Michael Jackson, Alive Proof 2015 Don’t believe TV, Don’t Be Afraid

Michael Jackson, Alive Proof 2015 Don’t believe TV, Don’t Be Afraid

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FuturisticHub says:

I wasn’t going to believe this was Michael until I saw at 1:47, that man’s
thumbnail is DARK BROWN which is exactly the same color as Michaels
finger/thumb nails… very interesting but it could be an old video.

Isabella CPPS says:

Michael Jackson died in 1989-2009 he is dead

MJdeathhoax4beLIEvers says:

2009-2010-2011…where are 2015 clues? 

Thinkand van Watch says:

the clip with the ambulance is proven fake it was made by a german tv show
to look how quick people contact and share this message.

Shyannada141 Meow says:

MJ is still alive. But why would he hide this fact from his fans and many
others? Maybe he has an enemy that he is trying to shack off or he wanted
to stop making music (watch was very good). If MJ comes out in the open and
says his alive many wouldn’t be surprised and I do wish he’d come out again
because people that music these days are mostly songs about sex and MJ
never sang about sex, which is one of the reasons I want him to come back
and show these new singers how its really done!

Pastor Tracy says:

i knew he was alive the say he said he was dead and besides in this video
where a man was shopping he had his head covered but he had red shirt on
and dark red bracelet on his wrist that I remember so that is the biggest
clue and I heard his voice, THAT IS MICHAEL PERIOD! MY BIG BROTHER!

Abigail Gibson says:

Why does it say “Don’t be afraid”??????????? I am scared to death now

Oriana Bisco says:

Il video con l’ambulanza non è falso !

Oliver Henderson says:

🙁 please be alive Michael. I know it’s been tough but we need you.

Pia Lykke says:

If hes still alive that means he must be 58 by now … :o

Panteras Panteralandia says:

Michael Jackson, Alive Proof 2015 Don’t believe TV, Don’t Be Afraid:

Anni Mehtonen says:

But Who Then Was Buried??

Muddy Mud says:

Michael jackson is still alive i saw him at 9/11

Matthew Carter says:

Can’t yall tell its a fake people trick ur mind he’s been dead for awhile
now yall are dum it’s so body trying to look like him stop believing
everything u see damn anybody could tell that’s fake so stop being retards

Heaven Moonwalker says:


Man Lyk Ramz says:

He is dead jeez I know u guys miss him I do too but he’s dead!

Terry Smith says:

Michael Jackson, Alive Proof 2015 Don’t believe T…:

Mary Jasper says:


Rose McQuay says:

There coming out with new records too so he is not dead

2Swift says:

For you people who do not know, That wasn’t Michael Jackson period. The
original MJ was kidnapped by the government right after they tried to burn
him up in that Pepsi commercial . During his absence they put Prince in the
highlights to get your mind off of MJ. After about 3 or 4 years MIA they
brought him back with an imposter MJ. They gave fake MJ, the real MJ’s,
bank account, family history, cars, homes, etc. His family couldn’t
understand why Mike was acting strange and not being social with them for
those years. Then when Mike reappeared the family just thought he was a
little off. It’s easy to replace anybody, your own family would think you
are acting odd but they would accept it anyway when you prove to them that
you know your brother’s birthdays and your cousins in Mississippi etc. The
gov filled Fake Mike in on everything about the real Mike, It’s easy to
learn everything about somebody elses life. It’s like studying for a test.
The reason they made the switch is because MJ was black and after Jesus
Christ he was the most famous man in the world. They didn’t want the real
Mike enlightening the people so they did the switch just in case, and they
put some soft looking pip squeak in his place to take away from his black
shine. The real Mike would have never bleached his skin. The real Mike may
be alive today and is probably being held in a government facility
somewhere. You know they couldn’t allow a black man to achieve that must
world recognition without stepping in and preparing to make him look white
for the future history books.

Brittany Collins101 says:

In 2:38 ot is mickel

hyun seul says:

so why did paris cut herself?

music says:

I enjoyed his songs on Islam…long live the king!
If he is indeed alive i believe he should step into the open….

