Miracle is His Normal Life / It’s Supernatural! – Todd White / Sid Roth (Miracle Healing Testimony)

Miracle is His Normal Life / It’s Supernatural! – Todd White / Sid Roth (Miracle Healing Testimony)

Todd White was a drug addict. He was in Teen Change. He started to have nightmare. He met a person on the street. That person prayed for Todd. The night Todd…



graeme bell says:

The part I like the best is all these people always seem to go out and make
money from preaching and every one goo’s and gah’s at their story.I never
told the people mine I SHOWED them and you all called me a liar.Strange.

Sky Avila says:

This channel has so many false teachers that I cant count them
anymore..Funny description “Now, supernatural is routine his life. ” HAhaha
– wheres that in the Bible? Anyone that seeks the supernatural and
experiences can be decieved because Lucifer comes as an angel of light and
he can do great signs and wonders to. Great testimony btw by Todd White!
“He has appeared on the 700 club and also has been featured on the XP media
with Patricia King.” is from the website…that raises a BIG red flag for
me anyway…Shes a witch and teaches same crap like the New Age prophets –
but shes worse cause she mix in Bible verses…

artigo tale says:

Hello, i believe in God and Jesus, i am 31 years old, i have been with my
girlfriend for fifteen years. I recently got engaged. In the month of
October (2013) i was diagnosed with disseminated shingles. Its destroying
my body from inside out. I should be hospitalized, but since i live in
Montreal, they just keep giving antivirals and tell me to go home. Its
getting worse and worse every day. I feel it spreading and the pain is
incredible. Please pray for my recovery.

Bless you all.
Ps: i feel so blessed to have know a woman like my fiancee i love her. I
hope there is an afterlife. I will never forget her.

lovely tina says:

I love this!!!!!

sharman chand says:

@dagger heart 🙂 hey man did you know that Jesus loves you broo or sis and
He thinks your amazing dude 😀 

Stacy Williams says:

“The word of GOD is a hammer”

Diannely says:

Todd is amazing, He’s the real deal. He’s still serving God today. His
story has never changed, it’s the same. Look him up. Amazing man of God.
Praise Jesus! :)

Scamdetector says:

You conned them then and you’re still conning them now. Your stories are a
joke, like you Todd. You should moonlight on Comedy Central.

Mercedes Moss says:

Hello Its Supernatural

This Angel fits the description of my Guardian Angel Cheemese. He was well
built, tall, had long, blond hair which he wore in a pig tail and spoke
with a drawl. He dressed mainly in tall, brown army boots and carried a
green back pack.

I had to laugh because I once met him pushing a shopping cart outside a
supermarket. He sort of made a noise with the cart and this drew my
attention to an apparently homeless man standing in the busstop across the
street. He too carried a shopping cart. This homeless man remained with me
for a few months and was Archangel Michael.


Maxyo says:

That whole “growing the leg” scam has been exposed so many times that i am
surprised any faith “healers” use that effect anymore.

Salvada T says:

I believe Todd can heal through the Most High Name of our Lord Jesus, God
can speak all human languages, it not matter you pronounced in Khmer, in
foreign language or in Hebrew, God understand the heart, He know we are
calling for Him, with His mercy through the blood of Jesus Christ that dies
for us, our sin has washed away. In our Lord Jesus name, we are safe, free,
blessed and healed. 

Roger B. says:

these people todd sees on the streets,clearly are Not actors.and they claim
healing,are all lying,i don’t think so.

ian rena says:

Would you still the same so zealous for God if He took away that
supernatural power? I don’t mean any envy here but I must say to you, we
have the same zeal for God even I don’t even have the power you have now.

Timothy Hardin says:

I was in jail with a guy just like this. we called him Captain lunacy.

Tanya Mazumdar says:

Crazy faith makes impossible I m possible by God… I love U Jesus

Michael Delarey says:

Mark 3:28-30
28 Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men,
and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme:

29 But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never
forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation.

30 Because they said, He hath an unclean spirit.

Antonio White says:

I almost didn’t click on this video because of his hair, I am so glad I
did. Those were miracles I just witnessed through Youtube and Todd is a
great person.

dataloreforever says:

When was he shot at point blank range? This is such a load.

jknengr796 says:

I think Todd made a decision to change his own life. Maybe his
hallucination was part of it. This is just another scam on those seeking
easy answers who lack basic problem solving and logic skills.

Don’t forget to call the number at the end of the video to send money to
Sid’s “ministry”….Sid needs a new car and make payments on his million
dollar home..

sampath sam says:

i love Jesus more then any thing i was Muslims convert to christian i m
believe in Jesus 

Gitte Kabai says:

God bless you ! Thanks for sharing

mario bertora says:

shame the guy was not there pray, when 7.5 million hews Were murdered! Or
perhaps he was there but asleep???? Or perhaps the poor children didn’t
have sore knees or back. Jesus and CO only heals backs!!!!!!!(And
necks)…… ( : 

Dominic alexander says:

that’s what christianity is supposed to be all about . The singing is

kenyon turner says:

I pray your healing my brother in Jesus name

Yaneth Pais says:


Debby Mann says:

Wow cool

sunday church says:

thank you lord wow love the song god is underful love him thank todd

Kayla Joy Lane says:

I wanna do that

Kasey Sprinkle says:


Catherine English says:

limecherry1212 says:

Im having trouble with this…. Somebody help me please?? Now i definitely
believe in miracles… Jesus couldn’t do miracles in his home town because
of there lack in faith// Mark 6:5-6… Now there are two kinds of healings
to my knowledge. Healings through faith and another through the gift of
healing manifested by the holy Spirit. But again Jesus Had every spiritual
Gift and said he couldnt do them where there is no faith…. Im not trying
to start arguments imjust really looking for clarity

jwhy1000 says:

Awesome. To God be the glory.

entertainment says:

with god all things are possible my dad’s swelling has disappeared and he
is better from the stroke, he can walk with his prothesis as we cast them
out, amen

Moses Mine says:

Wonderful the supernatural

Moses Piano Music - SpiriTruth Worship says:

Worship God in Spirit and in truth… Such worshiper Father Seeks

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