To The Father. Take care of each other, help each other, teach each other the Gospel, Love God, Your Father, Your Creator. His Love for you is eternal: but you must bear fruit to Enter Into The Kingdom Of Heaven.

Terncote says:

He claims to have passed into the realm of death and returned. If he’s alive he didn’t die. If he didn’t die, his first premise is false.

I don’t doubt that people suffering profound trauma, and survive, have life changing experiences, confronting their mortality and the malleability of awareness BUT they cloud the real issue with wishful thinking.

He has been distracted by a word which was imposed on a particular phenomena, by a man.

NDE 100% survival rate. That says it all.

Tim Pierce says:

Have you read the book?

Question3veryth1ng says:

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gheeah says:

don’t worry, he knows what he is talking about.

Krypticweb says:

Everyone is a brain surgeon

leeds48 says:

You read the cheap hit piece, but not his book? And you want to pass verdict? Hes’ completely open in his book about the drugs to keep him down in coma. The brain stem only was active and causes the thrashing about – hence the need to keep him down with drugs. Standard in many coma situations. The brain stem gets you zero awareness or thinking, that takes the neocortex which was flatlined.

Rob Fox says:

how sweet would that song by radiohead be in the tunnel as you approach the light

southsidesman says:

GOD is one with HIS WORD, and if HE IS not one with HIS WORD then HE IS a liar.
GOD is not a liar and the lie is not in HIM.
GOD is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. This is The WORD of GOD.
Heaven and Earth will pass away, but GOD’S WORD will never pass away.
Any and everything that leads you away from and contrary to HIS WORD, is the spirit of the Antichrist: Lucifer.
He is the father of lies, and the truth isn’t in him. He is the way of death.

southsidesman says:

Your doubt will no doubt lead you there.
The wicked hate just retribution for injustice, they ever claim the just Judge is “a bad bad man”.
But they complain in the the Judge’s prison.
You think that you will die and escape justice? This is the folly of the wicked.
You will not escape justice.
You will stand before The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST.
Accept HIS terms of mercy and peace while you have a chance, HE’S giving you a lifetime. After death, the judgment.
Prepare to meet your GOD.

southsidesman says:


Terncote says:

“The LORD is not willing that any should perish, but that all come into everlasting life.”

So he leaves a big bowl of brightly coloured, candy coated rat poison in the nursery. Nice god you have there.

Terncote says:

There is no doubt that people under extreme physical duress are having these remarkable experiences but nobody who has reported an NDE has actually died.

The experience they had was a life experience. Their diagnosis of “Clinical death” is apparently a misdiagnosis, since %100 of them survived.

I can’t believe that a surgeon would make such an elementary error.

zendojo3 says:

There is no IF about hell i know i’m forever annoyed, lol…nobody is going to perish in annihilation like you think, i doubt that, unless it’s a bad bad man…but in your jumbled prose, what’s got to do with anything? You hew more to literal phrases than to common sense and goodness and obviously don’t communicate but rant on. But i dig your closeness to the Bible.

Vanguard says:

35:30 After his discussion of the “little voice of reason,” I can really imagine how it (our casual doubting voice) might be strongly informed by schematic content from the ego (the psychotherapy version of that word), and by evolved instincts.
At the same time, we must not confuse this level of rational thinking with higher forms of calm and self-knowing reason. Raja yoga is just as valid as any other yoga after all!

southsidesman says:

If you go to Hell I promise that you
Ahh….the BOLDNESS and stupidity people wax against GOD ALMIGHTY.
When they see a snake they’re faster than Usain Bolt; a tiger, scream louder than a tornado; a tornado, borrow through cement to hide from it…
Oh, but let’em talk about GOD…
HE only holds the Universe in the palms of HIS hands.
If only you would take your lkfe seriously, and count the cost…
The LORD is not willing that any should perish, but that all come into everlasting life.

Cartridge03 says:

I had a nde before after suffering from anaphylaxis Before the nde,I used to think that stories such as these are just created by the mind, i really thought people who shared nde stories are nuts.During my nde,i died and found myself in another dimension with no relation to time.To make the story short,i heard someone said “Jesus”.Then,i came back to life again.You don live having anaphylaxis without medication yet I lived.Jesus has saved me. I am forever grateful.

matey Betoche says:

this is only 1 truth among 1000s that the scum bag media and their scum bag money printing bosses have been hiding from us for ages.
Time to Wake Up!
most of you cannot even begin to imagine what this bunch of goldn calf worshiping inbred bastards have done to all/rest of us. Seems like with over 1 Billion ppl killed only in the 20th century the ppl would wake up but we went over & over back to them for info n of course they fed us BS and kept us in dark.

All great scientists Do believe in God!

zendojo3 says:

I will be fine while you willbe doing what you need to do for fear of this lake of fire youso fear. Thanks for letting me know soul is forever though ;) and for that long, i promise i will get over it.

Cartridge03 says:

I had nde myself after suffering from anaphylaxis.I did not have medication and was not brought to the hospital.I died and heard someone said “Jesus”.You dont live having anaphylaxis without medication yet I lived because my God has saved me.Hearing people say that nde is just a hallucination,dmt is misleading because some of these people never had nde,it explains their unbelief.But we are not stopping from telling people that there is indeed life after life.Because that is the truth.

Bill Tidy says:

Another pseudo-intellectual calling names because they know that is all they have. On one hand we have a man’s first hand experience and on the other we have some crap that MIGHT of happened because some atheist scientist somewhere can’t stand the thought of afterlife. When you have the same experience as the man who died and came back then you can count yourself as qualified. Other than that, you can count yourself as just hateful and vindictive.

eshmeralda13 says:

Cool down before you get a stroke….show me why you think I am fake? your response make no sense at all, it is all raving and ranting….I can also see you drooling with foamy mouth. Typical, that is the way fanatics act when defeated. Be reasonable, pumpkin-head

Bill Tidy says:

what a fake you are… can’t even name the drugs used unless you now go do a google are simply spitting out the same old nonsense you have heard… have NO idea what the man experienced and for the record….he was a neurosurgeon, his book profits won’t come close to what he makes in the first place

eshmeralda13 says:

They use certain drugs like the DMT or Ketamine for this purpose, and it is known as a fact that these drugs cause hallucinations.
I believe we all want the truth, so there is no need to make things up unless if someone is going to benifit from it, like your doctor.

Bill Tidy says:

So what ? That means nothing. YOu are simply TRYING to say that this chemically induced coma is the cause of his vivid visions, when in fact you have no idea. You are simply doing everything within your power to deny this event so you make things up that may or may not have an effect on the event.

Bill Tidy says:

There are thousands of cases of people of all nationalities describing an NDE as a spiritual world, beautiful beyond belief. And some have experienced the opposite, which is total terror. Whether you are chinese or arab has nothing to do with these peoples experience.

Bill Tidy says:

You believe he would risk a million dollar a year job to sell a book ? If he is lucky he will make $100,000 on his book. There is no logical reason for him to make these statements. If anything he should deny them.

pom grook says:

I would like to watch a NDE from a Chinese , Amerindian ,or Arab people without
christian culture .

eshmeralda13 says:

It is ( b )……this guy was on a chemical induced coma on the first day in the hospital. Search for: The doctor whose story debunked “Proof of Heaven”. By Luke Dittrich.

Dittrich had a conversation with the doctor on duty in the ER, and she said
she had to put him on an induced coma. Read the details.

bhuridajanah says:

Call me crazy, but I tend to go with the former!

Michael Woodson says:

Not a lot of motive to falsify here. Can’t see it. Man contracts e-coli meningitis and almost dies in order to get a pop-book deal?

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