Emily Ethington says:

I knew it but my mom said he wasent and I told her he must have faked his

SweettieeGirl says:

No he would be 56

EmmaPuppyLuvr says:

if he was alive then i would have a dance party but the thing is it would
be kind of hard to fake death because they gave him CPR and he would have
to hold his breath for a while and CPR would prob hurt.. if your not
really dead

JKGaming | Minecraft Gameplays | Counter Strike says:

The truth is his BROTHER died not MJ, MJ. Faked his own death like Elvis

Pastor Tracy says:


bestaeroplane says:

Yes MJ is alive and now with Elvis hiding out ,at a secret location. ATM ,I
saw they both playing Ping-Pong,and drinking fruit juice.I know I was their
Bartender. C’mmon Fellas,Let it go. MJ and Elvis are both dead.HEY! wait! I
just saw J.F.Kennedy! he also faked his death!! LOL,

Terrie Ray says:
Brandon Powell says:

Well once mj exposed the illuminati he had to run thats another reason he
faked his death 6/24/09 mj had a phone call to his therapist and he was
talking about it and he said they might frame him with over dose drugs and
then he said I don’t care about my life I just want my kids my angels to be
ok they can take me but I want my kids to be ok and apparently someone
other than his therapist was listening in to the conversation and mj knew
it to he is alive but there is a 20 percent of him being dead reply to this
I don’t care what u say its not going to change my mind

Algin Peralta says:

What I want to know is how you guys got an ad for it …….. lol

Denzel Williams says:

Watch pearl jr she has a lot of information 

John Manley says:

Good fore him I could not care none of his money is going in my pocket. …

Sophie Cullen says:

I seen Michael once wen i was on holiday in Devon I spotted him in the club
in disguise and he was with a women and it just looked exactly like him but
I seen him bowing his head down to talk to the person infront of him and
I’m like wtf is that Michael no it can’t be but it was same colour of skin

Vijay Kumar Venna says:

michael jackson i beg come out please

Amy Graham says:

You all are Nieve if you believe this lol

misterdude718 says:

While I would be overjoyed to find that Michael is alive, if he is dead
then we should let him rest in peace as opposed to hoaxing hoaxes.There
have been so many good fakes that it is difficult to know what is real

Munia Whitner says:

This is an old video from early 2000s that jacket is dated and grace; the
black lady with him, his nanny, had that old hair style over 15 years ago..
I would hope he’s still alive tho.

hassti abdullahnejad says:

I am a BIG MJ FAN and im very sad that he DIED but those could be old
videos or impersonators covering there faces cuz alot of them look like him

alladin genni says:

Last week i saw bob marley in clèrmont ferrand*
And last month i saw bin ladin who’s drinking a beer with 2pac in paris
” OH …HI ….how are you…”
sorry……… jesus has just passed in front of my window

Alasdair Chisholm says:

It’s Michael Jackson alright – he loved to shop!

Shelby Silva says:

wtf does the fucking government have to do with mj? hes been dead for years
you dipshit

Terrie Ray says:

Michael Jackson, Alive Proof 2015 Don’t believe T…:

fawad babu says:

Am sure he’s dead if he could alive than why he could say that he’s fake
dead i saw his body he was dancing under the r.i.p

Astrom34 says:

I’m french i don’t know about the first sequence but i can tell you the
reaction from the girl is not natural at all it is really bad acting…

Chris Marks says:

just watch the long segment of the funeral to see that it was a casting
with back ground players and the most ridiculous
funeral EVER. Totally fake.

MJJRMV says:

First sequence of images: it was shown at the time it was fake. The only
sign we can understand from these images was the fact that, from there, was
when began to increase rumors about his “death hoax”. That was the
beginning of…… almost everything.
Second image is not from 2010, first of all because Michael is not stupid
enough to appear in public and second because obviously it’s from years
ago, can not remember the exact year. The guy beside him is one of the
Cascio brothers. Seek any of these brothers in 2010 and compare their
appearance with this video;
Third image: it´s so pathetic and so absurd, that I do not want to say
Fourth picture: Paris and her friend. I remember that time in chat. Just
someone came imitating the voice of Michael and Paris was a little shocked
by the fact that, although she knew it was not her father, she thought it
might be related to him. In that year, their children might not have all
the contact they wanted with his father, due, of course, to certain
circumstances, especially related to his health. So her shocked reaction,
was more anxious than anything else. There are many “codes” of contact,
between Michael and his children. Especially in the early years of is false
death. His children are accustomed to “live with” impersonators of their
father. Physically and vocally speaking. She knew it was a “sign”. The year
2011 was particularly difficult for his children and for Michael.

ari smith says:

Im so fucking confused!!!!! Some people say he alive… some people say he
dead?? Make up your fucking minds !!!!!!!!!!!!

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