Muslim Near Death Experience – The Worst Case of Shingles – Nasir Siddiki (Sid Roth)

Muslim Near Death Experience – The Worst Case of Shingles – Nasir Siddiki (Sid Roth)

Nasir Siddiki was diagnosed with the worst case of shingles ever admitted to Toronto General Hospital. His immune system was shutting down and the doctors le…



me me says:

oh my

V Riadis says:

theres alot of middle eastern men and women with bright red/orange, blonde
hair, blue eyes, white skin that dont even look arab ever met anyone who
loses their accent from living abroad ? I’m Greek but look Islander or
latin…and speak like an Aussie. So what makes this guy any different ?
Jesus loves you very much.

Merauder2000 says:

muslims go to hell …ALL if they do not accept Christ as saviour!

theholyrosary50 says:

Aparently there are hundreds of muslims who see jesus and then they convert
to christianity.

L BW says:

Mark 9:23 23 Jesus said to him, “If you can! all things are possible to him
who believes.”

mohamed amrani says:

This is the Dumbest video ever put together. Fist of all, abu bakr asidik,
was a man from Saudi Arabia: a Arab man with Arab features. I have never
seen an Arab looking like the guest on the video. Number 2, this guy does
not speak a word in Arabic j Judging by the way he pronounces certain
arabic words. Number 3 he said Allah the god of Moses Jesus and Mohammed
along with all the holly prophets is not a Healer!! What??? It looks like
the fever really smoked his brain. Sid, you are an idiot !

feliel93 says:

God is coming, and He want us to witness His power so that all of us are in
the right path. Amen

jnlvsk says:

Jesus is Lord Almighty, praise God, praise His holy name.

jan johnson says:

You can stay a Jew and believe in Jesus as your messiah. You can be a Jew
that believes in Christianity. The old testament said that the messiah
would come read the book of Isaiah.

Samir ِAljohani says:

I’m well acquainted with Arabian tribes, sidiqi is infamous small family
name believed to be from india, not a tribe, and that family name has
nothing to do with Abu Bakur. Abu Bakur his name is Abdullah Bin Abi Quhfah
Altaimi (sub-tribe) which is from the main tribe (Alqurashi)

asomedude8 says:


Shekinah Glory says:

“But he endured the suffering that should have been ours, the pain that we
should have borne. All the while we thought that his suffering was
punishment sent by God. But because of our sins he was wounded, beaten
because of the evil we did. We are healed by the punishment he suffered,
made whole by the blows he received. All of us were like sheep that were
lost, each of us going his own way. But the Lord made the punishment fall
on him, the punishment all of us deserved.

Shekinah Glory says:

He is telling the truth. he experienced the love of God the Father in his

BSmenot says:

Good thing he is not a muslim anymore or else he’d be in hell right now
with Mohammed.

Ken Almasi says:

What he means with Allah is that the god of the islam can’t heal. Because
it’s the devil .

Donna Simek says:

Fast growing religion…by force.

meorat360 says:

A jew taking a fake muslims interview… don’t look at the video clip and
hear at them, sounds like our grandma telling a story about alibaba from
Arabian nights. just hear the way they tell the story!! a sales man
would’ve done a better job than them.

Hal Khal says:

This doesnt mean that you don’t go to a doctor,no offcource not, it is
Allah who gave us the ability to be able to find cures and other means, but
its through his blessings that all this happen, why is it sometimes two
people will receive the same treament but it will work for one and not the
other, its all in the hands of God. You treat yourself and pray seeking his
mercy and blessings, that is Islam and any Muslim will know this, this guy
doesnt know even the simple fundamental of Islam.

Enoa7 says:

cool story bro

Evangelina Sozo says:

If by force, are you now Christian? If you are not. It is not by force. It
is good to share good news.

jan johnson says:

Allah is a moon god. I would rather worship the God that made the Moon
Jesus Christ.

fredousa06 says:

What miracles that your allah has done stated in you qur’an?

toolworks says:

Spare me. *sighs*

Ken Almasi says:

He cried out to Allah and Mohammed but they didn’t answer.. And muslims and
Christians are not friends.

Katie White says:

my thoughts exactly. As soon as he said i asked god is he real. then he
said god doesn’t heal. Pfft he clearly is not muslim as you said

mohamed amrani says:

My beloved brother, Christians and Jews. Just to clarify, Muslims believe
that Allah is the creator of the moon the black box in the desert, Moses as
the Jews believe, Jesus and Mohammad. We are told to love them all equally
and show them the respect they deserve. Your right hand rights Allah in
Arabic, not Jesus. Everyone is free to believe in what makes them feel
safe. God said that he forgives All sins besides associating other gods
with him. I m saying out of love, believe what you wish,.

