Martinez Ca Woman Crushed by Gravel. Little Horn is Coming. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.

Martinez Ca Woman Crushed by Gravel. Little Horn is Coming. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism. An investigative look into the signs all around us that…



TheGroxt1 says:

Love ya Teammates and may God have mercy on us all. Lets keep going.

sheri bishop says:

Nice. Thank You mark, for all your hard work and also for bringing all of
us together that are in Christ Jesus, as a Team working together to show
others the truth. That Jesus, is the only way to Salvation we all need to
be reborn again. I am and I pray for God’s Mercy for us all every day.

Carolyn Jones says:

New York /Manhattan/7Story Building on 7th Street/7 Alarms/Explosion /
Collapse / Major Fire

EllenIsBlessed says:

The second major (and weird) event this week involving death and a pregnant
woman. In Colorado there was that pregnant mom lured by a Craiglst ad, only
to be attacked and her baby cut out of her. She survived, but the baby did

Jouz92 says:

I made a new video found some funky things in it!

highspeeduzt says:

Hi Mark and ALL! Mike here. Ok. I live in Connecticut, know. In Waterford
Ct. , there’s a nuclear power plant named Millstone. Nuke plant just over
the border i New York iz called Indian Point. Just a thought. I’m a
steamfitter and know that Indian Point iz in rough shape. Neads lots of
repairs. Ok. Know I love you ALL! Stay strong. Mike.m

Jouz92 says:

Now I understand why Jesus said beware to al pregnant woman during this

Mark 13:17

But woe to them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those

Amy B says:

Strange: Saw this morning that a bridge collapsed in Austin and now seeing
a building collapse in NY. Surely some messages there. 

Sarah Knox says:

Martinez Ca Woman Crushed by Gravel. Little Horn is Coming. Illuminati
Freemason Symbolism.

highspeeduzt says:

Hi Mark, mike again. Ok. Just watched previous video where you mentioned
“genius ‘” . Here in Ct on top of state capitol building, iz a statue of a
lady holding a scale called ” the genius “. Check this out for a future
video. Great work Mark and team! . We’re rigjt on the mark or target if you
will. Your daily videos speak to mi experience’s quite well! Great job!
Keep up the great work! Love, m

Brighton Pier Jetskier says:

Thank You Mark.

Nedim Talovic says:

Thank you again and again dear Mark, God have blessed you teammate – you
are a great person. I pray to Jesus everyday about my dear Mom and Dad and
Family members – i wish everybody on earth WHO has a chance to make it to
heaven. I repent for all of my sins that I have comitted in my entire life,
and for my moms and dads and families sins i repent as well. I am greatfull
for everything good – I thank our heavenly Father God, and his son Jesus
Christ and all Gods good angels for everything. Be good humans and help
eachother with love out there, pray to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,
the Son of God – and be patience…Satan and all evil will be deleted and
never exist again, Dear God will punish all evil – and heaven
and everything good wil exist to infinty with God (Jehovah), amen and


Can you do IT follows and does it have to do with hair follicles? 

John Sear says:

Hi Mark just wanted to say thanks for all your work

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