National Geographic Life After Death Reincarnation Seances Bizarre Paranormal Documentary

National Geographic Life After Death Reincarnation Seances Bizarre Paranormal Documentary

The term “paranormal” has existed in the English language since at least 1920.] The word consists of two parts: para and normal. In many definitions, “parano…



Nat Geo Documentary Day says:
NangongReng1973 says:

According to Buddhism, there are six realms of reincarnation or rebirth:
(lowest to highest) , hell, hungry ghost, animals, humans, demigods and
finally gods (not the version of the Christian God). Within each, there
exist sub-categories. The six realm of existence include 3 relatively happy
states and 3 relatively miserable states. It depends on your karma(deeds)
which realm to go when one is reborn. Wherever one is reborn, whether as a
human being, or a god, none of these states of existence is permanent.

Kashkaani Aspen says:

Your playing with Fire your opening a door that you cant control. You need
to be a extremely strong person spiritually to avoid certain things. 

Kylah Dodds says:

It seems that whenever a child claims to be reincarnated they say they died
from an accident, maybe they got a second chance from God?

EndofUSA says:

Reincarnation is definitely real since even Buddha 5,000 years ago have
already tried to solve it even beyond the purpose of reincarnation….

Lwea Thaw says:

I believe reincarnation because in my village there are a few people who
reborn and talk about something over past 50-60 years that doesn’t make any
to us.

Sandra Carli says:

When a documentary has so many special effects, I can’t watch it for more
than a couple of minutes. I just can’t take it seriously, sorry.

Sequentially Compact says:

I want my cousin’s kid to be Leonard Nimoy, now that he’s available.

Michael Williams says:

If reincarnation so real why is the population increasing? 

msinvincible2000 says:

Captain Kirk makes this documentary worth watching for me :)

Arqui Denis says:

This stupidity of this program testing to say that everything is fake or
imagination.Reilly stupid 

IittleEvil says:

Death is coming, don’t run in fear come and in brace death.

Ramon Vig says:

sure iam a zombie to i was death but at night i came out my grave wandering
into the night watching for humans looking how they living but me as zombie
can not becouse iam glowing like white ghost some can see me others not

TheLordshinnok says:

I just watched this video I dont think you can really prove life after
death or disprove. I have to see to believe it I just don’t know anymore. 

71crazylarry says:

Why are there always people that want to discredit reincarnation and life
after death? Some people actually cling to the hope and possibility of
that. What pleasure do people get out of saying “See, I told you that was
Yes, they can fake a séance, but that does not prove that none of this
exists. Leave it alone and allow people to have a little hope. If someone
is faking it and making money off it, so what? They are providing a
service to people who need to believe.

threshold79 says:

Re incarnation is possible so is becoming an angel / angelic demon

Zipo 26 says:

The people who experience such things are the ones with the only proof
there is!!!!!!!! So the question is do you belief him/her? Well i do!! I
think there is a recycling proces in almost everything!!

Lisa Marie Green says:

Why do I always watch this spooky stuff when I am up alone at night.

Mheartshape says:

this annoying presenter puts of these so called documentaries

Haitham Shehata says:

National Geographic Life After Death Reincarnation Seances Bizarre
Paranormal Documentary

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