Mahesh Chavda – Hindu visits Heaven in his dream (It’s Supernatural! – Keys to Breakthrough)

Mahesh Chavda – Hindu visits Heaven in his dream (It’s Supernatural! – Keys to Breakthrough)

Mahesh Chavada from Hindu family started to read Bible at age of 16. Soon after, he had a dream that lead him to visit Heaven and encountered Jesus. Now, he …



Adrienne Graham says:

so happy for you Jacob. God will work everything else out in it’s own time

NATEG01 says:

Amen brother welcome to the family! You need to come out though sooner or
later. We cannot be ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God
that has saved us?

Daniel Nixon says:

your a legend mate good on ya and god be blessing you abundantly share the
faith and walk in the spernatural power of God

primetime0104 says:

Praise God. Thank you Sid for being bold for God. Many churches are like a
cold stones, but you are a burning coal for the God.

primetime0104 says:

10:48 I like his hair.

RamsesReturns says:

Smart guy you are… because for many, pride often trumps intellect. ~Every

Dennis Caldwell says:

It’s wonderful how a man comes from Hinduism, a belief in many gods
religion, then he turns to Jesus Christ and is sharing his news to the world

Esther Cochran says:

This is awesome! Listen to Mahesh’s testimony! It will bring you hope too!

JamesCarlos88 says:

How do you deal with unbeliever?

Jacob Rourke says:

I’m Jewish, but now I’ve accepted Jesus. I don’t tell many of my Jewish
friends or much of my Jewish family about it.

jesal21 says:

Those who believe do so usually out of fear, desperation or poverty. Sure
your experiences can’t be denied, but you should be doubtful of those
you’re conditioned to feel due to a (usually unconditional) Christian
upbringing. I won’t believe in a god that that says he loves me, but if I
refuse to accept his “love” I spend eternity in hellfire; bit of an immoral
deal to say the least, and who sent his son to die for my sins without
asking my permission, thus devaluing any sense of responsibility

Darryl Van Kirk says:

Joseph, Simply tell God you are sorry for your sin, turn away from it, and
ask him to come in and be the lord of your life. Seek out a church that he
leads you too, and let him lead you.

Martin Horan says:

You do! The Bible makes that clear. For examples check Gen 12:2-3 & Rom 11.
Look at how the Arabs are reaping curses NOW [Ps 83], which is nothing to
the curses they’re yet to reap (see Obadiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel &c., &c).
Jesus said to the Arab woman, “You know not what you worship for salvation
is of the Jews [John 4:22]. Guess what? Jesus still is a Jew [Rev 5:5]! Why
do you think it is that Britian & the US are now in deep trouble. They’ve
picked the wrong side & things can only get worse.

BeeJifa says:

We thank you Lord for loving us.

redtihor1 says:

Why are Christians always under the impression that nobody except them can
be virtuous or honest or just or humble? Even Muslims aren’t so
hypocritical!! Please! The gods my ancestors worshiped were ancient when
Israel was created. Christianity & Judaism didn’t even exist when the Vedas
were written. What gives you guys the impression that you’re correct & your
zombie guy was God? Isn’t worshiping a human blasphemous? Read Richard
Dawkins. There’s no Heaven or Hell, only carbon & stardust…

redtihor1 says:

You keep deleting your comments; I can’t understand why. Firstly, I’d like
to hear of one case where Diabetes or Cancer or AIDS was spontaneously
cured by a “miracle”. One case- that’s all I’m asking. One confirmed case
and you’ll have proved that all doctors of the World are frauds. Are you
ready to take the challenge? Your last line reminded me of the Yajur Veda
c.1800 BC- “We may never know whether we are real or merely the dreams of
the Gods; Or is it that the Gods are dreams of ours”…

eurofox994 says:

Love the sinner, but hate the sin.- Jude 1:23. No- she is not at the age of
accountability- she is still a small child. God loves children. But Jesus
said, Allow little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of
such is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 19:14 But Jesus called the children
to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder
them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these Luke 18:16. Ask Jesus
into your life to squash any doubts and you’ll see

freemancarl says:

Yes my dear brother, Jesus Christ is indeed “The Living Water” 🙂 Peace be
with you & to your household. I love you in Jesus name. Amen!

Kshitij Bhardwaj says:

Dnt start sharing ur knowledge nd facts when only u think othrrs need it

eptx1983 says:

This sounds like charismatic nonsense.

sharven6 says:

What tht guy meant by 900 years of hinduism?

jesal21 says:

You’re clearly implying that the “Lord’s blessings” consist of delusional
conversations and because I refuse to believe in this fairy-tale, he
refuses to bestow me with this type of madness. I think it’s your reasoning
and logic that needs to be examined.

Cryer24597 says:

@MrsPatriotFox No, you do.

emnity33 says:

How is talking about the Cross and the power of God leading people to
hell??? :/

Evelyn Lysander says:

God chose him just like He chose me… Praise GOD!!!

Rahul Pandey says:


SuperSkullo says:

@Godbtheglory1 Praise be to our God.

Lizzy Jointhelord says:

If you hear about Christ then you have had the chance to ask Him whether he
is real or not, but you have to do it with the right attitude, for He hates
the proud hearted. So yes they will go to hell if they hear and reject the
gift Christ has for them. But He wishes All to go to heaven for he loves
everyone- simply ask Him with a contrite heart. His mercy was in suffering
on a cross to pay for our sin so the devil cannot accuse us. But if you
don’t want your ticket to heaven what can he do.

FlorienBloem777 says:

Jesus Christ KING of kings, yes He is the only way to haeeeven. He is a
living God, who changed hatefull hearts, in hearts full of Love Joy and

Jacob Rourke says:

I want to live with Jesus!

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