Evangelina Sozo says:

AMEN! Jesus is Lord and Savior for those who rec’d HIm & will spend
eternity with Him in heaven. The mockers of Christianity who refuse to
receive Jesus as Savior have chosen spend eternity in Hell. Too bad for
them. It’s their loss when God provided a way to be freed from the penalty
of sin = hell. In hell they will be praying in eternal torment for one more
chance to change their mind but it will be too late. Their chance was the
years they had in life but refused to believe. .

fixvallen says:

maybe worshiping 5 times a day to a black stone??? maybe that “Philosophy

glen allen says:

is there a place to look online for accounts of Muslim healings? thanks

Hal Khal says:

Your life is the greatest miracle of Allah. The fact that you are here on
youtube questioning his creation shows how great he is.

slol28 says:

dead, you dumber than a sack of potatoes. he is a jew but for economic and
political expediency he is telling the sheeple he is christians….he is a
jew, wake up.

Evangelina Sozo says:

Fairy tales to small minds only.

egbert du says:

Jesus is the Great Healer,King of Kings Lord of Lords…Amen! Blessed be
His Holy Name..

PazzoTomazzo says:

He most certainly was.

Evangelina Sozo says:

What????? Why do you lie? He is a Messianic Jew= he is Christian. .

slol28 says:

sid roth is a jew. why doesn’t he convert to christianity? LOL what a fake.

TheShishky says:

Please answer me on this question, was he a muslim?

Suranga Pothupitiya says:

he is still living among us

Evangelina Sozo says:

Hal Khal HOW DARE YOU call Dr. Nassir Sidikki an ex Muslim a liar because
he was healed by Jesus and NOT by Allah and your prophet Mohammed. Didn’t
you see the pictures of his shingles? Are you blind???? Who do you think
you are to deny Dr. Siddik’s faith? God provided a way for man to be freed
from the PENALTY OF SIN (hell) thru Jesus. What a person does with this
good news will determine where he or she spends eternity.Call on the name
of the Lord today & be saved! Romans 10:13

Hal Khal says:

yes, Allah says: “And your Lord says: Call upon Me and I will, respond to
your supplication.” [Soorah Ghaafir 40:60].This is what Allah tells us,seek
him and him only and he shall respond to all your needs, therefore as
Muslims we seek in no one but Allah, does that mean you abandoned a Dr, no,
offcourse not, no logical Christian would do that either. We pray to Allah
to heal us and through his blessings we are healed, this guy clearly was
not a Muslim if he didn’t even understand the basics.

Evangelina Sozo says:

Go ahead, worship your whatever stone but you will never come back to post
that it did any good to you.

Hal Khal says:

Muslims follow the true teachings of Jesus even better than Christians do.
most of these apologist are not even Muslim nor had any real understanding
of Islam. This is why Islam is the fastest growing religion among converts,
fact this is with-ought any prostelization or missionaries, a miracle

jan johnson says:

Most people look at this video through Muslim eyes. This man was on his
DEATH BED. He called on Jesus Christ and Jesus Healed him not Mohammed. The
Bible tells you that Israel would become a nation in one day & it was. It
teaches that Jesus died on the cross for your sins so that you can be
saved.Sid Roth is a Jew for Jesus. He believes Jesus is the Messiah.

othaka666 says:

“It’s natural, Supernatural”. That is the most pathetic slogan I’ve ever

Shekinah Glory says:

We don’t look what the last name of Nasir is. The point is Jesus is the
healer. There is a healer in your house. I will praise his name.

Shekinah Glory says:

God saves us from every evil desease. We live in a fallen world that is
full of sin, thats why there is still sickness. All people get sick one way
or another. If we are sick we can call upon the name of jesus. Try it and
you will see that Gods word is true It is Gods will to heal Jesus came to
heal the sick, sets the captives free, to heal the brokenhearted. Jesus
healed the lame, they could walk again, He healed the blind, they could see
again, he raised the dead,cleansed the leper.

dbaithey says:

@mohamed Jesus is the Only way Alpha and Omega there is no other way
besides Him rnd of discussion

Hal Khal says:

lol dude, Jesus didnt heal this guy and he was never a muslim. Your asking
Muslims about their own religion which we know a muslim when we see
one.This guy doesnt even know a thing about Islam yet your telling us he’s
a Muslim.Are you kidden me.Look you guys are the once dooped into thinking
this guy was a muslim, the guy was never a muslim to begin with. He says he
prayed to Muhammed, what kind of Muslim prays to a Prophet of God? Next
time do your research about Islam before sounding ignorant.

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